5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Indianapolis/Noblesville, IN
September 5, 1999

Updated April 11, 2000

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Tori performed in Indianapolis/Noblesville, IN on September 5, 1999 at Deer Creek during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Past The Mission

Putting The Damage On (solo)
Never Seen Blue (solo)

Professional Widow

Precious Things


From Mikewhy

September 7, 1999 - This show was great because of the great surprises we got during the show and Tori's enthusiasm and energy level.

We arrived for the meet and greet and waited in the sun and heat. However, the venue security for the most part was really kind, which was a nice contrast to other venues. They said "please" and treated us with respect and like human beings. I was really impressed with how cool they were and I think we should all give them a round of applause! They brought a lot of water out to us and at one point actually hosed us down with water (at our request!) Tori arrived and stayed out for a long time talking with people and signing things. I was able to say hello to her. I also got to meet so many wonderful fans there that afternoon. Despite the heat I had a great time!

Just a few comments about the show. Before introducing the band, Tori said she enjoyed Indy and loved coming there for NASCAR racing. Tori then introduced her band. As usual for this tour, she refers to the drummer Matt Chamberlain as the "human loop" and bass player Jon Evans as the "booty man."

I noticed on "Bliss" and a few other songs that they had a slight acho on Tori's voice as she sang certain parts.

Before secret time, Tori mentioned how fast the tour seemed to be going by, and that that both she and Alanis loved being together and that they were thrilled that people came to see them both.

The big surprises during this show were Past The Mission and Hotel. Secret time was also great. I have never heard "Never Seen Blue" before live, and it was really interesting to hear Tori do "Putting The Damage On" without the band. (During Plugged 98, Tori always did this song with the band.) Tori told the audience that she had not done that one alone at the Bosey for a while. I was also thrilled to hear Concertina from the new album. It is a pretty and well put together song.

I did not get to see Alanis that evening. This show is right at the top for me. I am not sure if it was my favorite of the tour so far, but it is close!

From The Ball State Daily News

April 11, 2000 - Here is a review of this show from the September 7, 1999 edition of the Ball State Daily News. Thanks to Bonnie (nikita007) for sending this to me. The photos you see below are from the article.

Singers attract mixed audience

Deer Creek Review

B+ Featuring: Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette


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NOBLESVILLE -- An interesting mix of audience members was formed as Alanis Morissette joined Tori Amos at Deer Creek Music Center Sunday night.

The crowd was a hodgepodge of everyone from teen-age girls decked out in fairy costumes complete with leotards and sparkly wings, to men in khakis and Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirts.

Although the crowds were from two totally different musical worlds, they came together as one to pay homage to their respected artist. Amos started off the show appearing on stage in a gray tank top and a pair of jeans. Completing the relaxed outfit with a pair of black slingback platforms.

Amos kept her set simple with silver fabric panels hanging at varying levels above the stage and multicolored lava lamps placed by each of the band members on stage.

Amos started off the show with "God," a song from her second album "Under the Pink." The crowd erupted with appreciation for the song and remained on their feet for the majority of her hour and 15- minute set.

Amos went on to sing such old delights as "Past the Mission," "Sugar," "Crucify" and "Putting the Damage On." She also threw in material from her soon-to-be released album titled "To Venus and Back." Although the mix of material was diverse, many of the fans left the concert wishing classic Amos songs like "Raspberry Swirl," "Happy Phantom" and "Hey Jupiter" would have made it on stage.

Amos ended her set with another classic from "Under the Pink," "Waitress." Throughout the song Amos threw her head back and forth violently as if the music had taken hold of her. Amos made good use of creative lighting which gave her a spooky onstage presence.

One of the definite saving graces of Amos' performance was her single encore piece, "Precious Things." She let her band take the stage first to start pounding out the rhythmic opening while she made her way out slowly only to reach her piano and start the opening melody for which the song is best known.

After a short intermission, the lights dimmed once more, signaling the beginning of Morissette's set. When the lights came up, the audience was greeted by a much more complex set than the fans had experienced with Amos.

The background was an intricate metal design that looked like it had been brought over from the Orient or Middle East. The floor of the stage was covered with a huge multi-colored oriental patterned rug, while two tie-dyed designed banners graced the wings of the stage.

Morissette leapt onto the stage with all the energy of a small child who had been released to frolic free in a candy store. Although the energy was positive, it was hard for the audience to concentrate on her fast-paced, almost nervous movements.

Morissette was decked out in a purple satin skirt/pant combo along with a tiny white T-shirt decorated with purple etchings, another stark contrast to Amos' mellow lazy-day dress.

Morissette also played a balanced mixture of old and new material, with the first half of her show being devoted mostly to material from her first release, "Jagged Little Pill." Morissette played "All I Really Want," and "One Hand in My Pocket," and during both she took the opportunity to bust out her trademark harmonica and go to town.

The fans who stayed to watch Morissette through her hour-and-15-minute set also enjoyed tunes such as "You Learn" and "Are You Still Mad." Overall the pairing of these two musicians was an odd one, to say the least. Although Morissette finished the show, the real star was Amos, with a fair chunk of the semi-packed Deer Creek lawn clearing out after the Queen of Fairies finished her performance.

From The Indiana Daily Student

September 7, 1999 - Read a review of this show from the Indiana Daily Student.

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From mla:

The reviews are great, but there was one thing nobody commented on: at the end of one of the songs, Tori put her hands in her lap and opened them and a butterfly flew out! I don't know how she did it, but it was beautiful. She gave the audience that look she has, like the look she gives when the audience first recognises a song, and then the butterfly flew to the lights and was gone. I was hoping somebody would have told about that, because I don't remember what song she did that after!

From paintedpainful:

4.Past the Mission
8.Putting the Damage On
9.Never Seen Blue
10.Professional Widow
12.Precious Things

Those aren't in exact order. The M&G was wonderful and I got to see her for the first time. I met so many wonderful people. Hi to all those I met today! The crowd was small and we all had a good time w/ it. I got burnt but I didn't care! The show was amazing. Tori was in great voice and she seemed very energetic. I loved Putting the Damage On. Including the new verse she added to it. Gave closure. Never Seen Blue is my fav b-side and it made me soooo happy that she played it. YAY!!!Professional Widow was a wonderful rendition!!! I so enjoy that song. The addition of the band on Crusify was amazing. Took me back to the first time I heard it. Made me remember why I love her music so much. I'm gushing! Add the onchore of Precious Things w/ a lovely "grrrrrrrrlllll"+hand jester, ahem. Beautiful all around. Thanks Tori for another memorable night. thanks everyone for being soo darn nice to me and my friends. I have spoken

From Josh:

Had the most amazing day today. I attended the meet and greet (my first, was sick and could not attend in november, barely made the show) and i was the final person to get an autograph from tori. I hopefully got somre really good pics of her also. I have no idea how I managed to get close enough for her to grab my picture and sign it cause the prospects of that happening were very slim at the start. I had to stop by work on the way back and show it off then get cleaned up and pick up my girlfriend before returning. Tori was finishing up her sound check as we waiting to enter Deer Creek. I think I heard a little of the Waitress maybe. I thought my seats would be better but they ended up as the second to last row before the lawn started. Still I stood the entire time and had a great view. The mp3 band said they liked being in Ohio before realizing they were now in Indy. Tori started with God then Sugar followed by Jaurez (sp?) She then did a new improv before going into Past The Mission which was fantastic followed by Cruicy and Bliss, which was also great live. (I believe i have the setlist in order, may be a little off). Secret Time came and I was so happy to hear Putting The Damage On. I love that song. Never Seen Blue was next and the guys returned for concertina, hotel, professional widow and then close things out with a version of the Waitress that i was beginning to wonder if it would ever end. They came back out for another great version of Precious Things to bring the show to a close. Tori received a great response which I was very happy to see. i was afraid it was going to be a very pro-Alanis show but everyone seemed to enjoy Tori. Moby's new album played before she came out and Alanis played some Beatles and John Lennon before she arrived. Alanis had a great stage set up but we departed three songs into her set. Still think the November show was a lot better but still a great show. And hey, I got Tori's autograph, finally I have my own Tori story.

From Toriphile6:

Past The Mission
Putting The Damage On
Never Seen Blue
Pro. Widow
Precious Things
I think this is the correct order, but I could be a little off. There were a lot of Alanis fans there, but most seemed to be tori fans too. Alanis played Baba, All I really Want, One Hand in my Pocket, These are the Thoughts, You oughta Know, so pure, Uninvited, etc (no particular order)

More later, it's getting late.

-ps "hi" to everyone who spotted my blue sparkly apron!

From nikita007:

Here is the setlist in exact order:
Past the Mission

Putting the Damage On
Never Seen Blue

Professional Widow
The Waitress

Precious Things

Here is the story of my day at Deer Creek! I got there around 3:15 pm. There were some employees near the entrance who asked me, "Are you looking for the meet and greet?" and I'm like "Yep!" and they told me where it was. There were already a lot of people when I got there, but I managed to get up into the 3rd or so row behind the barricade. I didn't get to talk to Tori though, but that's OK because I've met her before. I do have to say that I saw a couple of "regulars" in the very front of the barricade, which bothered me a bit - people that I've seen at about every M&G I've been to. I like going to M&G's but I do not feel the compulsion to meet Tori at each one. Let other people have a chance!! Anyhow, it was just fun to be there to meet people and watch Tori interact with EWF's.

This is the best meet and greet that I've been to so far (I've been to four total). The people were really nice, both the EWF's and security. There was hardly any pushing! I couldn't believe it. It was REALLY hot though, and the security asked if we wanted to be hosed down, and we're like "YES!" So two guys sprayed us with water which felt great, but a few minutes later the aroma of BO was rampant. What do you expect with 50 hot sweaty people though?

Security said that the M&G would start at 3, but Tori didn't get there until about 3:45. She stayed quite awhile - I'd say about a half hour. She seemed to be in a great mood, which I was happy to see. Although I didn't get to talk to her directly I did ask (well, I yelled) if she could play "Pretty Good Year," and she wrote "PGY" on her hand!! Unfortunately it didn't show up tonight - maybe some other time?? I also had my LE CD insert for her to sign, which I was able to hand to her directly (because I'm so tall!) and she signed it! There was also this girl behind me who had the same thing for Tori to sign, and she was desperate to have it signed. I passed it up, not really sure if I would be able to get it signed, and Tori took it from my hand and signed it! That girl was really happy! I also managed to hand Tori 2 other things to sign for other people, and it all got signed - I couldn't believe it! I guess I had the magic touch today!

I couldn't hear a lot of what Tori was saying, but I heard someone request a song (I didn't hear which one), and Tori made a cute face, wrinkled up her nose, and said "No!!!" and made a comment about why that song wouldn't be coming out.

After the M&G was over (around 4:15 pm), security told us we had to leave the venue until the gates opened up at 6pm.

Tori played from approx. 8:15 - 9:28 pm.

I really enjoyed the show itself. Unfortunately, my row was under "The Curse of the Standing Toriphiles" (*this is intended as a tongue-in-cheek comment - I don't mean to offend anyone here) - the people directly in front of me just would not sit down for anything, not even secret time! Most of the other people in my section were sitting for that, so you can understand my frustration...

I feel that secret time is a really special time. I would like it to be more intimate, and the atmosphere would be more so if people were seated. I realize that people are going to stand for most of the show. It would be nice if people would sit during secret time though.

I'm not going to review every song, but my favorite of the night was "Putting the Damage On." It was so beautiful, a great song to hear live. "Bliss" sounded amazing live too. I didn't like it when I first heard it, but it's been growing on me. On "Precious Things," I think she extended one part a bit, when she sings "those Christian boys." I think there was a new intro for "Past the Mission," but I'm not sure.

I met Mikewhy, both at the M&G and in the venue. He was really nice, and it was good to meet him. I think I saw Danica too, but I'm not sure - I didn't talk to her. I wore my laminate, but I felt kinda weird because I hardly saw anybody else wearing theirs. I did see "Toe Frog" and "Blue Girl," but I didn't talk to them. I met a really nice guy named David from Chicago, and the people around me in my section were cool too. Other than that, though, it was a sort of lonely show for me because I went by myself

It seemed to me that a lot of people left after Tori, but there was still a pretty good crowd for Alanis. I didn't see anyone dissing Tori or talking through her set, thank God! Fortunately, most of the people around me were EWF's!

I stayed for most of Alanis's set. I thought she was really good and I had fun watching her! I left during "Thank U," and could hear "Ironic" as I walked to my car (everyone sang along!).

Well, that's it for now!

From sparkboy:

I was there, and the setlist was indeed as Nikita posted... I met some very cool people... Toe Frog, bluegirl, and Recovering Christian... I caught a glimpse of Mikewhy...


I rushed the stage and was directly at the barricade. Tori was looking directly at me for a LOT of the show. I am on cloud nine...

She also did four songs in order that made me think she was totally inside my head... I'll post on that later. =)


From shaigirl:

Okay, so I figured I'd throw my 2 cents on the the Deer Creek (Indianapolis) show. First of all it all started out to be a very bad day. I was suppose to goto the show with my sister, but we got into a huge fight, so I let my mother use the other ticket. Then upon arriving at the venue, we get into an accident! This chic rammed right into the girl behind us, who then rammed into us. (For those that were there, you might have seen us... a little purple Ford Escort in front of the other two smashed cars.) So the police came and all that jazz took like an extra 40 minutes. (It's a damn good thing I got there early!) Finally, I'm in the venue and after being patted down at the front gate, I went straight for the merchandise. Almost everything was sold out at the first booth, so I had to head down to another to get my stuff. I spent $72 on 2 venus necklaces, a keychain, program, and tshirt. Geez!

So then I headed to my seat, which was an awesome view. Section B, row S, seat 25. There was this really cool guy from Ohio there. I didn't catch his name, but he was really nice to talk to. (Hey "Boys For Pele" guy... if you're out there... drop me a line!!!) After much wait, Ray Lane came out.
He was pretty good on the guitar and had a nice smooth voice, but he completely screwed up his greeting. He thought he was in Ohio... silly boy! So that was kind of funny... then, finally... the goddess!

I'm sure people have probably already posted the setlist, but just in case... here it is; accurate, I'm sure:

Past The Mission
Putting the Damage On (solo)
Never Seen Blue (solo)
Professional Widow
The Waitress
Precious Things (encore)

I have to say I was completely intrigued. This was only my 2nd Tori concert ever, so maybe I'm a bit nieve, but hell she rocked the cornfields! She came out in full force with "God" and I loved the new sound of "Sugar". I didn't recognize "Juarez", because I had never heard it before, but it was still awesome. I'm pretty sure there was a new intro type thing to "Past the Mission" maybe? It was somewhere in there and I didn't recognize it until she got into the song. The revamped "Crucify" and "Bliss" just go perfect back to back. Her secret time was so awesome, I cried during "Putting the Damage On"... it was so beautiful. "Never Seen Blue" was also great! Umm, lets see... ohh I was surprised to hear "Hotel" but it had a whole new vibe to it. Everybody jammed during "Pro Widow", "Waitress", and of course "PT". I was really sad to see that it ended so soon, but it was an awesome performance. I took like 60 some pictures, so I hope a few good ones come out.

I have to say I was somewhat pissed at the people who kept on coming in and out during the performance. I don't know how many times I had to move over for somebody. Rude much! But all in all it was a great night, despite the preshow happenings! Ohh yeah and I got to meet & talk to Ray Lanes... the MP3 opener. He's really cool... y'all show definately stop by his booth and give him a gander. I bought his cd, which I'm listening to right now and it's really good. He also autographed it for me, along with a promo pic. Great guy!!!

If any "care to share" traders are out there... and got the Indy show, please hit me off, because obtaining a copy of this show is *extremely* important to me! Thanks!!! Peace & Happiness ~Shaigirl(Melissa)

From Jupiter's Angel:

Oh my gosh. Indie was PERFECT!!
It was my 22nd birthday yesterday, so I knew as soon as I saw the release dates that I HAD to be at the Tori show. I was the girly in the black flowy dress with the flower ribbon headband thingy. (it was my birthday crown!)
We got the meet and greet early, cause I forgot Indiana was on weird time, but it was OK, cause everyone was kewl and I met a billion people whose names I promptly forgot -- but if you sang happy birthday to me and shared mcake -- thank you for making my 22nd birthday one of the bestest ever!

The meet and greet was very nice -- albeit HOT -- the security treated us like humans as Mikewhy so eloquently put it. And Tori took her time in going around to everyone. I had her sign my pic and then she said Hello beautiful creature with the flowers and I smiled like a dolt and told her it was my birthday, she smiled and said happy birthday and then I just opened my mouth and out came Yeah, Im 22, and I feel so old Tori. Doh. Not the right thing to say. She made the cutest face that I know meant Shut up girl, Im getting closer and closer to 40! *giggles* But it was OK, cause everyone ripped on me and the M&G went on. Although this was only my 2nd proper M&G, it never ceases to amaze me how truly amazing that woman is. She cares so much for us, her fans, in ways that fans should not ever expect --- personally. It was beautiful.

The show was awesome, I was in about 15 row, met this funny guy from Kentucky who had to sit away from his friends and had a good old time freaking out to the Tori music. I started crying during putting the damage on which was followed by never seen blue -- 2 songs that remind me of the love of my life AKA the ex. *smile*

Thank you again to everyone, especially Tori for making this the BEST birthday of my life.

Now I need to get back to work. Ive been here an hour (came straight here from Indie) and havent done a thing!

Thanks guys.. see you in Cleveland! Ill be the girl in the flower headband with the biggest smile.

Jeska (aka Jupiter's Angel)

From mofox:

you guys said it all
my 2nd Tori show, and it was pretty damn amazing. Bliss (whee! of the people in my vicinity, i was the only one who knew the words to it!) rocked my world, as did Pro Widow and The Waitress. i could've used something other than Hotel -- she played it in Louisville, where my first concert was -- but it's physically impossible for me to utter any complaints.

i still cannot believe i managed to be about two people away from the barricade; if anybody saw a lonely 15-yr old with a puke-colored Adidas shirt and black jogging pants, that was me i wish i'd known about this laminate thing beforehand.

i met these two girls who were so funny; they kept bugging the security guards for backstage passes and stuff (they didn't seem to accept that Tori was leaving the show 10 mins after her set ended) and were persistent enough to try to burrow their way under the gate where the tour buses were parked! that was pretty amusing. no offense, if you two are reading this

i loved how there were bugs and dragonflies all over Tori. definitely gave the goddess effect in the dark.

OK, now i'm able to bitch, but it's about an occurence during Alanis' set. there were so many empty seats ahead of me, that i thought, why let 'em go to waste? i moved upa head a few rows (i was in row O in the lower pavillion) and occupied one. then, when someone ahead of me claimed that seat, i took the empty one ahead of me. Big Mistake. i was spotted by an asshole security guard who came to check my ticket and usher me back, quite rudely, if i might add. yeah, sure, he was doing his job, but WTF? there were so many other poeple doing the same thing, and besides, i don't see the harm in pursuing such an innocent opportunity. NOBODY sat in those numerous empty seats for the rest of the show.

i don't know. it just royally pisses me off that i paid $50 for my ticket, plus that hefty $7 parking (and God, what a shitty parking spot it was -- a fucking field?), plus an additional $3 on my dad's day-of-concert ticket, and i'm reprimanded for something as trivial as this.

From alamotalula:

Well, last night's show absolutely kicked my ass! It was fabulous. The M&G was out of hand. These things are getting ridiculous, IMHO. I was about two or three rows back on the side by the gate Tori started at. So, of course everyone shifted to that side. I was so completely squished I couldn't breathe! I said something to the effect of "oh my god" because I thought I was going to pass out. Someone then asked me if I was okay and I said "NO" kind of loud. I heard Tori say something like, "Who's not okay?" and Steve told everyone to give me some room. I was able to get some air and move up to the side. Tori gave me water and asked if I was okay. I was so hot and scared of passing out that I almost started crying. I said I was and then I asked her to play Dutchma n. She wrote it on her hand (didn't play it, though), and moved on. Then Steve told everyone to let me out. Just insane! I got to my seat about 10 minutes before Tori came on. I was right on the aisle in the lower pavilion, center section, so I had an awesome view. I was at the Columbus show as well, and thought this one had so much more energy. Perhaps it's because in Columbus I was surrounded by some extremely rude people, who were probably Alanis fans. The set list was absolutely fabulous and Tori seemed to be in an awesome mood. Hi-lites for me were Past the Mission, Putting the Damage On, Never Seen Blue, Juarez, Concertina and Professional Widow. The Waitress and Precious Things were especially powerful tonight. For the fashion watch, Tori wore a white, sheer button-up shirt and black bra, jeans and black open-toed shoes.

From Dominic:

Some wonderful things about Indy's show:
1. Those new lyrics on Putting the Damage On. WHERE CAN I FIND THEM??? They were so beautiful. I would love to have a copy of them.

2. Concertina. Concertina. Concertina. I finally understand. Being my first concert of the tour, I was finally mesmerized by it. WOW. Something about "loving you to pieces?" Was that "loving" or something else? Amazing, just the same.

3. My Meet and Greet Request. I was lucky enough to be up front and finally get a letter to her (I've had been writing and trying to reach herfor soooo long). I requested Jackie's Strength in Chicago for me and my girlfriend, Jill. I hope she remembers. If anyone at the M&G in Chicago wants to hear Jackie's Strength, please remind her just in case.

4. Hotel. Big surprise. Absolutely amazing.

5. A venue that upgrades!! We went from about row 30 to about row 10. Great seats!

6. Secret time in general. Never Seen Blue is like the other half of Jackie's. Blue is me and Jackie's is Jill. What a surprise.

7. Tori's self hug during NSBlue. While she sang, "the blues he drives..." near the end of the song, I looked up from my tears, and she leaned back and wrapped her arms around herself. Beautiful.

p.s.-- here's alanis setlist (in general order): baba
really want
still mad
you learn
that i would be good (yes! my request!)
these are the thoughts (!!)
so pure (i was totally in a free-style trance) oughta
uninvited (with beautiful intro--I love how alanis sat on the floor and listened to the pianist)
thank you

The bummer of the night:
1. People who were talking behind my back during the show. Stand up! It's a concert already.

hello to everyone who was nice to me. probably my last m&g ever, but its been fun for the last 5 years.

thanks all

From SpacePup:

Hello all! This was my first Tori concert and I had been waiting for it for such a long time. Unfortunately it is the only show I will be able to see for this tour, but I had such an incredible experience I can't fathom any other showing topping this one. My friends and I showed up to DC at 9 AM and were the first ones there for the M&G. It was so hot and the security shuffled us around to keep us out of the sun. People started showing up bit by bit and we met some really cool people (HEY TORY AND ASHLEY). We ended up getting in place for the M&G about a half hour before she arrived, and after waiting seven hours, we didn't even end up in the front which was OK, but there were some people in front of me that had met her several times, which kind of mad me upset, since this was my first time. But oh well, she came and I cried and she actually talked to me and I got an autograph/picture/hug so I was more than satisfied. She was in a very good mood, making lots of jokes (armageddon is already upon us....and it started with bad fashion in the 80's!!). My new torifried Ashley asked her to play Lovesong and she said NOOOO!!!. SO, after the M&G, I didn't even want to go to the concert because nothing could top what I experienced there. It was absolutely unexplainable and very intimate. The setlist was very cool with some great GREAT suprises. Putting the Damage On was definately my favourite, I looove that song and she added some new lyrics that were really cool. Never Seen Blue made me cry, which along with Bliss were my other favourite moments from the concert. She played Past the Mission, which I could have lived without, I would have rather heard Cornflake Girl or Blood Roses, but maybe some other time..Guess it wasn't their time..Juarez is going to be one of my new favorites along with Suede which she didn't play, but I have heard and is a very very cool song. SUGAR SUGAR. Hotel was another surprise and sounded a lot like the albulm I thought. Not much change, but very cool surprise. Precious was incredible live, and I can't wait to hear it again and again as I'm sure this won't be my last Tori concert.

From ~*shOckMesAnE*~:

This was the 2nd time I've seen Tori in concert, and my 3rd time seeing Alanis. I love them both dearly, but last night, I was disappointed with Tori's performance. I feel horrible saying that, because I truly admire Tori and her wonderful talents. I just didn't enjoy hearing so many songs off of a CD that hasn't even been released yet. None of the new ones were familiar to me except Bliss. My first time seeing Tori was at the Murat Theatre and I enjoyed it ten times more than last night. Putting the Damage On was extremely beautiful, and I'm happy Tori shared it with us last night.
Alanis did the best performace I've seen of her's yet. I absolutely LOVED her background. I was very happy to hear Uninvited, I had never heard it live before.

All of the fans, Tori and Alanis alike, were all extremely polite and respectful.

All in all, it was a nice show, but I felt it could have been a lot better.


From UnderwaterThing:

This was my first Tori concert ever, something I've been waiting 4 years for. I went to the Meet and Greet~very fun. Some of the fans, I noticed, gave dirty looks as my friend and I walked up. I don't know why, sheesh, Tori doesn't belong to you!
It was very hot and seemed like we waited a long time, but it was worth it. I forgot to bring anything for her to sign~all I had was an empty cigarette pack, which I passed up for her to sign, but the security officer said "no", rather curtly, might I add, and passed it back. However, she did send me a signed picture for my birthday, so I can't feel too disappointed. Besides it was amazing enough just seeing her a few feet away! Pretty much everyone was nice. Although I do agree that I found it extremely rude to hear people saying they had been at a meet and greet 12 hours
before! Especially when those same people hog the front of the line the whole damn M&G!!!! I've actually read that it bugs Tori too, the fans who try to keep her all to themselves.
I was the only one I saw who was wearing the Tori/Steve Madden shoes, which I really didn't expect~I thought everyone would be! But I guess 6 inch platforms aren't for everyone.
I saw Mikewhy at the M&G, but I was too shy to say hi or introduce myself! Silly, I know.
The show itself rocked my world! There were a few songs she didn't play that I wish she would have, but *shrug* It is her show! Alanis had great stage energy, and I'm really glad I stayed for the entire show.
Sidenote: I've noticed a few people in this thread have assumed all rude people at the show were Alanis fans. Come on, let's not be ridiculous! She's not Satan! LOL

From Katie:

I thought Tori Kicked ass last night at Deer Creek. She made my weekend I love seeing her live more than anything in the world. I was dissapointed when she stopped playing after only an hour she did come back out for an encore of Precious Things. Ilove to hear her grrrl growl live. Don't get me wrong I like Alanis Morrisette but if I had my choice I would gladly have kicked her off the stage so that Tori could play all night. I'm going to see her in Cincinatti and I guess I'll have to catch her again when she tours by herself, what a tragity I have to go see her again.I love your web site and I love Tori more than most anything in the world! Hopefully I can meet her at the meet and greet in Cincinatti.

From Lola:

The m&g was one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had! I got to talk to Tori. I was the third to last person. I only wanted to ask her one thing. I wanted to ask her to play Putting the Damage On...and that night at the show when she started to play it tears just ran down my face. I have never been happier in my life.

From Peace Bitch:

Well, most everything has been said about the Indy show except the sound quality. I have never been to Deer Creek before and I didn't see any creek or deer. Anyways, the sound mix was really poor--they had the vocals upfront and everything else (drums, bass, gtr, piano) was just a big pile of audio mush.
When I saw Tori, in St. Louis, last year the sound was amazing--lots of definition between the instruments. I am wondering if this is a problem with Deer Creek or something else? I haven't seen many comments on the sound quality for each show for this tour. AND, it wasn't just Tori's set--Alanis' sound mix had no definition either. I hope the Milwaukee show has a better audio mix.
I also noticed that before the show started the "Propellerheads" CD was playing AGAIN.....which is cool, but now I wanna know who working for Tori is the big Propllerheads fan?
BTW...."putting the damage on" was amazing! Now only if 'secret time' was longer...
see you in Milwaukee! -PB

From XcaliberRock:

for the rest of my living days, I will define the word 'transcendent' by the standard of the Deer Creek show.

From Etienne_x20x:

Indy was great. I had so much fun. Stayed over at Ashley's after the Columbus show. Then the 10 of us there went to M&G together. (I was the girl with the nose bleed.) Met a lot of great people. (It's time for "Spackle & Tackle" on TNN!! LOL!) Hi Jeska! Thanks for the sucker! It was hotter than hell outside. Did not like that. Wes, Christie, and I left for a bit to get food and water. When we got back, Tori had yet to come out. I ended up going for a walk with one of my new friends, instead of waiting in the crowd.
The show was spectacular as always!! We got to stand about 20 feet from her, so that was cool. I love Concertina!!! It's so cool! Oh, yeah, Alanis was good. But I wasn't paying attention to her.


From honkyfoo:

Yay Holly! I second everything you said...the acoustics at Deer Creek were really very good, and it surprised me how much better it sounded than Columbus, despite being eleventh row instead of eighth. The whole meet-up with you all (and Fuddruckers, taking the Captain's boat to Parrot Bay, etc.) was excellent, and I think we all came off with a lot of good memories.
Especially Stu.

What I didn't really like was the insincerity with which the fans at the meet 'n' greet were treated. The general feeling I got from the security guards was that they weren't too enthusiastic about dealing with us. The fact that I heard "you don't really deserve this, you know" both nights really irked me. I can understand how security guards can be concerned about raging crowds wanting to meet Tori, but there have to be friendlier ways of dealing with fans besides telling them in so many words that they're not wanted. What was cool was how long Tori stayed out there, as if to make it up to the fans who waited all day in that heat (getting hosed off was also appreciated). I heard more than a few people commenting on this.

At any rate. I've driven 17 hours home to upstate NY, and Stu is on the bus back to Harrisburg. All in all a successful close to a great weekend.

-Dan C.

From Toriphile6:

I'd just like to say that I found the deer creek security to be quite pleasant. I think most people agree on this, but a few have said otherwise. I've been to two other shows at deer creek and security is almost always nice there. All the gaurds I saw smiled and seemed quite intrigued by all us Toriphiles. I thought they were especially nice at the gate coming in, the gaurd even complimented me on my apron ! No offence, of course, to anyone who dissagrees with me, I just have to stick up for the nice guys!

From Toe Frog:

What a wonderful experience! God bless my friend Blue Girl who got tix for me and my SO -she came in from KY and we had a great time! The M & G was hot but fun-nice to meet MikeWhy and other cool people like James & Crystal(thanks for being such a sweetheart-hope we get to cross paths again sometime!) Our main goal at the M & G (besides meeting great ppl) was to get a fairie bear that my SO made for Tori to her. The bear's name is Tala (Native American for Wolf) and she was passed upfront beforehand. Joel and Steve both held Tala and was going to give her to Tori to have a picture with her but we don't think it happened (thanks to Birthday girl for taking pictures and to Crystal for asking Tori about it!) Tori and Tala & crew whisked off later in the golf cart and everyone in our group had a secret wish that Tala might find herself on stage for Tori's show. We went to eat and came back to our seats(near the front on the right) and saw a stagehand holding Tala through a door leading to the stage on the left! They put lights on her and she (Tala) spent all of Tori's set on Matt's drumset next to a lava lamp. We couldn't be more thrilled(except of course to being treated to a WONDERFUL show!) We thought everyone was nice and respectful and the show completely ROCKED! Very pleasant surprises! By the way, I am not sure of exact new lyrics on Damage(something along the lines of I still think of you and the times we had-paraphrased- very nice) , but the intro to "Mission" was Tori figuring out which girl wanted to come(she said let's see who you are ...who you want to be....very cool!) Hope to see you all again! Alanis was very enjoyable to and full of energy-I'm glad she didn't fall down or throw up when she spun round and round and round-I would have! Hugs and Horns, Toe Frog

From Little Hate Machine:

i know this is a little late, but I just wanted to say the whole thing just rocked. Despite not being able to meet, it was great just to see her, and hear her voice at the M&G, it was definitely worth the heat. "Never Seen Blue" was (if possible) even better live, but the drunken yuppy Alanis people wondering around kinda pissed me off. I'm Rambling now.

From sIrenity:

This was the third time I've
seen Tori and she gave a wonderful performance, but the sound mixing was HORRIBLE! Plus the secret time should've been longer. I mean no disrespect to Tori at all...I just wanted to strangle whoever did the sound mixing. The bass and drums drowned out the piano and her voice from where I was siting. I could only sing along most of the time b/c I knew the lyrics. The songs I didn't know--forget about it. Couldn't understand a word. Alanis's set was mixed badly too, but that's beside the point. I saw Tori on the Dew Drop Inn Tour and Plugged Tour and the sound was absolutely amazing. Deer Creek sucked. (Note I said DC and not Tori! :-) Frankly, I'm surprised so many people thought it was great. I suppose everything's relative. Besides, I understand; Tori could sing with a frog in her mouth and I'd slobber all over myself... BTW, I need help! I'm going to the Cinci concert Tuesday (hopefully). I won a tickets.com auction for 3rd row seats last week (whoo-hoo!), but tickets.com have not gotten them to me yet! They claim they mailed them Thursday by FedEx and gave me the tracking number, but FedEx said they don't have it. I'm freaking! I wrote Tickets.com and told them this but they weren't too worried--they told me that had indeed mailed it and that was the tracking number (which FedEx still didn't have as of Sat.) and told me to email them again Monday if I still don't have them. What?! I'm hoping they'll have them at willcall at the concert. So, has anyone bought tickets from these jokers? Do you know if they'll have them at the concert for me to pick up? I'm extremely worried! I'm dying to see Tori again and I've never had tickets this close before. Any shared experience with tickets.com would be appreciated! :-)

From Tory:

I know that this is late, but I really wanted to talk about my wonderful experience at the Indy show. This was my sixth Tori show, but my first M&G. I basically want to just thank all of the toriphiles that made the M&G such a magical experience for me. Several of you (MikeWhy, Jeska, Josh, a whole lot more that I don't remember the names of) helped my best friend and me to get as close as possible to Tori, and helped us to get our gifts to her. I had the most amazing and intense conversation with Tori towards the end on the M&G. I asked her how I could be a beautiful woman. She new right off the bat that I was not meaning beautiful in a physical sense, but a spiritual sense. She talked to me for so long. It was incredible. Time stopped. She told me that her gr andfather always told her that "you can never separated yourself from your own creation." I will never forget that. And I will never forget the magical experience that I had that hot Sept. day. Thank you all for helping me to make this happen. And thank you Tori. tory (with a y)

From diandra:

I know this is a late posting, but I just have to comment... "Never Seen Blue" was fabulous as well as "Putting the Damage On" I agree that having many of the songs from the new album was disappointing since I was hearing them for the first time...I craved beloved songs that I knew. I left wanting more...feeling unsatisfied.

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