Chat With Tori & Alanis
September 20, 1999

Updated September 27, 1999

On Monday night, September 20, 1999 at 9:30PM ET, there was a half hour chat with Tori and Alanis at Nothing surprising happened, but it was a pleasant way to spend a half hour. I have summarized the chat and I also have a complete transcript kindly sent to me by Ian Mullins and Jeffrey Tait.

On September 27 I replaced the transcript I had here with one posted at which also included the half hour chat with all the opening acts from the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour. You can find that below now as well.

Chat Transcript

[Moderator] Hello everyone and thanks for joining the event, they're on their way right now. We'll be starting in about 5 minutes... Sorry for the short delay.

[Moderator] Questions that were previously sent in will be asked during the event.

[Moderator] is pleased to have Alanis and Tori as they take a break from the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour. Welcome Alanis and Tori.

[Alanis] Hello.

[Alanis] *laugh* Hi everybody.

[Tori] Hi.

[Alanis] Hi! We're psyched to be here. I'm open to answering any questions or chatting about whatever questions you might want to throw our way.

[Tori] Horns.

[Moderator] Tori: Did you have any formal music education in composition or musicianship as a child?

[Tori] I went to the Peabody when I was 5.

[Tori] Then I just started to, more than anything, watch other musicians -- and listen.

[Tori] The formal training wasn't teaching me how to be a composer, so how I had to learn how to go do that by myself.

[Moderator] I had a question for both of you, at any time during your performances, are you onstage together> I am going to be at the Irvine Meadows performance on September 26th.

[Alanis] Not yet. We haven't yet.

[Tori] We've been busy making sure our bands make it onstage on time.

[Moderator] Alanis, when are you gonna to come to Argentina?????????????

[Alanis] Late November.

[Alanis] I can't wait.

[Moderator] Hey Alanis, you're doing great!! Loved all the shows, Tori you rock too. . Alanis did you play with the Tamagotchi yet??

[Alanis] No, not yet.

[Moderator] Alanis are you planning on doing a French Album?

[Alanis] Probably won't, but I do see myself singing in French more often. I did it last year, and it was pretty amazing. I don't know what the response was, but I personally enjoyed it.

[Moderator] Tori, are there any plans for a longer solo tour in the winter or spring?

[Tori] I'm doing a few shows after the Irvine Meadows shows.

[Tori] 7 shows, I think.

[cHaOs] Tori, are you coming to KC?

[cHaOs] KC = Kansas City

[Tori] Nope.

[Moderator] Hey alanis do you ever play any of your music from your first two albums?? the old school fun ones i mean

[Alanis] I don't because I don't think I'd be able to sing them with any conviction.

[Alanis] I know that at some point my band members are very bent on doing a song from that record.

[Alanis] So I probably will at some point.

[Moderator] Tori: do you have any plans to tour europe or australia again? or are you just going to "lay low" for a while after these tours?

[Tori] We're going to do a promition in Europe, some little things alone at a piano at a radio station somewhere

[Tori] Just stuff like that -- things I used to do in '92 after Little Earthquakes.

[Tori] I just want to revisit the territory, more one on one.

[Moderator] Alanis: Do think you'll be playing guitar or bass perhaps on your next record?

[Alanis] Yeah, next record I'll probably guitar and maybe a little bit of bass.

[Alanis] I'll probably pick up some crazy instrument somewhere.

[Alanis] I don't know what it is yet, but I'll find it.

[Moderator] Tori, how do you kick so much ass? How is it possible that you are incapable of writing bad music?

[Tori] I burn many tapes that many people don't hear.

[Tori] I do have a Like A Virgin cover that's locked up somewhere.

[Moderator] Hi Alanis . I use to live in Ottawa and I met you once. I live in Montreal ,when will you play here?

[Alanis] We played there a few months ago and probably won't be back for a little while, maybe after another record.

[Moderator] Tori: Can you give us any insight into the "Pretty Good Years: A Tribute To Tori Amos" Album that is coming out soon??

[Tori] I'm sure it'll do well. Probably came off of somebody's crapp tape recorder.

Tori, what is the song 'Spark' about? It is a masterpiece of music.

[Alanis] It's about finding the thing that makes you appreciate the life force.

[Tori] Sometimes it takes that.

[Moderator] Alanis: I love the new video. Were your dance moves computer animated or can you really swing like that?

[Alanis] I danced a little bit when I was younger, and I hadn't done it in so long.

[Alanis] My boyfriend inspired me to do it again.

[Alanis] And when it came time to create the video for that song, it was begging for us to be dancing.

[Moderator] Tori--whatever happened to that poetry contest? Did you pick a winner yet? [Tori] We just picked a winner.

[Moderator] Alanis, please go to Brasil! Tori, u too.

[Alanis] I'll be going down there in November.

[Moderator] Tori, I don't know if you remember, but I gave you a book called The Tomorrow Tragedy and I never got to know what you thought about it. Remember, it's the book with the picture of the boy covered in blood?

[Tori] Of course I remember it. I read it and I keep it by my bed. It was fantastic.

Alanis , is there a good MP3 site, i can get all of your songs? you are my favourite singer, i would love to collect all :>

[Moderator] Tori, could you explain some of the meaning behind suede?

[Tori] When the other person thinks you are the evil one.

[Tori] They have no idea why they are part of the seduction.

[Tori] Of course, it's all your fault.

[Tori] Meaning me.

[Moderator] Alanis, what inspires you to write music? Does the music precede the lyrics, vice-versa, or does it all happen together?

[Alanis] It kind of happens at the same time.

[Alanis] If it is ever a belabored process, I stop writing the song.

[Alanis] If it doesn't write itself, I usually don't finish it.

[Alanis] It should take an hour to write.

[Moderator] Alanis do you have anything special plan for the last dates of your tour in LA??

[Alanis] Yes, I do. And I'm formulating them right now and I don't know what they are yet.

[Moderator] Alanis- is there any date you could give on your next album? Oh, and also- "I love you muchly!" Thank you Alanis for all the inspiration and influence, your music and art makes me feel understood!

[Alanis] I'll write it next year.

[Moderator] Tori when can I find your Cornflake girl single because there all sold out even at bestbuy

[Tori] My father's got a bunch of them. He'll give you a really good deal.

[Tori] Well, Alanis do you want to go first?

[Moderator] Tori I look forward to seeing you at the Leno show tomorrow and both of you ladies on Sunday in Irvine. What kind of wine will you be enjoying after the show?

[Alanis] I haven't been drinking wine.

[Tori] Spanish reserve.

[Tori] I'm giving my assistant a bit of a taste.

[Tori] We've got some good Pomereux.

[Tori] Some great Sasficca(?)

[Tori] Like a '92 would be brilliant.

[Tori] I've been drinking some gorgeous white burgundys.

[Moderator] How was your expeince with the opening aritists?

[Alanis] It was amazing and I was psyched. They were beautiful.

[Tori] I remember having to open for people, it was quite a challenge.

[Tori] A lot of respect goes their way. It takes a lot of inner strength to walk out there.

[Alanis] Greta and I are going to go snowboarding at some point.

[Moderator] Alanis, you were influenced by India on SFIJ, any hints as to influences on your new material?

[Alanis] Whatever I'm experiencing right now. I don't write for a while and I consider that to be the input time.

[Alanis] When it does come time to write the record, the proverbial dam breaks.

[Alanis] Everything I've been through in the past year.

[Moderator] Tori, do you have any simple wisdom you live your life by?

[Tori] Don't poop on your manolas.

[Moderator] Alanis, can you explain what the song "No Pressure Over Capp. is about?

[Alanis] It was inspired by my twin brother and a cousin of mine.

[Alanis] Anyone who feels that they're isolated at some point in their life -- isolated and not connected.

[Alanis] This song was my way of telling them that they are connected and they're not alone in their seemingly wise worlds.

[Moderator] What kind of venues do both of you prefer? I've seen both of you at small and large venues.

[Alanis] I love playing unplugged, acoustic small intimate. I love playing outdoors.

[Tori] It's not about the size for me.

[Moderator] Alanis, what does your logo stand for? I see it on hats and t-shirts.

[Alanis] It means thank you in Sanskrit.

[Alanis] It's a gratitude symbol.

[Moderator] Tori in all honesty what is your favorite album you released?

[Tori] That's like asking me to pick a favorite child.

[Moderator] Alanis's lyrics have such a great flow to them, they seem to pour right out... do you ever get writer's block?

[Alanis] The only time I get writer's block is when I'm forcing myself to write something.

[Alanis] To me, writers' block is synonymous with fear and pressure.

[Alanis] Once those two are gone, I can write about anything.

[Moderator] Tori...what's Glory of the 80's about?

[Tori] Decadence of the 80's. Which I miss, actually.

[Tori] Toodles, I have to go.

[Alanis] It was nice speaking with you guys.

[Alanis] It's been an amazing experience, and I'm thankful to and Best Buy, of course.

[Alanis] Thank you.

[Tori] Thank you.

[Moderator] Alanis and Tori have to go on stage, please welcome Chlorophyll, Sci-Fi Lullaby, Greta Gaines, Ray Lane, and Lotusland.

[Moderator] We're going to take a moment break we'll be back in a moment with Chlorophyll, Sci-Fi Lullaby, Greta Gaines, Ray Lane, and Lotusland

[Moderator] We'd like to welcome Chlorophyll, Sci-Fi Lullaby, Greta Gaines, Ray Lane, and Lotusland - Thanks for coming!

Moderator Ray's cd available in Canada?

[MP3artist] MP3.COM.

[Moderator] Ray Lane: i was just wondering if dustin kept you on your feet during the time he was

[Moderator] in new york with you. was this any different from the time you opened for

[Moderator] billy idol? since you play all the instruments on the cd yourself, were you

[Moderator] with a few musicians or with a full-blown band?

[MP3artist] Oh, Jesus. Actually I played everything simultaneously.

[MP3artist] Everying, and mixed it and pressed it the same day.

[MP3artist] The whole record is live.

[Moderator] greta, are you still active in snowboarding although you're focusing on your music?

[MP3artist] Yes, I'm very active.

[MP3artist] My camp goes on March 23rd in Squaw Valley.

[MP3artist] I teach women to shred and I still rip harder than I ever have.

[Moderator] For any of the opening acts: Do you hope that the exposure from this tour will help you sign on with an "old-school" record label?

[MP3artist] Lotus: Not necessarily.

[MP3artist] Pat: What do you mean by old school.

[MP3artist] Christy: Only if they get their act together.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: We'd like to, but we're going ahead with or without them.

[MP3artist] Greta: No. Not interested. I'd like to find a direct way to the people who are interested in my music. I've already had two disastrous record deals.

[MP3artist] Greta: Don't want to go back.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I'm open to anything positive, traditional or whatever. I try not to spend time thinking about that, that's for business people.

[Moderator] Lotusland-I was at the Pittsburgh, PA concert and I think you guys rocked as an opening band! I would like to know when did you guys started playing together and if opening for Alanis and Tori was your big chance in music or you opened for famous people before.

[MP3artist] We started playing together in late '98 and this was actually our first big tour as Lotusland.

[MP3artist] The two of us used to be in a band called Ugly Beauty and we did some big tours on Altantic Records.

[MP3artist] This is our first tour as Lotusland.

[Moderator] Chlorophyll: How do you feel about being described as a cross between Radiohead and Jeff

[MP3artist] *laugh* Good question. It's a big complement, we look up to both of those artists.

[MP3artist] People compare us to them, that's really nice to hear.

[MP3artist] A lot of people compare me to Wayne Newton, and I take that as a compliment -- I like his hair.

[Moderator] Greta, is there any other musician you would compare your style to?

[MP3artist] Not really.

[MP3artist] I think it's sort of sad that people have to come out of the box with some kind of comparison.

[MP3artist] If I had to, it's a cross between Tammy Wynette and Jimi Hendrix.

[MP3artist] I love Tammy Wynette.

[Moderator] Have any of you guys played in Australia before?

[MP3artist] No.

[MP3artist] Across the board, no.

[Moderator] Chlorophyll-we saw you at the PNC bank arts center and you were kick ass. how long have you been playing together?

[MP3artist] 3 years.

[MP3artist] Thank you.

[Moderator] Everyone: Has the crowds you played for been the biggest you've been in front of? Were you nervous?

[MP3artist] Chloropyll: Yes, we were really nervous.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I was terrified, I wet my pants.

[MP3artist] I was so scared I was not worthy.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: A crowd that size, there is no intimacy.

[MP3artist] Greta: I was a little nervous, having to sing the very first notes of the entire tour. Once I started singing, I agree, it was way easier than the little bar gig I did two nights ago.

[Moderator] Chlorophyll - Planning on visiting San Francisco anytime soon?

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: We have no definite plans, but if someone wants us to go out there, we'll go anywhere.

[Moderator] Lotusland: how did you prepare yourself to play such a large crowd?

[MP3artist] Lotusland: We've been playing music for years. We've been preparing yourself over the years -- we didn't do anything special.

[Moderator] Everyone: Who are your major influences?

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: My mom.

[MP3artist] SciFi Lullaby: There are so many, but if we had to choose, I would say The Beatles, Radiohead and of course the thin white duke, David Bowie.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: We love our moms, but they're not our influences, I'd have to say the Beatles.

[MP3artist] Great: Bob Dylan. Willie Nelson. Stevie Wonder.

[MP3artist] Greta: Emmylou Harris

[MP3artist] Greta: Joanie Mitchell.

[Moderator] Where are you playing next?

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: In my pants.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: In Ray's pants.

[MP3artist] Greta: The Big Spring Jam in Huntsville, Alabama friday night.

[MP3artist] Lotusland: The Troubador in Hollywood in October.

[MP3artist] Lotusland: The 5th at the Opium Den.

[MP3artist] SciFi Lullaby: We have a couple of shows in LA around the last week of October. And then if it all goes well we will be in Mexico recording our next album until the end of the next year.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: We're playing for WJSE in New Jersey. Near Somers Point.

[Moderator] To all of you, how have things changed for you since the tour?

[MP3artist] Greta: I get more email.

[MP3artist] Lotusland: We've only been back for like 3 days.

[MP3artist] SciFi Lullaby: We're getting more downloads than ever -- it's amazing.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I talked to Guy Oseiary about coming over to maverick.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Hahahahahaha

[Moderator] Everyone - Favorite movies?

[MP3artist] Lotusland: The Tenant.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Willie Wonka.

[MP3artist] Greta: Dumb and Dumber.

[Moderator] What are your impressions of Tori and Alanis?

[MP3artist] Greta: They seem like really, really intense people. Really focused and really nice -- supportive.

[MP3artist] They are a couple of godesses with real passion behind what they do - really inspirational women.

[MP3artist] The crews were really great too. That was an important part of it.

[Moderator] All of you: What was your favorite experience on the tour?

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Being in front of that many people. Being able to play. A lot of energy.

[MP3artist] Greta: I would say my favorite experience on the tour was being a part of a tour. I had never done that, just a couple of days on the Lilith Fair.

[MP3artist] Greta: The road trip, camp part of it. Like a moving carnival.

[MP3artist] Greta: Also, I found the everybody was extremely gracious. Although we're not at the level that Alanis and Tori are, we were taken seriously as an artist, which was incredibly gratifying.

[MP3artist] Greta: I've satisfied something -- to know that I can go in front of crowds like that and pull it off.

[MP3artist] Lotusland(Christy): Meeting fans, selling CDs. Just actually meeting the fans, that was a huge, cool part of it. We would do it more and more as the day went on. We would sit out there after the show and try to meet as many people as we could.

[MP3artist] Greta: I did find that from a distance it was sort of inspiring. They way that music has the ability to change someone's life and to pull them out of someting and make them feel a part of something bigger - relieve their pain and bring them join.

[MP3artist] Greta: How many people get to go to work and do something that has the ability to change someone's life.

[MP3artist] Jerry/Lotusland: Some of the kids, 13 and 14, it's like the first time they're seeing live music.

[MP3artist] Ray Land: The biggest thrill for me was being on the bus at 2 or 3 in the morning, trying to sleep and hearing those morning tracks and knowing that the bus driver was falling asleep before the wheel.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: That was more thrill than I really needed.

[Moderator] Everyone: if you could only keep one record in your house, what would it be?

[MP3artist] Christy/LoutsLand: An Elvis Costellor record.

[MP3artist] My Aim is True.

[MP3artist] Jerry: Velvet Underground.

[MP3artist] Christy: This Year's Model.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I love all those acts, but it would have to be Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon.

[Moderator] What is your most popular song and were can I buy the CD?

[MP3artist] Greta: Firefly and, of course, or

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Shine, I just wrote it before I hit the road, so it's on but just with me, it hasn't yet been recorded.

[MP3artist] Art from Sci-Fi Lullaby: Right now its "Over the Clover", you can buy the CD at It is only $ 9.99 for 12 songs and all the songs are fully produced, radio ready quality.

[MP3artist] Christy/Lotusland: Believe, which is on or our web site

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Transmission, you can get it from our web site, or 800-448-6369

[Moderator] Do you all look at people individually when you're on stage?

[MP3artist] Jerry/Lotusland: I try to sometimes, connect with a few people.

[MP3artist] Greta: It depends upon the venue. In Ft. Lauderdale, the lights were very bright and I couldn't say anybody. But on outdoor shows, I really try to focus on some of the people.

[MP3artist] Pat/Chlorophyll: Definitely.

[MP3artist] Pat/Chlorophyll: I try to connect with a lot of different people.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I can't do that. When I tried, I personally could not do it. I look at the collective whole with a big eye directly in front of me.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I try to go all trippy when I perform and look at that eye. I stop looking at myself -- it's all about eyes. Looking at people, now way I can do that. I guess I have a phobia.

[Moderator] From Ray: Comparatively from sex to eating, where does Snowboarding fall :)

[MP3artist] Greta: Probably first. Except for when I'm really hungry or really horny.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Wow. I like that. That's cool.

[Moderator] From Ray to Christy: I'm going to come up to you after your show in LA, are you going to be nice to me?

[Moderator] For all of you: How long was your music on before you were chosen to open for Alanis & Tori?

[MP3artist] Greta: Two weeks.

[MP3artist] Lotusland: Four months or something.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Two months.

[MP3artist] SciFi Lullaby: About two months.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: A month.

[MP3artist] Greta: I didn't even know it was up there until I got a call, they guy from my web site put it up there.

[Moderator] Ray Lane: Is it true that you used to be in a band with Alanis' keyboard player

[Moderator] Deron Johnson?

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Yes, it is.

[Moderator] For everyone: Where do you see yourself after this tour is over?

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Right where we are. We got a lot of great feedback and press.

[MP3artist] Greta: I'm moving to New York City. I'm taking a job for Oxygen, and so I see myself in New York holding on to my music, making another record on my own.

[MP3artist] Greta: Working in television and keeping the whole snowboarding and women's empowerment thing happening.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: After this tour, I see myself rocketing into the upper stratosphere of rock stardom. The undisputed king of self-indulgence and decadence.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: The same decadence Tori was talking about, and I have MP3 to thank for it all.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: The launching pad for the egomaniac that is Ray Lane.

[MP3artist] Christy/Lotusland: We're making a record.

[MP3artist] Christy/Lotusland: We just finished an EP that we're selling at the shows. We're going to try to finish and make a record.

[Moderator] Where are all of you from originally?

[MP3artist] jerry/Lotusland: I'm from New York.

[MP3artist] Christy/Lotusland: I'm from Los Angeles.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: New Jersey.

[MP3artist] Greta: My parents are from Alabama, but I was raised in New Hampshire, and I moved to Wyoming and became a woman.

[Moderator] Daisy, just type where you are and we'll try to answer

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I'm from East Anglia, near Cambridge.

[Moderator] Moderator, could you ask who is opening for the Phoenix show?

[MP3artist] Sci-Fi Lullaby: We are.

[MP3artist] Setptember 22.

[Moderator] Since we're on the subject of sports, what is all of your favorite sports?

[MP3artist] Greta: Fly fishing and snow boarding.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Synchronized swimming.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Baseball.

[MP3artist] Lotusland: Basketball and gold.

[MP3artist] Greta: Is phone sex a sport?

[Moderator] Where in Jersey are the chlorophyll boys from? North, or South!

[MP3artist] North Jersey.

[Moderator] What are your favorite colors?

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Blue of course.

[MP3artist] Lotusland: Orange.

[MP3artist] Greta: Pink. I'm a girl.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: When you put all colors together, that ugly brown it makes -- that's my favorite color.

[Moderator] Are any of the artists attracted to one another?

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Very much so. At the IPO party I thought Christy (from Lotusland) was coming on to me.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I was feeling quite good about myself, thinking, hey, she digs me.

[Moderator] And there is much laughter coming from all the artists :)

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: I come to find out she was just another musician - looking at me from a distance, and I was heartbroken.

[MP3artist] Christy: I think Greta is really is hot.

[Moderator] Was it lotusland that was in Chicago September 11th?

[MP3artist] Lotusland: yes.

[Moderator] Gretta wants to know if any of you have had cybersex....

[Moderator] Everyone has to go, any closing remarks...?

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Thank you all for showing your love.

[MP3artist] Ray Lane: Thanks for asking the questions, it makes us all feel warm and fuzzy.

[MP3artist] Greta: Ditto.

[MP3artist] Chlorophyll: Bye.

[Moderator] Thank you for joining for our chat this evening. To learn more and to listen to the opening acts go to Please visit for updates on the tour, pictures, diaries, video footage, and upcoming memorabilia auction. Good night.

Chat Summary

33 questions were asked during the half hour chat. Some were directed at a particular artist and some were directed at both. I was surprised by how specific some of the questions were. Here is a summary of what Tori said during the chat:

  • Tori greeted us at the beginning by saying "horns."
  • Tori talked about being at the Peabody Conservatory
  • On the question about if they have appeared on stage together, Tori said, "We've been busy making sure our bands make it onstage on time."
  • Tori was asked if she was going to do more solo dates in the Winter or Spring and she only said they had a few solo dates planned after the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour (The 8 we already know about.) I took that reply to be a "no" or a "don't know" myself! Tori was also asked if she was going to tour in Europe or Australia and she replied that they were going to Europe soon for a promotional tour involving some radio appearances with her alone at the piano.
  • The funniest question Tori got was, "Tori, how do you kick so much ass? How is it possible that you are incapable of writing bad music?" Tori replied by saying that she burns many tapes that people don't here and that she has a "Like A Virgin" cover that is locked up somewhere.
  • Tori was asked about the so called Tori Tribute album called "Pretty Good Year" that is being released. Tori said, "I'm sure it'll do well. Probably came off of somebody's crap tape recorder."
  • Tori was asked what Spark was about and then it appeared that Alanis answered the question by saying, "Finding the thing that makes you appreciate the life force." I am not sure if that was a typo or if Alanis really did answer the question for Tori!
  • Tori said she just picked a winner for the poem contest
  • She said she still had the book "The Tomorrow Tragedy" that someone gave her as a gift and that she keeps it by her bed and that it was fantastic.
  • Tori was asked about the meaning of Suede. She said, "When the other person thinks you're the evil one. They have no idea why they are part of the seduction. Of course, it's all your fault. Meaning me."
  • When asked about the Cornflake Girl single and the fact that it is hard to locate in the stores, Tori said, "My father's got a bunch of them. He'll give you a really good deal."
  • Both artists were asked what kind of wine they drink after the show. Alanis said she did not drink wine. Tori said she has been drinking a Spanish reserve, good Pomereux, great Sasficca(?) and white burgundys.
  • When asked about the opening acts for the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour, Tori said, "I remember having to open for people. It was quite a challenge. A lot of respect goes their way. It takes a lot of inner strength to walk out there."
  • Tori was asked for some simple wisdom to live your life by. She said, "Don't poop on your manolas."
  • When asked what kind of venues she prefers, Tori said, "It's not about size for me."
  • Tori was unable to choose her favorite album, saying it was like choosing your favorite child.
  • Tori says that "Glory Of The 80's" is about the dacadence of the 80's, "which I miss actually..."

Here is a summary of what Alanis said during the chat:

  • Alanis said she would be performing in Argentina and Brazil this November.
  • She said she had no plans to do a French album but saw herself singing in French more often.
  • Alanis has no immediate plans to sing anything from her first 2 albums because she feels she could not do those songs with conviction. Her band would like to do something, so it is possible at some point though.
  • Alanis said she would be writing her next album next year and would play guitar and some bass on it. She also said she would likely pick up some crazy instrument somewhere.
  • Alanis said she really did dance on the So Pure video and used to dance a lot when she was younger. Her boyfriend inspired her to do it again for the video.
  • Alanis says music and lyrics come to her at the same time and that a good song should come quickly and take about an hour to write.
  • Alanis said she was planning something special for the final shows of the 5 1/2 Weeks tour.
  • When asked about the opening acts for the 5 1/2 weeks tour, Alanis said they were beautiful and that Greta Gaines and she were going snowboarding soon!
  • Alanis said that her new album would be influenced by what she is experiencing right now.
  • Alanis was asked what the song "No Pressure Over Capp." was about. She said it was inspired by her twin brother and a cousin. It was written for anyone who feels isolated and the song says they are connected and are not alone.
  • Alanis said she prefers to perform in a small intimate place, unplugged and acoustic. She also likes being outdoors.
  • Alanis says her logo, which appears on her merchandise, is sanskrit for "thank you."
  • Alanis says she has writer's block only when she is forcing herself to write something.

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