5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
August 18, 1999

Updated November 24, 1999

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Tori performed in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on August 18, 1999 at the NCR Arena during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl

Hey Jupiter (solo)
Cooling (solo)

Blood Roses
Professional Widow
Glory Of The 80s

Precious Things


From Mikewhy

September 3, 1999 - I was fortunate enough to catch the opening show of the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour in Ft. Lauderdale. This was the first time I ever saw the opening show of one of Tori's tours (However, I did see her in Louisville, KY in 1992, which was the first date of her main U.S. tour for Little Earthquakes!) Florida was a lot of fun for me. I got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The day before the show we spent the night in a condo near Daytona Beach, and spent some time on the beach after the sun went down. Despite the fact that Florida is terribly hot this time of year, there is usually a nice breeze blowing from the water after sunset, and it was quite pleasant outside. Smelling the ocean and feeling the sand and waves around my feet was truly a remarkable experience. The ocean was very loud and seemed powerful and mysterious to me, It helped me see some of the magic in water that Tori must have seen when she wrote "from the choirgirl hotel."

We arrived at the venue, which was thankfully indoors (unlike most of the venues on the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.) There was a meet and greet there at 3:00PM with Tori, who stayed for 10 minutes and signed a bunch of stuff. There were about 50 people there. That night at the show I enjoyed all the acts and had simply an incredible time. The opening act was Greta Gaines. She wears cowboy outfits and hats (she is from Nashville), has long blond hair, and a deep rich voice. Some people said she was a cross between Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple, and while I see some truth in that, she definitely has a style all her own. She proved to be one of my all-time favorite acts that I have seen open for Tori, and I enjoyed her short set very much. (She played for 25 minutes or so.) Her voice is deep and rich. and smooth as molasses. It was also very powerful. She played accoustic guitar while singing. The song that got plenty of attention was called "Full Blown Rose" (I think), which was a song of revenge that she dedicated to all the sluts in the audience. I really strongly recommend this woman. She has a web site at gretagaines.com. Check her out!

I saw Tori's parents in the crowd before the show, which was interesting!

Tori took the stage about 20 minutes after Greta and I can best sum up the show with the word "exciting." Tori decided to boogie and rock during this tour, and it was obvious in the songs she chose. The music was loud (but not too loud from where I was standing, which was third row slightly to the left of center stage.) Jon played some wicked bass throughout the show and the band was jamming and tight. Since they had played with Tori before, everything seemed really together and flowing right off the bat. The music kept me jamming and moving more than usual for me, and I ain't a dancer! :) Tori moved like a professional, and wowed the crowd over and over. I personally thought this was one of the best shows I have ever seen!

The set list was lively and really shocking to me that night. I mean we got Blood Roses and Professional Widow complete in one show! As I posted in my reviews forum, I nearly peed in my pants. Tori had never performed a really complete version of Profressional Widow before this tour, and Blood Roses had not been heard live since the 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour. Tori made it work really well without the harpsichord. I think the way she is performing Blood Roses now is my favorite. Very powerful and potent.

Crucify was completely redone and had a kicking bass intro. CFG also had a wonderful new intro. Glory Of The 80's is a fun, dancy song with a Spanish/Cuban influence.

Tori made the cutest face during Cooling. She did not talk much at all however, though her eye contact was much better than Alanis' She introduced the band and said she was hanging out backstage with Alanis and excited about everyone being there. She also talked a little before quiet time (which was Hey Jupiter and Cooling) but did not really say much. Sugar was the kicking version with the band! It just seemed like there was so much excitement and electricity in the air and lots of gasps and shouts at the start of each song. It was a fabulous set!

Tori was wearing a tan see-through shirt with an orange bra and orange shoes and jeans. Her hair was pulled back and very straight and looked longer than it has been for a long time. (It was much shorter the next night in Tampa, so Tori must have got it cut after Ft. Lauderdale.) Tori's show was exactly 73 minutes. From where I was standing (and at least for the people in the floor, this was a standing show!), I thought the crowd was well behaved, but the loud music may have drowned out some rude people. I clearly saw Alanis fans who were really enjoying the show and who seemed surprised that Tori was so rocking so hard on stage. Tori received from what I could tell a really enthusiastic and respectful welcome.

Alanis took the stage about a half hour after Tori and was really wonderful. I think you guys need to give her a chance. While I doubt you would want to see her 10 times like Tori, the show I saw was really fun and her voice is really powerful. Here was Alanis's set list for the evening:

All I Really Want
Joining You
Hand In My Pocket
Are You Still Mad?
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn
So Pure
You Ought To Know


Thank U

Alanis has some funky stage moves, I will tell you that! I thought she was cute and seemed really genuine when she spoke to the audience (which was not very much.) Her long hair looked really beautiful and she was not afraid to swing it around with abandon. There was one part that seems to be a staple of her shows when she twirls around in a circle for what seems like forever, often falling to the stage with dizziness. I rather enjoyed her stage moves, though some people looked puzzled or amused by them. I really enjoyed her comments before "So Pure" when she said the song was dedicated to those who think they can't dance, because there is really no such thing. She also had a really beautiful stage setup.

The main weakness of Alanis's set is her lack of connection with the audience. She tends to look over or through people while on stage, and does not seem to really acknowledge that anyone is there. But when I compare the way she performs now to her earlier performances, I can see much improvement. I think she still has stage fright that keeps her from engaging in the kind of penetrating stares that are Tori trademarks. However, I could still sense that Alanis was passionate about her music and she did sound really genuine when she said thank you between songs.

I still had a great time during her set bouncing around and forgetting that my feet should have been hurting at that point. If you compare Alanis to Tori, you will be disappointed. But if you take her on her own merits, I think you should have a good time. She is a wonderful artist to me.

In summary, I had one of the funnest concert experiences ever! Singing off from Ft. Lauderdale.

From it (Australian Music Collectors Magazine)

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From FoxValley7:

Concert was good, but there was an overall lack of intimacy because of the size of the venue. Anyways, here's the setlist: God
Cornflake Girl
hey Jupiter (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Blood Roses
Professional Widow
??? (Josephine? Probably Not)

Encore 1:
Precious Things

Overall the setlist was great, and as always Precious things was especially awesome! There were three problems though:

The setting was impersonal and the sound quality was a little off (the band was louder than Tori's voice). And the one thing that really annoyed my was that there were a lot of Alanis fans there who were chatting during the whole thing! Incredibly Rude!

Anyways, Tori is always amazing, but the size of the stadium took a lot away from it! Her rendition of hey Jupiter was moving though!

From FionaKiwi:

AHHHHHHHH i just got home, *SO* AMAZING!! My only complaints were a much too short set, also I was dying to see CALS and she didnt play it, but Professional Widow, yay!!!!!! it was so great, also she played Sugar, and an encore of Precious Things which was the most wonderful thing ever...also Alanis was surprisingly good! But hardly anyone danced, I was on my feet for three hrs straight, and i felt like the only one!! ah well, it was beautiful all the same. =)

From FoxValley7:

T-Shirts went for anything from $20 to $30 (the one I bought was 30). The key chains were $10 and I think the necklaces were also $10. I'm not sure how Alanis was, 'cause I wanted to be the first out to the meet and great when Tori finished!

Ok, I'll describe the setlist in detail. So we were all waiting for Tori to come out and all of the sudden the lights go out and some music starts playing. Then we hear Tori's voice starting to say "God sometimes you just don't come through. . ." and suddenly she appears on stage and of course everyone goes crazy. It came out pretty well, especially because it was made to a band in the background to begin with. Then came Sugar, which didn't sound as good with the band as it does on 'hey Jupiter" single, but it was pretty moving nonetheless. iieee followed up and was pretty much the same it was on the album. Then came Cornflake Girl and everyone went wild again and it was an awesome performance! Then was Bliss, which I recognized from the first few line "Father I killed my Monkey..." and it's always hard to judge a new Tori song from a concert, so I won't try. Then the rest of the band left the stage and Tori started an incredibly moving rendition of hey Jupiter which almost had me in tears! Then I recognized when she began playing cooling, which gave me shivers when she sang "and is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses. . ." and then the crowd went wild cause she emphasized the "kisses" part. Then the band came back on and they started a song and I didn't recognize it at first. Then I heard Tori sing "when chickens get a taste of your meat girl" and I went crazy! It actually sounds really scary with the band behind it. Maybe it was just me. Anyways, after that frightening few minutes she started Professional Widow and everyone was just rockin' out because it was an awesome song to have with the band! Then the band stopped playing during that little part where she sings the Peaches and Cream part, and it started back up and was rockin! Then the next song was from the new album and I couldn't really tell what it was, so like I said I won't comment on it. Then came the Waitress, which I think is Awesome in concert, and everyone was singing "I believe in peace bitch, I believe in peace". I'm pretty sure the ending was improvised, but I couldn't hear very well, so I can't help you guys out there (SORRY). Then she left the stage and we refused to stop hollering until she got back out, which of course she did. This is when Precious Things came. For anyone who hasn't heard this song plugged or even for those who have, IT IS THE BEST TORI SONG TO HEAR PLUGGED. Everyone was so CAUGHT UP IN THE MOMENT, AND FOR A SECOND THERE WE WERE ALL SINGING: "with their nine inch nails and little fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice GIRRRRRRRRL!" Tori just grabs me that way, I'm sure most of you will agree. Anything else? i've sure send my piece tonight, just thought some of you would be interested!

From ImYouAgain:

i wasn't there but my friend stephen JUST emailed me this... wow is all i have to say. it was really really great. all you care about is the setlist really, but i bought an alanis program and a TORI shirt (it's the one with the album cover and tour dates on back). okay, on to the good stuff

God - it starts out with the guys coming out and tori singing the chorus acapella from backstage, and then the music starts. other than that, it was exactly like what we saw on the mtv online thing. with the cool sound effects and all. =D

Sugar - let me TELL you, it was just like in plugged, and it rocked just as hard. i freaked from the opening notes because i knew exactly what it was and i wanted it BAD

iieee - this was cool, because she started out with the prerecorded iieee noise and then the guys started to play. the improv in the middle was basically the old "i know you understand" one.

Cornflake Girl - just the same as on the mtv thing, with the strange beat intro with the cool piano, only she didn't screw it up

Bliss - this song ROCKS, especially live. that's all i have to say

Crucify - THIS was a shocker. the intro was TOTALLY different, almost electronic sounding. but i heard the bass riff and said to my best friend "it's crucify!" and so it was. it was really really good. i wouldn't have liked it if it wasn't different. the chorus parts were the same, but the rest was that cool electronic sound

Hey Jupiter - performed solo, simply gorgeous as expected

Cooling - *%* $()*%()#$*%#()$%*#!!! ACK! it ruled, i was BEYOND happy to get it

Blood Roses - the Horses of this tour. it started out totally different, and sounded totally different. most of the lyrics were gone, but i still liked it. it's hard to describe

Professional Widow - on piano, with band, ROCK ROCK ROCK $)(%*$#()%*$)(#%*)( GOD IT ROCKED.

Glory of the 80s - MUCH better than i was expecting. i was scared, to be honest. but it was really cool. and yes, i figured it out on my own, i didn't have to go running to mikewhy or anything. :-Ů

The Waitress - $#*%)$#(*%)#($*%$)(*%)(#$%*()#$*%$#()%* also, i mean, it was just AMAZING, with the devil bitch improv, woo, it was just KICKIN. i was just in my own world, singing every word, people probably thought i was INSANE. for a minute (9ish to be exact) there, i lost myself


Precious Things - it was weird to hear this towards the end of the set, and it was even weirder once i realized it was the last song. but it rocked with the fury of any plugged pt i've ever seen.

From tekdeth:

There was a 10 minute pre-show gret with about 50 people. After the show there was no greet. People started getting rowdy and name calling started. Arena security threaten to call police and have people arrested for tresspassing. I left because I didn't want to see something like that happen. Very few people followed me that is all I know. The arena was full at the start. By the end a quarter of the people had left.

From thedrizzle:

Here's what I posted on the MMC Tori boards: I'm in such a weird mood. I mean I had fun but I was also really angry and stressed and disappointed and just weird.

Me and my friends Bevin, Kathryn, and Dharana got there at about 12. I got to meet Danica!!! Danica, you'll be reading this so I just wanna say I adored you and I'm really sad I didn't get to spend more time with you and I wish I could have said goodbye. I was looking around for you after Tori but I guess you were still in your seats. I also met Lesli and liked her mucho.

Then me and my friends went to Sawgrass Mills blah blah blah. Came back and Tori did the meet and greet. I basically said fuck it cause I didn't even bother to get a number on my hand before so I only saw her for a second when she ran back into the venue. I got UNO pictura.


Oh I saw Dor again! That was fun cause she rocks me. And I met Erin and Val, both adorable. Okay but on to the people I didn't meet. I hate how there are these great people around me and I can't just fucking speak to them. There's this one kid who we've seen at every Florida show and he's really nice. He talked to Kathryn once. But could I talk to him? NOOOOOO. Cause I'm a looooosah.

FUCK I just realized I didn't see Alyssia. That sucks. Hi Alyssia

Okay. Yes. So this girl YASMINE (some of you know about my feelings about this girl) tells us she'll be there by 6. She has Kathryn's ticket and I have the ticket of a girl that's with her in the car, Natalia. So it's 7 and Yasmine still isn't there. Now it's 7:30. While everyone else is mingling and buying shirts inside and being in the air conditioning, we're sitting outside stressing out. It just sucked. Yasmine pulls this shit all the time. So
finally we three go in with my seats and Kathryn switched with Natalia during "iieee".

I had a massive headache (maybe because I had been listening to the NCR recording for five hours straight. "Welcome to National Car Rental Center. At 7:30, Greta Gaines will take the stage. At 8:15 will be Tori Amos and Alanis Morrisette will take the stage at approximately 10 o'clock. BLAH BLAH. Don't bring projectile objects or fireworks...". That was on CONTINUOUSLY. NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN. let me die).

Oh yeah and my seats sucked. I couldn't see her at all. I had to jump up on my tiptoes. And the acoustics were raunchy. I couldn't understand any of the lyrics to "Glory of the 80's". Not one line. Her voice was echoey and blurry to me.

She didn't do the "You dropped the bible on me sweet Jesus" bit in God. Sugar was complete with pussy boy lyrics. This was a highlight for me. iieee was good. cute dance y'know.
Cornflake Girl got a TINY bit of a dance. Like a 1/2 second groove. Bliss was fun I guess.
Crucify was pretty okay.

Hey Jupiter was not really moving like it always is. Even Cooling didn't really do it for me.

Blood Roses was my turning point. She just fucking rocked the fuck out. There were a few cool improved lyrics that i caught at the time but dont remember now like she sang "can't believe what you said" instead of "cant forget the things you never said" and something about ripping her something. I don't know. It was just awesome.

Professional Widow was my favorite. OHMYGOD it was good. That made me really happy and I wanted to run up and smush her face (in a nice way). P O W E R F U L shit man. Yay.

Glory of the 80's was fun too. I couldn't hear anything. Waitress was really good.

Then Encore.
Precious Things GOT me. I don't know...the lyrics really mean a lot to me right now so I was kind of spazzing internally. But it was so weird. When you expect to hear another song for sure and then you're like "that was the last song? what the fuck?" (MORAL OF THE STORY: Expectations are BAD.) So it was a bad ending. Really bad ending. I was like "WELL IF YOU WERENT TOURING WITH FUCKING ALANIS THEN YOU COULD DO MORE SONGS GRRRRRRRRR WATCH OUT FOR THE
HITMAN". But you know I love her whatever. I still do really. I just wasn't blown away by this show like every other one I've been to. Well New York I wasn't blown away either. Yes it was like the New York show.

I don't know man. I think this 5 1/2 weeks thing is CRAP. It's so commercialized and cheesy. I really hate it. These VH1 people were interviewing people and me and my friends got on and they asked what we thought about Tori and Alanis. And we were like "It's all about Tori whatever blah" and then the lady was like "Yeah but don't you think it's cool that they are touring together?" and my friend Emery goes "No". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. And I was
like "They aren't gonna put you on the tv if you don't say what they wanna hear." I think we pissed them off. Cause they heard me say that. So then in a mocking voice Dharana and Emery are like "Oh just kidding we LOVE alanis. OH ALANIS WE LOVE YOU." and Emery goes "Yeah they are both talented women. It's just that one's a lot more talented than the other one." The VH1 people wanted us to die.


I got a shirt. The shirts are pretty cool. The necklace they are selling is pretty raunchy. Mine has a raspberry on it and little blocks on the front of like raspberry, tori, some other shit. I don't know.

Okay so here's the difference between Tori and Alanis fans. Tori fans are annoying and vibrant. Alanis fans are annoying and boring. But I met some REALLY cool Tori people. Yes. Obviously I don't mean all Tori fans. Ner. But of course you know what I mean. IM RAMBLING LIKE A LOSER.

I'm going. I love you guys

And on another post:

Oh and on Alanis. I didn't stay to watch her but I was outside in the hall and I peaked in to see a second. She was doing that retarded thing with her arms and she was just embarrassing to watch. She was REALLY bad. I mean GOD. I don't get it. I thought she might be better live or something but no..she still sucks. EW. Okay bye.

Adios kids.


P.S. Mikewhy is nice

From Mikewhy:

I am too tired to go into details until sometime later today, but I personally thought this was one of the best shows I have ever seen! I personally feel that the 5 1/2 Weeks tour is fantastic and the opening act, who was Greta Gaines, Tori (or course) and Alanis were all fantstic IMHO. Tori was lively, happy, and energetic. The band was tight and obviously having a ball! The set list that Imyouagain posted was correct! PROFESSIONAL WIDOW and BLOOD ROSES complete in one show. I peed in my pants!
Alanis was really wonderful. I think you guys need to give her a chance. While I doubt if seeing her 10 times would work, the show I saw was really fun and her voice is really powerful. Here is her set list for those who care:

All I Really Want
Joining You
Hand In My Pocket
Are You Still Mad?
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn
So Pure
You Ought To Know


Thank U

Tori's show was exactly 73 minutes. Alanis was on for about 85, a little longer. I personally thought the crowd was pretty well behaved, but the loud music (It was louder than usual) may have drowned out some people.

There was a meet N Greet at 3:00PM with Tori, who stayed for 10 minutes and signed a bunch of stuff. There were about 50 people there.

Tori was wearing a tan see-through shirt with an orange bra and orange shoes and jeans. Her hair was pulled back and very straight and looked longer than it has been for a long time.

Crucify was completely redone and had a kicking bass intro. CFG also had a wonderful new intro. Glory Of The 80's is a fun, dancy song with a Spanish/Cuban influence. It got me moving and I ain't a dancer!

Tori made the cutest face during Cooling. She did not talk much at all however, though her eye contact was much better than Alanis' She introduced the band and said she was hanging out backstage with Alanis and excited about everyone being there. She also talked a little before quiet time (which was Hey Jupiter and Cooling) but did not really say much. Sugar was the kicking version with the band!

In summary, I had one of the funnest concert experiences ever! You must see this show and you must give Alanis a fair chance. She is really awesome!

More later, siging off from Ft. Lauderdale. Later this morning we are off to Tampa!

From Highmoon:

I'll post a full review tomorrow, but just a quickie: the venue was all wrong, the people at the NCRC were total assholes, the Alanis fans we happened to be near to were jerks for the most part, and the whole situation after the show, as we waited for a possible M-n-G, or even to see her wave goddbye form her limo or bus, was the worst! Yes, the NCRC people were threatening us with arrests and with physical violence (there was one fat guy waving a large stick). We waited till the end when the cops finally told us to leave. Oh yeah, all this while there is a furious fight between two drunk-ass women right behind us Tori fans waiting. Yay for the police!
A full rant/review will come tomorrow and expand on all the above topics.

Tori was great, though! She was the one ray of light in a big, black vortex of chaos.


From Dor:

I just wanted to add a couple things about the show: First of all it was really good. I couldn't believe I was there. It sort of felt like a dream. I was so happy. Highlights for me were BLOOD ROSES and PROFESSIONAL WIDOW definitely. That song is FINALLY getting the treatment it deserves! It was just MEANT to be played with a band!!!!

Second of all I thought everyone at the Meet and Greet was really great. I didn't try to go in or anything really, but I spent a lot of time chillin' with people on the outskirts of it and I just wanted to give a shout-out to everyone I talked with. You guys were neato.

Thirdly I wanted to say Hi to Mikewhy who is on the other side of the wall in the hotel room right next to me, tying up the phone line over there. God love laptops!! Hah.

Ok ::waves::: see ya'all in Tampa.


From Angela:

I know all you EWFs are really eager to hear about the concert set list, but let me first say a few words about the atmosphere. It was very Alanis-oriented in the section where my friend and I were sitting. People seemed ruder, not friendly as at every other Tori concert I've been to (this is my fourth). When I got up to dance during the encore, stuff was thrown at me twice, which was completely inappropriate and not typical of a Tori show.
That said, I will try to remember the set list as best I can. She played God first, followed by Sugar, iieee, Cornflake Girl, Bliss, Crucify, Hey Jupiter (alone), Cooling (alone), a song I didn't know at all but which could be off the new album (I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what it was called), and the Waitress. The encore was Precious Things.

She only played for an hour and fifteen minutes. I could be way off base, but I have the feeling that the record company or the concert promoters or whomever strongly suggested she keep her set short (this was the shortest, and most expensive Tori concert I've ever seen) and that she play stuff people who weren't big fans would know. I was surprised she only played one song from Choirgirl. I have very mixed feelings about this concert. Tori was luminous as ever, but the atmosphere and the short set didn't make me very happy.

Oh, and on a fashion note, she had on some kind of gold top, and pants. Sorry I can't be more descriptive.

Didn't stay for the Alanis set.

From DavidFtLaud:

Let's be realistic, guys. Tori was sensational, as we all knew she would be. However, my criticism is directed to the sound engineers. Tori is a piano virtuoso. So why is it that, in the vast majority of her songs, we can't even hear the piano? The bass was so loud it was distorted. The acoustically-challenged arena and the over-emphasized drums didn't help, either. The sound was so bad, it took 30 seconds into Blood Roses before we could make out Tori's lyrics enough to determine the song.

The only breaks from the noise were Cornflake Girl and Hey Jupiter, where we got a true glimpse of the Tori's overwhelming piano and voice talent.

Sorry, everyone, no hyper-fanatic review here. I went to see Tori because she is an amazing lyricist, composer, and performer. It just would have been nice to hear her.

P.S. For all you harpsichord fans...it's not there.

From Pelegirl:

I am still so depressed about last night's events, that I am incapable of caring when my boss yells at me... Tori was lovely, as usual. There was NO post-show meet and greet at all, so save yourself some heartache and leave right after the show.
Tori is taking a honest-to-goodness rock-star turn with this tour, probably made even worse by Alanis and her demand for high security (we were even frisked at the door, for Pete's sake!), and it's awful.

Pray Tori returns to the old days, with quieter, more intimate shows, because this is absolutely not a positive thing that is going on with this Alanis tour. I hate to see Tori relegated to the position of second opening act for that woman (co-headliners my foot!), and I'm sure any Toriphile will agree.

For the record, the set list was:
Cornflake Girl
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Blood Roses
Professional Widow
Glory of the 80s

Precious Things

AS I said, Tori was great, she sounded spectacular, as usual (some flubs here and there, but it was the first night, after all). She looked GORGEOUS, in slacks and a pale green hippie-esque shirt (loose and flowy with an empire-type waist). I couldn't see her shoes, or most of her for that matter due to the idiots from the back who rushed forward and blocked my view (sorry to sound bitter, but I had pretty damn good seats and couldn't see most of the show, and was all but punched in the stomach by an usher when I tried to move forward as well!).

All in all, a very disappointing experience (especially the part where folks fromteh National Car Rental Center threatened us with a stick and called the cops when we were waiting around to try to catch a glimpse of her leaving). I hope you guys have a better experience...

Sorry to be so negative, but you asked for info...


From lady pandora:

i was so dissapointed... it was the most expensive and by far the shortest tori concert i've ever seen. i thought it was really lacking intimacy. the band drowned out her voice and the piano most of the time. i thought professional widow was done beautifuly even though i don't like that song. by far my favorite was cooling, i almost cried. hey jupiter was nice to. i wanted more alone time. she didn't talk much and like i said before it was hard to hear her and the piano over the band. i think blood roses and crucify should of been done without the band. i fucking hate alanis !!!!!! i left before she came on. why ruin a good night you know. i hate her so much. why couldn't it of been bjork or something. the concert ws way to short and i blame alanis for that. what happened to cals!!!!!??????
or winter. and spark. oh well. every tori concert i have ever been to has been so much better. i took my friend who had never seen her live and felt really bad. now i love tori so i enjoyed myself, but that whole arena thing has to go. this 5 week tour sucks. alanis sucks. when we left before alanis came on people outside were yelling kill alanis. i know how they felt. i know the concert would of been longer if that bitch hadn't been there. i hope and pray tori comes back to sunrise musical center.
and i would really love to see her without a band to. not to put the band down but why would i want to hear drums and bass over the piano and her voice? but like i said cooling was the shit. amazing.

From Shaggy:

quick answer for those asking about M&G.
this was my very first one and i thought it was awesome!!! Thanks to Robin for giving up her space to me since i've never met her b4. And thanks to Erica, Becky, Chris, Snowflake,and anyone else i'm forgetting for the fun....

The barricade for M&G was only about 7 feet long (where they had Tori come to) I guess since VH1 had just been doing an interview it cut into her time because she was there for about 10 minutes.....got a pic with her that turned out great and an autograph!!! Steve was very vocal about each person only getting 1 thing signed and he would get really upset if people in the back section stood on the surrounding barricade.....She is totally awesome to meet (can't think of a better word!!!) and with those she got to she, paid total attention to.(Snowflake you were right)
She is spectacular and will listen to everything you say...... This is the best experience i have ever had!!!! All EWF were great and very supportive-- I am sure if I was at anyone else' concert the "fans" would not have been as nice and friendly....made many new friends and i look forward to seeing you all again. Sadly, this is only date I can make on this tour so far

From Exiskali:

I was in the second row center. Awseome Tori set. She went at it right through--I'd never seen her do that. Her top was sage green. She left the tie-back strings hanging. Rubbed her crotch as she sang the words "fascist panties." Very sexually charged performance. My favorite was "Crucify." Beautiful touches. Alanis rocked but she's too mainstream for me. Awesome performance though. So energetic! But (sigh) as she was leaving the stage after "ironic," her last encore, I saw three eggs fly over my head and onto the stage. Mostly unnoticed.

From BookFaerie:

Hi Everyone!
I can tell that so many people didn't have a very good time at this show! Here is my take on it.

I didn't get to try and attend the before show meet and greet because we drove from Orlando and didn't get into town until about 4:30pm.

I have very good seats... 3rd row... which I think probably made my experience better. I had no idea they were going to be as good as they were because we were WAY on one end but it was much closer than the layout on the internet of the set up. I thought the opening act was really good but it was rude that they went to intro there last song and the stage ppl said they couldn't play it and had to quit now. I guess with them being so pressed for time though it was inevitable.

Tori's set was great! But I do agree with whoever posted that the music sounded mixed too loud. I personally go to hear Tori's voice and it wasn't as loud compared to the music. She was still great though! My favorite of course was when she sent the boys away and played Hey Jupiter and Cooling! They were awesome... lots of little improves at the ends older songs... Cornflake girl and Waitress... I still can't figure out what she is saying at the end of Waitress... Tori seemed to be in a good mood and sang great even though I think her voice was giving her a little trouble because she was spooning some honey concoction into her mouth at times. I was fine with Tori only having one encore... it was a powerful Precious Things and we have to understand that they had a lot of show to put on in a little time.

Now for the Alanis part. I personally don't really like Alanis that much but I was curious to see her perform and hear her live. I must admit that I did enjoy her performance. She has a strong voice and a lot of energy on stage. I did find her movements kind of amusing though... she is like a rubber band when she moves. My friends and I had a good time immitating her for the rest of the weekend. I didn't get to see the end of Alanis' show because we were headed to the Keys right after and wanted to get to my friend's brother's house before it got too late.

Over all I had a really good time... it was great just to see Tori again. I do hope that one day she will do a tour with just her and the piano again.

As for the Keys... if anyone is ever looking for a weekend to relax and play in the ocean... we had a great time at a little resort in Key Largo called Sunset Cove Resort. They are little cabins right on the ocean... beautiful.. I am a little sun burnt but refreshed!

Thanks for reading!

From h0le21:

ok here goes on my take on the concert last nite. first off in my section(101)i didnt hear any "rude" alanis fans so i think some of the bitterness to them is just anger cuz alanis had more fans in the venue. and yeah alanis did sound alot better(sorry but its the truth). second i did read some reviews of tori's performance and i must agree with those that said that it was a little dissapointing. i saw tori last year for the plugged tour on the day of her bday and it was much better. last nite the sound quality of the show was average. the band did seem to be much louder than tori. i would say the highligts of tori's performance were precious things and cornflake girl. now if people think alanis fans were rude than how can they explain some tori fans leaving during alanis's set and or bitching and moaning about alanis getting the stage second. cmon people get over it and stop being such cry babies. and again i would like to say that i like tori and alanis alot and probably more tori than alanis comming into the concert but i'm also realistic i think. and i would also like to say that i had a great time. i mean when alanis did univited it was amazing(definently the highlight of the show) and also thank u and ironic in the end were amazing.

From Ashley:

so here is my fairly in depth review. i got to the ncrc at around 8:30 am and there were people there who'd been there since like 4am. they were doing numbers for the meet and greet, but the problem was there were like 3 different people giving out numbers. and therefore 3 different sets of numbers. also, there were people who wouldn't take numbers. it's times like those i definitely am against the number system. for it to work at all, everyone there must agree on it...and i don't see that happening this tour. the venue security kept making us leave and telling us the m&g had been cancelled, but no one believed them. eventually they let us stay in the parking lot. and then later we got to move up toward the building and when they asked us to leave again
tori's management (i believe) told them to leave us alone and let us stay. when the baracades went up (and there was only one baracade, big enough to fit maybe 7 people across) the "number system" went to hell and everyone just ran. i saw some nice people who were going to mulitple shows and/or who had met tori before, move for those who'd never met her so they could get a chance to talk to her. so we waited for her to finish up an interview w/ VH1 and she came out at around 3 or 3:15, she looked lovely and seemed to be in a good mood. whoever said she wasn't there long, is wrong. for such a small amount of people to be in the front, she was there for a very long time. and she only left because joel told her to (i think).
let's see...the show....i REALLY did not like the opening act. i mean she says in the middle of the show "who here's a slut??" and there was pretty much total silence. i hope she felt like an ass for asking such a stupid question.
oh yeah about the stuff they were selling...the necklaces, but someone already gave a good discription of those. i remember 3 shirts...a purple one, but i can't remember what it had on it...and two black ones. one of the black ones has the same picture as the bliss promo and on the back in purple it says Tori Amos 5 1/2 weeks and has all the dates. the other black one has hmmm like a white outlineish/skeletal looking figure playing a piano and has the same info on the back as the other shirt i think. there were no programs yet, but there might be later in tour...maybe? there were also keychains, but i'm not sure what they looked like and they were still selling the plugged 98 necklaces. ok now...tori......i really don't remember when she came on the stage...i want to say 8:15? and i think she played till 9:30, but i really forgot to check. She opened withh God, which was the same version as the webcast, then she played sugar, which was the best i've ever heard it. i don't remember the order after that, but crucify sounded good, i like how she reinvents it for pretty much every tour. i don't think anyone recognized it until she started singing. Um let's see what other songs to comment on...blood roses was a total shock and no one knew was it was either and when she went "blood roses, blood roses" i think all our mouths dropped open. it wasn't very similar to the album version at all, but it was still wonderful to hear, it's always been my favorite off of pele and i was very happy to hear it live...she might have left out the belle of new orleans part, but i don't really remember....then after that was professional widow....my goodness. it souned just like the album, except on piano. Glory of the 80s is a very catchy song, but i really couldn't tell any of the words except for taxi and LA and 1985. secret time was Hey Jupiter and Cooling. very nice. um...waitress was pretty much the same as plugged version. it was strange to hear her end with precious things. also, don't panic, whoever said she played only like 7 songs was wrong, she played around 13. less than her solo shows, but still a nice amount. so what was she wearing you ask? these orange heels with little criss cross straps, dark blue jeans, and a light green sheer shirt with what looked like another light green tank top under it, which had neon orange lace straps, and then the sheer shirt looked like it went up to her neck and also had a neon orange v-neck. not a very good description, but also not a very easy shirt to describe.
for those who care her hear was straight and pulled back in a low ponytale. oh yeah and there were some neat lava lamps on stage. so i hung around for alanis. i thought maybe i would be converted to an alanis fan. um, no. and nothing against her....it's just her fans are a bit um, rowdy or something. it just seemed like everyone around me during her set was drunk, obnoxious, and screaming along with all her songs. but, alanis herself seems to be a very good performer. also, i believe she played about 15 min longer than tori. oh and the girls that were standing with their backs to the stage during alanis's set....made me embarrassed to be a "tori fan". show some respect you guys, if not towards alanis's fans then at least towards alanis. ok that's all.

From Torifan3@juno.com:

This is the 3rd time I have seen tori and it was incredible. The energy in the room was great and she fed off it. I was surprised that she played a lot of older songs and Bsides. The version of Sugar made me cry. i love that song but the tears kept flowing. Glory of the 80's is sure to be a hit also.

From Sp1d3r:

That was the most delightful headach i had in a long time. The show was great, as best as I could tell from my seat, somewhere near the air vent in the ceiling... Tori absolutely kicked ass, I think iieee in particular rocked, also liked the live versions of cornflake and waitress. Bliss had this cool purple lighting... She was just amazing, even if she looked about 3 inches tall from my seat. How does she do that?! The opener was ok... but it seemed kinda awkard with every one going "dammit i wanna seee TOOORRRIII" The show atmosphere was horrible (especially if you sat where i did, the bosey was about as big as my watch) and way to impersonally...

Alanis was ok. You Outta Know lacked feeling, and just when i was thinking "thank god she didn't do thank u" she comes back... ah well. They did this cool version of uninvited, a song that has maybe three notes on the piano, where the keyboard guy plays this nifty piano intro, which woulda been rather cool, except we have Tori and the Bosendorfer to compare it to. It sounded alot like when someone else plays Tori stuff.

Overall, the tension between "the Tori fans" and the "the Alanis fans" was just too much... It was thicker than the smoke in the air. The show was good anyways even if the fans weren't respectful... They didn't play anything together. Tori said before: "...besides, what would we sing? 'I Got You, Babe'?" I thought would be hillarious if they did.

"Cause she's got one hand in her pocket, and Tori Amos is playing the Piano..." (sorry i had to) Anyone get on Vh1? my friends did, i think you can see me in the back trying to avoid the camera...

...and what was with all the paisley anyways?

From too_venus:

I knew there would be lots of complaints about the set list. It seems a bit catered to "cover" the Alanis crowd (with a few morsels like "Cooling" and "Professional Widow" for the rest of us. But I have to say myself, that I loved it. Tori can sing the phone book to me and I'll still go crazy. I really wanted to hear "Cornflake Girl" and my friend had never heard "Crucify" in three previous shows. And she's wonderful. Her voice sounds great and i love, LoVe, LOVE the way the band is meshing with the piano. It's very classical. The new songs were great! I'm still singing "Bliss." Well, the words I know from it anyway.
Anyone tape? (Sorry Rev. Amos - but I LOVED that set list story posted earlier and I saw him and the missus too.) I'd do anyone's bidding for a copy. Name your price. First-born? Sure!

From ljiivans:

my thoughts on the concert...Tori was screwed big time!!! First she was squeezed between that Greta lady (who did a better job of telling the audience to buy her album than anything) and alanis who seemed to be have suffered convulsions during her performance (once the convulsions subsided her act was much easier to watch). At the other Tori shows I went to she did at least three encores, at this concert she was limited to one. Then the acoustics were terrible; I felt that the band (especially the drums) was too loud as I had a difficult time hearing Tori (this could also be a casualty of my seats). The sound guys probably realized this and fixed it after Tori played. So yes, the audience could hear Alanis loud and clear. In spite of all this Tori was amazing!!! All of her songs (except for one: iiee) were from her first three albums and I thought she played a nice mix. For me the highlights of her performance were Hey Jupiter (played without the band) precious things, cornflake girl and God. While Tori was playing her fans were awestruck. Everyone remained still and cheered for their favorite songs or when Tori had it going on the piano. The atmosphere was majestic as we watched Tori do what she does best. As far as the Alanis fans go...while Alanis was playing they were up and dancing, waving signs, flags, themselves anything to get her attention. It was almost as if they were trying to get her to stop. Some people felt that there were more Alanis fans there but I am not sure. Walking around I saw way more Tori shirts than Alanis shirts and the Alanis fans were a lot louder so it may seem like there are more than what was actually there.
Overall it was a great concert; anytime Tori plays it is going to be amazing but I am sure you already know that.

From Shaggy:

Questions about meet and greet???
Well here's a couple of answers-

First, thanks to Robin who stepped aside and let me take her place at the barricade when she learned I had never met her.

Security allowed us near the barricade around 1:30pm(i think, it took place up front near one of the box offices).....it was a bit of a wait...there were about 40-50 people there. Right before she came out Steve was saying "you know the drill, only 1 thing signed per person" seemed kind of tough but I supposed this allows Tori to get to as many people as possible.

The way that it set up was an odd way I heard...barricades were setup near an open gate so that only 7-8 feet were accessible to Tori....she came out and spent quality time with as many people as she could both signing things and taking pictures.....Steve got upset with people trying to stand on the barricades that wrapped around behind us. Some said it wasn't long- but i think its just incredible that she *plans* times to spend with us! The fact i got my picture taken with her is incredible.....All I can say is this was my first big experience meeting EWF from all over and it was incredible how I hit it off with everyone.

Thank you all!

From MrSulu:

Well, so far I've been to five shows and I really have to say that this one has been the worst one! This does not include Tori's performance. I am so upset by this whole Alanis/ Best Buy/ MP3 crap! It's not Tori's fault but hopefully she'll realize this was not a good move. This has been the most expensive and least enjoyed show I've been to. The security at the venue were jerks. I was on the floor and every time u had to breath u had to show your ticket! Tori was awesome but truthfully this was Plugged 98 all over. I really was expecting something different. She played five songs she played at the last show I attended. The only thing I'm really excited about is PROFF. WIDOW. As you all know it was incredible! Blood Roses was a surprise but not too moving. HEY JUPITER-very emotional, incredibly moving, she sang it beautifully. Kinda tired of SUGAR, CORNFLAKE GIRL. Don't expect to hear rarities like Famous Blue Raincoat, O Danny Boy, etc... This is gonna be her singles tour. All because of Alanis Morrisette. Bliss was great but Glory of the 80's was a little too pop! Waittress and Precious were the same as the last tour but were just as moving. I saw all the same people I see at every Tori show which was exciting, but don't know anyone personally cause I don't mingle too much. I was sooo happy to see Mikewhy and Danica @ the M&G. I wanted to meet u guys, but was too shy. It was the first time I had ever seen them in person.

What happened at what was supposed to be a post M&G was horrible. The security people were asses! Threatening us with sticks and w/ being arrested! This would've not happened at a regular Tori show. I did not stay to watch Alanis. I just ran outside! I was among the first 5 people who came out first to see Tori.

I don't know if anyone's ever made a comment about an experience w/ Mark (tori's husband), but I don't think he likes to be noticed. At the last show i went to Sunrise 8/21-22 i went up to him to say Hi and he looked up and turned away.

Well I've written too much so good bye for now!

From Jennifer:

I don't know what everyone is talking about...the show sucked. I left feeling extremely depressed, and so did my friends. The bad totally drowned Tori out, it was grating. The drums, the bass, everything was too damn loud. I can't believe Tori thinks that the band is beneficial to her music. And the Alanis fans WERE rude. These stupid people, all around us, never were still. They kept getting up, getting food, walking around, chattering. This is NOT how a Tori show should be.

From Kurt658 (rob):

1. Meet and Greet times, number of people there, general atmosphere -- well, it was desrcribed as "calmer than other M & G" by a girl i met (Jodie) that had been to 6 previous Torishows... (she was the one that yelled "Tori come over to your left so we can see you", but tori never came :-()... there were plenty of people there, i got there kinda late and got small glimpses of tori.

2. Opening act review -- it was a cheesy country chick... but i am still very curious about the last song they introduced but never played about a little girl that drank "Purple Jesus"... so before tori came on, we made up some possible Purple Jesus stories... hehe.

3. Full or partial setlist -- well, u can find this practically anywhere on this message board... but this is what i remember: God (opener, with acapella "God sometimes you just dont come through" part at first), Preciuos Things (encore), Sugar, Waitress (last song), Hey Jupiter, Cooling, Bliss, Glory of the 80s (very fast, and neat song!), Crucify, and of course... the highlights: Blood Roses and Professional Widow!

4. drooling, funny faces, or crazy dances done by Tori or any of her band members -- She did a nice smiley face during one song, possibly Cooling, i dont remember... also, something i loved... during Cornflake Girl she did something i never heard in CG before... she did a little "rrrrrrr" during it... it was so cool! She did the Iieee dance... oh man! and some other dance i went nuts to!!! FUck! i cant remember which song! well... Caton was dancing the whole time as usual!

5. Energy level of crowd -- everyone was going WILD! at one point, i thought they would all just leave when Alanis would come on (but they didn't... by the way, Alanis was surprisingly AWESOME! i had a great time during her show!)

6. Energy level of Tori and the band -- I haven't been to any torishows before... but tori seemed full of energy!!!! the songs definitely were... and the band definitely was!

7. stories told by Tori -- i dont remember any.

8. Post show meet and greet atmosphere -- i didn't go to the one after... we were dead after Alanis... i mean, how can u resist going nuts when u see that woman spinning on stage and about to fall!

9. run-ins with venue security -- they were pretty rough... my friend got caught with a camera. :-(

10. Sightings of Tori tour staples such as Mr. Puppethead, Joel, Steve, Jon Evans, Matt, and Caton -- I SAW JON EVANS! it was before the opening act... i was sitting there and he just passed by in the stairs across the seats... i didn't want to get up... u know... i dont know why... he came back down too... but i didn't say anything.

11.MikeWhy sightings! -- yes, actually. I saw him at the Meet and Greet but didn't go up to him or anything... (mike: dont know if u remember seeing me... a bout 5.7 male with a black Guess shirt and real cool sandals with a shorter male with braids and in black and a girl bout the same size with poofy hair). And then i saw him again in the restrooms after the Tori set, but i was in a hurry to go run around the arena to get my cousin at section 120 (we were at 102).


From Widow:

Why mus the posts be so negative?
Tori sounded amazing this has been one of the best shows I have been to. I do not agree with Jeniffer. She was not drowned out by her band. The band adds so much to Tori's performance. People get over thet fact that she is now touring with a band. It's been more than a year since this has been going on and some still complain. Be happy that she is touring again! We weren't expecting a tour soon and here she is. Stop being so dam demanding. You knew ahead of time the way this tour would work if you don't like it then don't attend the show.

From Mr. Jim:

Sorry, I not one with lots of info. I just want to say that Tori was awesome and Cooling totally flipped me out. I walked around the arena during Alanis' set, and probably missed a good one. I'll post more about Alanis in the Tampa thread.
Hey, and I got to meet Tekdeth and Mikewhy!

From soundman21:

I was at the show, and I have to come to the defense of Tori's engineer, even though I didn't think the show sounded very good. An arena is a nightmare to mix a show in, the acoustics are terrible, and it really makes a difference where you are sitting. Where I was the bass guitar was so annoyingly loud, but I moved to check it out other places and you could hardly hear it. Anyway, the show rocked, and having seen Tori a couple years ago in Miami alone with the piano...that was great, but this was so much better. The songs new arrangements,etc., were amazing. It also helps that Matt Chamberlain is one of my favorite drummers, but the energy was intense.
The lighting sucked. The only hope I have is that it was the first night of the tour and they are working the bugs out. Anyway, just sharing my opinion....

From xiola:

well...i at least have a positive review of the show i thought professional widow kicked ass! that was the highlight for me. blood roses was also awesome. i wish she played a few more new songs from the new album but i'm sure i'll hear them soon since i have more shows coming up. i videotaped the show, but unfortunately blood roses is cut in the middle...my battery ran out and i had to change it. it gave me no warning. i WILL *trade* the show but not yet....i am waiting for more 99 shows to be available. i loved the show...it was great i left a happy camper!

From Archanon:

I loved the show. I thought both Tori and Alanis were awsome. Who the hell said Tori was sesitive?!
This was my second Tori show. My first was Jacksonville on the Plugged 98 tour. I must say I thought Alanis's set was da bomb! She has a ton of energy and that is required for a good rock show. And I dearly loved it when Tori came out and humped the piano like a dog!

From Tekdeth:

The show was great except for the after greet. I got to meet Mikewhy, Danica, Torigirl, Raisingirl, and Mr. Jim. There were other nice people that I met but they don't post here.

From Suzanne:

Hey Everybody,
I Thought the show was EXCELLENT!! I didn't go with very high expectations about the sound .. But.. I was surprised it was pretty decent from where i stood... Yes i stood, that was my only complaint- I was on the floor next to sound area and everyone stood up- me being only 4'11" tall was not helpful so pretty much stood on my tip toes for the entire Tori show! But I loved it!! Totally awesome.. The new song she played something about the 80's(the title escapes me at the moment) Was great.. I noted that other people posted set list which were accurate as fas as i remember!! For the first time (personally speaking) I REALLY DUG professional widow-- The Led Zeppelin influences were speaking loudly during that song!! Blood Roses was arranged different but totally awesome also! And Cooling.....Was absolutely beautiful... overall i think that Tori had no problem pulling off the "Arena" thing. She was magnificent as always.
Also I wanted to add - that the people sitting around Oops i mean standing around me were into Tori and not talking during her performance.. It was very loud!
Alanis Was very good also. I appreciated her talent I really am not a fan of hers but she rocked the place also...Her band was tight and her mixing of her sound was very good from where i was on the floor. I knew alot of her stuff- sounded good and she amazed me with her spinning/dancing on the stage- She spins and spins and spins - truly i don't know how she does this without falling on her ass or throwing up afterwards. Any way it was a great show. Don't know if there were any meet and greets- I've never experienced them before anyway. Didn't meet anyone from the dent- didn't even see any one with the laminates but there were alot of very nice people all around me that were very into Tori!

Thats my 2 cents

From peleboi:

Am I the only one who was disappointed? The set was far too short and contained the same old songs that Tori does over and over. They can get a little old. Too much like the last tour. Definitely not worth the very high ticket price. Professional Widow was a nice surprise, though.

From Kurt658

-This was my first torishow ever... and it truly was awesome and full of energy... like nothing ive ever seen before!!! I'm not gonna write a full review here in the message board... but i just wanted to say it was Great!!!
I got to go to the Meet and Greet and get little glances of Tori and i met a really cool girl named Jodie! (Jodie: if u remember me, Email me: Kurt658@aol.com) and i also saw the famous Mikewhy, what i assumed to be Danica Knox, and the "tattoo woman" from the Bliss video (dont know if any of u remember me, i didn't go up to any of you... but i had a black Guess shirt on with some really cool sandals, and i was with my friend wearing black and in braids, and a rather short girl with poofy hair, sort of)... i didn't know about her at first, but when Jodie told me that she had a big tattoo of Tori on a tree, i knew that was the woman from the Bliss video.
(after the M&G we went to the Outlet shops across the street) Then we came back and saw a cheesy opening act... well... we were already going wild... and we met a really cool girl from Naples named Amanda. Tori came on..she played Blood Roses and Professional Widow... And there was this part on Cornflake Girl (i had never heard it in any live bootleg or tv appearance or anything) where she went RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... and i thought that was super cool! Oh yeah... Glory of the 80s was really fast and neat! i was surprised to hear Cooling... but it was great! I really wanted to see Precious Things and i saw it at the very end... the encore.
And... it was just amazing... i was going wild! Then Alanis came on, and she was so cool! I really thought she was gonna suck... but her show had tons of energy too... i guess, i kinda lost my voice with alanis cuz with tori i was more of in a trace, u know? With alanis, i knew most of the words to Jagged Little Pill (i mean, come on... who doesn't?) and she could really put on a show (even though it seemed at times she would get dizzy and pass out cuz she would spin so much)... well, i'll have like a more complete review when Mikewhy comes back so i can send him an email so he can post it up. ~Rob.

From cry4dawn:

Tori was wonderful and I really enjoyed the show. Other than that I had a horrible time. To start off... the venue was horrid as I expected... way too impersonal. Next I felt the atmosphere of the place was ruined by the Alanis fans. I sat in a section full of people sitting on their duffs openly and loudly talking, laughing, and making fun of Tori. I left immediately following the encore and headed to the gate. I was surprised to see I was among the first there. The crowd built up as it always does bearing flowers, gifts, cameras and hugs. The venue employees were very rude... they moved us back to the side, then on the grass, then down the road, and eventually back to the parking lot where about 100 people now sprawled. Hours went by and the Alanis show finally finished. Next several venue employees started driving this white van at the fans that were on the edge of the road... I would say at about 70MPH ... honking and laughing. They would then U-turn and do it again. One guy in particular was screaming absolute un-called for remarks. He then exited the van, approached us with a hockey stick and started saying "fuck you", "Tori is an ugly bitch" and other such completely un-called for remarks. He sat there laughing at us and screaming things for a while and eventually left. At about 1am the cops finally showed up and told us to go home or get arrested. None of the people there had ever heard of Tori not coming out after a show and after having waited for 4 hours were really disappointed. It was indeed a sour end to what should have been a fantastic night. My only concern is was Tori angry, hurt, upset, or something to that effect? Not even a wave? Is this how things will be for 5 1/2 weeks? To her defense there was a short pre-show meet n greet... some people had to work and could not do that though

I don't know if this will be a tour-long trend or if it was just because of the venue or what. I'll be in Tampa friday and maybe that will be better.

MERCHANDISEI know nothing about Alanis merch... I saw she had some keychains and those colored clippy neck things. But there were I beleive 5 Tori shirts. 4 T's and one babydoll. The T's were 27.00. There was also a necklace that was kind of cute. Cost was 10.00 and ut had 2 variations that I saw... one with dark purple square beads and the other with pink square beads. The necklace was on a short (Choker-length) black leather cord and also has silver beads. The Pendant is a silver planet (Venus).. and says "Venus Envy" on it. The back has "torbiting 99" in smaller print. Here is a pic, (click to see larger one):


From Abi:

meet and greet? when did this happen? where? well, tori's show was way too short, but it was good. Cooling was fucking incredible and so was Bliss and Precious Things. A lot of those alanis fans were really annoying the shit out of me. don't get me wrong, i can put up with some of alanis's music it just seems like her fans don't have that connection with alanis or each other, but oh well, i just hope that everyone else who goes has a better time than i did, it's just that when you go to a tori show there is a connection to tori and all people there you know? i just felt like there was total chaos and i just didn't feel comfortable...and it was way too fucking expensive! don't get me wrong, Tori put on an awsome show, but it would've been better if it was just h er. well, maybe next time.
if anyone can tell me about the meet ad greet, or if you just want to make a new friend write to me at-

From iRoNiCgiRL:

ive been to 3 alanis shows and me and the rest of the audience had a connection, not only tori gets through to people. i think some of us are immature, if yous cant handle alanis and tori touring together then just dont go. people at concerts are going to be rude and stuff but not because there "alanis fans" or "tori fans" its because there themselves.i could care less, if they want to ruin the concert experience then fine.

From VoodooPrunes:

I loved the concert!! It was great
this post is very long, but if you are curious about it please read! **BLOOD ROSES***
The set was dark with these silver sparkly rectangles at different places and angles..
the lights dimmed and you hear "God, sometimes you just don't come throooough" a couple of times and then the band starts playing, Jon Evans had such a fat sound. Then she skipped out onstage and was welcomed with so much applause and cheering-- I"m sure she could feel the love emanating from all of us -- like the care bear's stomach things!! Her voice was powerful in this song!! I was kind of expe ting

God to be first because that is what she played first on that internet concert "when the wind blows" was so beautiful and high

Sugar started immediately after God and the piano was really low and strong. when she sang "hammers he used one on me" she made a hammering motion to the beat with her arm and fist on her piano. I could see her making a lot of eye contact with people in the front! she looked so beautiful, as always-- but considering I was on my toes for the first three songs, I couldn't really see her outfit , or her bottom half for that matter, very well. Some fuck kept whispering in his girlfriend's ear, consistently moving into my view-- !!!!-- but I didn't let it bother me, it was just pretty rude.

She played iieee and did that groove thang in the beginning. She sang gorgeously, very similar to what she ssang on Sessions...I love that middle part with the gasp and the piano -- she stood up and was kicking so much ass, but when she sang "whhyyyyyyyyyy" it filled up the entire place, but it was so sad.

Cornflake girl had that awesome piano intro and she was moving around on the bench while she played it. In the silence in the middle for a Tori sound of her choice, she sang "brrrrr" in a kind of playful voice. it made me smile

Bliss was so beautiful and she was singing very powerfully S
he began crucify with her voice being the only recognizable part , there was only bass and drums behind her voice until she started playing piano in the higher register in the "I've been looking for a savior" part, but the bass and drums were still playing the same, and it sounded really really cool. She repeated some parts like "kill the bird....if you killl the biiiird" (that was without piano)

she said the band was going to leave the stage for a few minutes and that this was the time when she usually took requests, people started shouting stuff out
then she said "I think some of you know this song" and started playing

Hey Jupiter-- I was hoping that she would!!!!! I almost cried, you guys know what I am talking about

then she started cooling with the cooling main piano thing...then this girl , like, really spazzed out and had to be held down....I hope she was ok...:P People cheered

At first I didn't realize she was playing Blood Roses because at first I thought it was a plugged icicle-- !!-- but I was even more thrilled when I heard her sing "Blood Roses , Blood Roses, back on the street now" and i heard how it fit in with the piano part she was playing...I think that this was my favorite song of the night, it was so powerful and really captured the essence of the song...like, it was changed, but changed for the better I think, not that I don't love the harpsichord, but this version was so kick ass, she was improvising and saying things like " I take it inside again and again" she sang it up high, I couldn't really understand, but you could understand the emotion. The song was basically separated into the beginning, where she repeated lyrics and then there was a transition into the "when chickens get a taste of your meat girl" it was like soaring off a cliff and then landing onto another plane entirely. ahhhh . Then the graces part was another transition, I love this song so much. It was also really cool because there were red lights reflecting off of the rectangles making it look all bloody and cool-- oh blood girl? where are you??

Professional widow was something that I was totally not expecting!! In the rest your shoulders part, it was like a southern mammy giving you a life lesson on the porch of a saloon. It was really saloony...like Caton had a little country guitar thing going on!

In Glory of the 80's she had a keyboard on top of her piano that she was playing with one hand and the other hand was playing the bosey...it didn't sound 80'sish but it reminded me of Queen for some reason!

The waitress was ::::gargle gargle gahhh::: as usual :P :P then she left the stage and we were all cheering so loudly and

then the band came on again and started playing Precious -- then she came bcak on after a little bit and went to the piano, it was such a good ending to a wonderful performance by Tori.

I know that it seemed short, but I was in NO way disappointed!! I think that whoever is saying Alanis sucks is really in the deepest recesses of themselves wanting to sing along too She was energetic and nice and said "thank you very much" in between almost every song. You have to admit she is a little contagious and does out on a really good show! if you say that you absolutely hated it, you are lying!!! just kidding , but i really think that you are probably more pissed off at some other disappointment...because, guys, trust me, she is pretty good! I'm sorry for the very long post, but I did this more to revive my own experience!
I'll be in Tampa too
love, Jane

From StŘ:

"God, sometimes you just don't come through.... God, sometimes you just don't come through.... Do you need a woman to look after you.... God sometimes you just don't come through." When Tori stormed the stage after her riveting off-stage a capella intro, I knew that we were in for a fantastic night. God was simply awesome, it was much more tightly performed than I'd heard it before, perhaps because she opted to drop the "You dropped the bomb/bible on me, Jesus" bit. Sugar was as good as ever. It seemed a bit longer than I'd heard it before, I remember noticing that it took her a lot longer to get to the riveting "ooooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh" part near the end.

Tori's energy was especially apparent in i i e e e. She has played this now at all three concerts of hers I've been to... which is absolutely fine by me!!

Ahh, Cornflake Girl. Even though I caught this one on the 98 tour, I was dying to hear it again live. I'm wild about the new intro. However, it seemed like CFG was performed just a teensy bit slow, which kind of detracted from the song.

Bliss continues to get better every time I hear it. I think it resembles i i e e e in the way that the live version blows the album version to smithereens.

Crucify started out sooooo strangely. I didn't recognize the bass riff, even though a few other people said they did. Then it was just her voice and the bass. At first I thought she sounded kind of, well, off-key. But then she turned to the piano and launched into the most beautiful with-band piano solo this side of i i e e e. This is the song you guys need to pray to hear. It is exquisite.

"I wrote this song in a hotel room." My heart skipped a beat because I knew I was again going to experience the magic of Hey Jupiter. Tears begin.

Tori was in the finest form I'd ever seen her when she did Cooling
tonight. This is my favorite all-piano song, and I can't believe I was lucky enough to hear it again. Tears continue.

From my past experience, the first song after the secretime is usually a prime slot, with something wonderful being showcased. Blood Roses oh my god. ohh myy god. I just had the most fierce shiver attack just thinking about it. My body was literally convulsing when she launched into this, which I know sounds really off, but this song for me symbolizes every emotional wound I've ever inflicted on myself, and hearing it live was the most powerful artistic moment of my life. Before you go to the show, reconcile yourself to the fact that Blood Roses, if you hear it, will be performed without the harpsy, and please try to trust me that it is wonderful. You will love it.

Professional Widow. I am the fucking luckiest bastard on the planet to hear two band debuts from PELE in the same night. The night of the show was my birthday, and nothing could have been better. The song was introduced by some weird sample played over the speakers. Something along the lines of "now let's go back to the greatest classic of all time," though that is REALLY far off. Wonderful. The band has really matured now, and the results of all those weeks of "booty camp" were very evident in this song.

In her next song, I couldn't make out ANY words except for "Glory of the 80's". I mean, not "the" or "and" or anything!! The weird thing is that I could have sworn to god that this song was an into to Talula. The only way I can explain it is as a cross between Talula and R.E.M.'s "Hope".

I was surprised that The Waitress was still chosen to close the set, but Tori had a lot of fun with the lyrics tonight. She pulled out all the "I believe in something"'s and "I believe she's the devil, bitch"'s that I somehow missed the first two times around.

And mmmmm, how delicious Precious Things is.

One insteresting note is that 7 of the 13 songs performed here in Ft Laud were also performed in Jacksonville in October 98. I guess with Tori's belief in Ley lines, this sort of makes sense. However, the fact that at the Jacksonville show the secretime consisted of HJ, NSB, and Cooling and in Ft Laud was HJ and Cooling was sort of weird....

Greta Gaines is insane!!! She dedicated one of her songs to all the sluts in the audience. She was crazy and fun, a talented performer, even though her songs do leave a little to be desired.

Alanis was Alanis, no more, no less. She seemed genuinely excited to be on tour with Tori. Her set was beautiful, a large and very female forest-looking thing.. I'm sure a picture will turn up shortly.

All in all, Tori was brilliant. This was more of a "power show" tonight, but I'm sure this style will soon yield to a more intimate style, as it did on her last tour. I can't wait to see what happens from here!

From cry4dawn:

Laura, people started at this show before the sun was up. I dont know about all that... just get there early. I hadn't ever heard of no after show mng until now. I will say that most of the time the mng's are 40x more packed aftershow and you often dont get even close.


Yeah everybody seems to be beating up Alanis. I do not think anything is her fault, or Toris, or Alanis fans... the plain fact is that Alanis and Tori fans are usually completely different people. Especially in South Florida. Alanis gets 90% of her airplay on a hip-hop station (96.5) while Tori stays on underground and rock stations (88.5, 103.1) if she is even played at all.

These are different people entireley and it is bound to screw up the atmosphere. As for the disrespect... yes.. here I did find Alanis fans to be much more disrespectful towards us than we would have been towards them. There was a LOT of talking, booing, laughing, and other general stupidity. Now some people are saying "oh well totiphiles aren't sweethearts either" ... extremely true! But we are usually respectful to other artists. I know there were a lot of people that didnt like David Poe or the Devlins ... I didn't see any disrespect given to them.

IMHO, I think the Tori fans are for the most part a much more compassionate, respectful, and mature crowd. Whats more is that amazing closeness and connection that Tori brings that dosent seem to affect any other Artist and thier Fans the same way.

*Just an afterthought: It was kinda amusing to see some (maybe 10) kids leaving the show at the end and seeing the MNG crowd. They sorta wandered over thinking Alanis was there and looked completely lost. After a few minutes they sorta wandered off. I wish I could have brought my camera


From Blackwingdroses:

Went to the Ft. Lauderdale show. Drove 250 miles from Daytona Beach. Every time I drive far to a Tori show I always meet someone else who drove twice as far. We are all the same in our love for Tori. The show was great, but a little short, but I know they had limits on time and Tori has so many songs now she can't possibly please everybody. i was hoping she would play Little Earthquakes which just sends tears coming down mu face everytime I hear her play it at a live show. thought the choice of songs was decent. I wish she would have done more from LE though. I also wish more was done from Choirgirl as well. I didn't get to meet Tori this time, but I did meet her at Orlando back in 98 so it wasn't totally shocking that i wasn't lucky enough this time. It seems the meet and greet people get there earlier everytime i go, I arrived at 3 and thought i would have a great chance, but it wasn't to be. many people were there hours earlier. I stayed for all of Alanis and i was impressed by her perfomance. She isn't Tori and never will be as good, but she showed me something last night. The songs i remember tori playing were God, sugar, iieee, precious things, cornflake girl, glory of the 80s. (loved it). Waitress, bliss, blood roses, hey jupiter, professional wideo which was exceptional and crucify. if i missed any i am sorry, but i didn't write them all down. I forgot the other solo song she did. if anyone knows please let me know. thanks for listening

From Swirly:

I finally got to meet Tori's parents!!
This is the most amazing thing...

I walked up to Rev. and Mrs. Amos and said hello, shook their hands, and thanked them for an autograph they got for me through my mother a few years back (long story)...
anyway, Rev. Amos pulled the set list out of his pocket to show me! I almost choked!

He said, "Well, we're starting off with 'God' and then down here we have 'iiee', but..."

He said something about not liking 'iiee' so much, can't remember exact words...and then...

"We're playing a new one called 'Bliss' here."

I asked "No '1000 Oceans' tonight?"

He was shocked that I had already heard it, and I told him it's available on the internet, and he seemed not pleased.

"She isn't playing all of the new songs, so that they aren't bootlegged" he said.

I felt like such a creep at that moment, because I have bought bootlegs before.

He and his wife were so sweet! They both asked me if this was my first Tori show and seemed not shocked when I said it was my fourth. They know there are die hard fans out there!

And, I got to meet Mikewhy, who's head was bobbing around one row in front of me the whole show.

Tori was great, Alanis was great and I got my raspberry swirl girl necklace finally!

Favorite song she performed would have to be 'Precious Things' at the encore. It rocked! And props to the two guys sitting in front of me, who when Tori sang"...he said you're really an ugly girl.." screamed "BASTARD!!". I love those two guys.

Only regret...I didn't get to meet Tekdeth. But, there is Tampa, and I'll be lookin' for ya!

From sunlily:

Ok everyone. The tshirts were exactly $27 each (I bought one so I know) the smallest size is large and there are TWO necklaces, they are exactly the same except the two beads are black on one (I'm assuming for a guy or someone that doesn't like pink) and one that the two beads are pink (beads next to the "venus envy" .
There was NO meet and greet after the show. I didn't have a problem with alanis fans talking during the show , they seemed to be listening and enjoying it some. I tried to listen to alanis but the sound for her (although the band sounded great I think) and her band didn't seem to synch (I was on the floor so maybe that made a difference) it was all way too loud for me, granted it's a concert but the arena had enough echo to where they didn't need the amps turned up THAT loud. Overall I think it was a great performance, I do agree it was somewhat like the last tour but come on guys , she is working hard. I think she was tired from all the stuff she has been doing the past few days and wanted the performance to be good and to also get through it, this is probably the most promoting she has ever done for a tour (that I know of!) so it's probably exhausting. I didn't see her shoes either, but she looked great I love her new haircolor and her shirt was cute.

From funkybreaks:

i went to the ft laud show, and it was amazing, love seeing her perform. i cant say enough GOOD things about her performance, but i will also say that i can understand some of the negative things. i was on the floor, and this is the first time that everyone stood up the entire show! ive had floor every time ive gone, and ive been to 5, this makes the 6th, and everyone sat down during the bulk of the show. this was disappointing because my friend who came with me isnt that tall, and had a very hard time seeing, as did most ppl infront and behind me. also some fans were very rude, both tori and alanis fans, both slandering the other artist. a fight broke out, not severe, but a guy was taken away. i left after tori ONLY because i had to work that night and i only had 2 hours to get home and shower to be at work. im not a great fan of alanis but i like and enjoy any talent that people have. the sound wasnt great, but it was the best it could be, i mean the first show and all. Tori was fabulous though, i enjoyed it, even though it wasnt the best performance ive seen, but any time i can see tori and she sings for us is special. it was frustrating that there was some bad energy in the room, it was all petty, i had hoped for better from people. this is usually my fault, i have high standards on how people should conduct themselves, and a lot of people just dont care about the person next to them. one girl was crying because she couldnt see, and she lost her job to be there, the security was very rude to her, made he sit back in her seat even though she wasnt in the way in the aisle. but i digress, it was another amazing show, and i hope it only gets better for you all who see her later on the tori!
good wishes and love to all!

From Glenn Mueller:

Warmest greetings to all my fellow Toriphiles. Mike Why's Web site has been a favorite of mine for quite some time, though I have never posted anything in the past. I live in Boca Raton and was fortunate enough to attend the concert on Wednesday night. Though I have seen Tori a few times before, I am delighted that she came back to this area during the same calendar year! (The last time I saw her was on her birthday last year--at the Sunrise Musical Theater.) Like many of you, I prefer seeing Tori perform in a more intimate setting. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert on Wednesay night! (So much so, in fact, that I have been bursting at the seams to post something about it.) Even while playing larger venues, with a full band, Tori continues to have the same impact on me. It is an impact I'm not sure I can put into words--even though I am a writer by trade. (Well, a technical writer at the present time, though I write creatively on the side.) I find Tori mesmerizing, awe-inspiring, and captivating--but even that doesn't begin to describe my sentiments! Even in the NCRC (better known as the Wayne Huizenga Dome), I was about ready to burst into tears by the time Tori had finished her set. With all due respect to Alanis Morrisette, who I like reasonably well, I was completely mesmerized by Tori's performance--and was still reflecting on it the whole time Alanis was on stage (though I stayed and was polite). I am not up to date on a large amount of popular culture, but I consider Tori to be one of the most talented and creative souls I have ever been in the presence of. Her songs continue to be a tremendous source of inspiration to me in my writing and personal life! Thank you ever so much, Tori, for setting my soul on fire...time and time again! :::I love you!:::
OK, I feel much better now that I've gotten that off my chest!

Thank you and Godspeed!


From Faery77:

I have to agree with the majority on this one. First of all, the show was overpriced (including an extra 10 bucks for parking and FORGET merchandise) The tour book did not include Tori at all.... For someone who asked, yes there were some Alanis fans who showed up after Tori, at least in my area. Tori was practically impossible to hear over the band and the terrible job done by the engineers didn't help much. Alanis was pretty good actually, I didn't see her whole set because it was getting late and I had WORK the next day, but from what I saw it was good. No one can argue that the woman can SING. Overall, I would not spend another 150 dollars on a tori show (thats for two tickets, parking,ONE freakin T-shirt and a bottle of water!)UNLESS she a) played a much s maller venue and b) ditched the band. I appreciate that her musicians are amazing (Hello, MATT CHAMBERLAIN?!!) But she has no need for them at all.... Tori is a powerhouse on the stage! Since I know that these two events are not likely to happen, I am just gonna have to rely on good memories (5 concerts and 3 M&G's) and new albums to get me through...

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