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A warning to anyone who trades or buys Tori items: Avoid Jaymes Warnock

Updated February 25, 2002

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Once again I feel compelled to warn all Toriphiles about a Trader/Seller of Tori items (and items from other artists) who has ripped off perhaps hundreds of people since roughly 1996. He has many names, but the most infamous is Jaymes Warnock. He is also known as James Warnock, James Bradley Warnock, Easter Bradford, Addison Beauvais, David Warnock (Heck, ANYTHING Warnock), Yicktar3 (or some variation of the ID Yicktar) or sometimes just James or Bradley. (However, there are GOOD traders with the name James or Bradley so be careful!) Lately he has mainly used the names Easter Bradford or Addison Beauvais.

My first introduction to Jaymes was in 1996 or 97 when my dear friend Stacey Russell sent him money for some videos. She sent $50 and never got the videos she order or a refund. (This really hurt her.) Jaymes repeatedly said he sent the merchandise, but it repeatedly "got lost" by the postal service. It was shortly thereafter when I got quite a few emails from other Toriphiles who experienced the same situation. In every case, Jaymes claimed he sent the merchandise and that it "got lost".

Jaymes has recently admitted that he made "mistakes" in his youth and claims to have reformed himself. However, in the last few months, I have once again received emails from trustworthy Toriphiles who have sent him money and who have not seen what they bought. Once again, Jaymes blamed the postal service for losing things. There comes a point where you have a take a stand against someone who seems to repeatedly rip off other Toriphiles. So I wanted to warn all of you about this once again.

I would like to encourage anyone who feels they have been ripped off or misled by Jaymes/Easter/Addison in the past or present to do two things. First of all, please email me at and give me the details, for I am trying to document his exploits.

Secondly, I ask anyone who has been ripped off to seriously consider filing mail fraud charges with the postal service. The proper form (PS8165) can be found at your local post office or downloaded from:

Claims should be file against Jaymes Warnock (to be consistent with past mail fraud charges against him), and also with the alias or name he used with you during the trade/sell. (Such as Easter Bradford or Addison Beauvais.) If enough people report him to the feds, maybe we can stop this from happening to another Toriphile.

Not only does Jaymes have a history of ripping people off, he also has been known to slander good friends of mine online. He is to be avoided at all costs, and should never be trusted with Tori trades or sales. I normally would never post anything like this on the Dent, because I always like to give people the benefit of a doubt and the Dent is not a place to slander anyone. But the past history of Jaymes is so extensive, well-documented, and filled with bad deeds that I feel I must warn anyone who may consider doing business with him. Please don't! That also goes for Easter Bradford and Addison Beauvais.

Here is more information about Jaymes from Aimee Lortskell, who runs the Little Blue World fanzine and who has extensive knowledge of Jayme's past misdeeds:

I will first state unequivocally that he is a con artist. He has a long history of deceit, mail fraud, forgery, and plagiarism. It includes unfounded claims that he has co-written songs with Tori and played on her albums, forgery of her autograph, and claiming writing credit for songs written and copyrighted by her alone.

Please feel free to email me as well if you would like to discuss you Jaymes experience. Thanks for reading this, and please be careful.

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