1999 "To Dallas And Back" Solo Tour
Austin, TX
October 2, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Austin, TX on October 2, 1999 at The Backyard during Tori's short "To Dallas And Back" solo tour.

Set List

Black-Dove (January)
Cornflake Girl
Father Lucifer
Blood Roses
Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Yes, Anastasia (solo)
Spring Haze
Riot Poof

Encore 1:
Precious Things
Professional Widow

Encore 2:
Pretty Good Year
1000 Oceans
Landslide (solo)


From Kris Kelly

October 3, 1999 - Kris called me at home to give me the set list. It was an amazing show. Tori was supposed to do Beulah Land during secret time, but did not.

From The Austin American-Statesman

October 7, 1999 - A concert review appeared in the October 4, 1999 edition of the Austin American-Statesman. Thanks to Kevin Crays who sent it to me.

Rocking Amos changes her tune

By Adrian C. Zamarron
American-Statesman Staff
Monday, October 4, 1999

Perhaps she was explaining her journey from one-on-one piano charmer to hard-rock frontwoman when Tori Amos closed her Saturday concert at the Backyard with Fleetwood Mac's introspective "Landslide."

Time has indeed made Amos bolder -- who would have expected that? -- and if she had been afraid of changing, Amos showed Saturday's sold-out crowd of mostly teens and 20-somethings that she has gotten over it. Fans of Amos' late-'80s rock band Y Kant Tori Read might see some irony.

Amos' departure from her three-pianos-and-the-truth past -- a past that has built a cultlike following -- seemed complete. With smoke machines and a flashy light show, Amos could have easily been fronting a glam band. But she seemed comfortable presenting accessible, souped-up versions of seductive and telling songs.

Technically, Amos was playing with a backup band (guitarist John Evans, bassist Steve Caton and drummer Matt Chamberlain), but these musicians played a more upfront role. While providing another layer to Amos' rich songwork, the volume forced her to push harder to reach her audience.

But they were reached, and touched, as so many Amos concertgoers are, by her drama, her pain and, most important, her willingness to blur the line between diva and devotee.

With the frenzied "Precious Things," Amos dared and tempted the audience and hammered her instrument to complete her point. During "Black Dove" and "God," she invited and demanded. And with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," part of what seemed an obligatory nod at her solo-piano past, she hypnotized the already-captured crowd.

This brief reunion pulled the most emotional responses from the audience. The Backyard's cool breezes and clear Central Texas sky were well suited for Amos to free her voice and hands and talk to the crowd in the simple, personal manner for which she is known. A shooting star, almost scripted, punctuated "Cooling."

"Yes, Anastasia," which closed the band's break, only further reminded the crowd how much damage Amos can do when left alone with a keyboard.

With little hesitation, Amos snapped back to modern times with "To Venus" and "Spring Haze" and took the willing crowd with her. Tears gave way to a near-riotous pulse.

During the 2 1/2-hour show, Amos was able to ride a time machine that took her between now -- a full arena-rock concert -- and then -- a conversation between her and her followers as intimate as a shared glass of wine in a dark corner.

Through a near-flawless concert (she slipped off her bench once but played it as though she fell to her knees in a performance prayer), Amos moved from gut-wrenching to fist-pumping songs effortlessly, drawing from new material as much as past favorites. She seems to have learned how to plug in to amplifiers while remaining plugged in to her audience.

Amos has said she has rock 'n' roll in her heart. Now she wears it on her sleeve.

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From Mikewhy:

Torifan1111 posted a totally false set list. I did NOT find that amusing!
Here is the real set list, given to me by Kris Kelly who called me after the show:

Black-Dove (January)
Cornflake Girl
Father Lucifer
Blood Roses
Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Yes Anastasia (solo)
Spring Haze
Riot Poof

First Encore:
Precious Things
Professional Widow

Second Encore:
Pretty Good Year
1000 Oceans
Landslide (solo)

Tori had Beulah Land listed on the official set list for secret time but did not play it!

From BoyDanimal:

All in all I left this show with mixed feelings. Tori's voice was very strong and her range continues to amaze me. The venue was gorgeous (I saw my 1st Tori show (UTP era) and I think it is one of her special favorites. The set and lighting were amazing...this particular venue is outdoors and behind the stage were some old gnarled and bare trees that made the stage seem a bit more alien in a way with the green and purple lighting on them.
Onto the show:

Off-stage start was neato...crowd loved it. Tori has her hair down and some jewels in it on a string-kinda hard to describe...she was wearing a pink looking top thingy and I forget what color pants...looked rested and seemed happy.

Black-Dove (January)
I expected her to show up being in texas and all...crowd of course went wild during TEXAS part.

Cornflake Girl
I liked the way this started differently...kinda tired of this song but her piano skills are amazing on this one.

Father Lucifer
My personal favorite of the show (besides Cooling). I had NO idea what this was but quuickly screamd like a school girl when it became apparent who showed up. This was dancy, sleazy and sexy. Oh yeah!!!

I loved this plugged!!! My fave is the You're just a pussy!!!

This was fun but it seems like a masturbatory song for Tori. Take it or leave it...

Blood Roses
During this song Tori actually fell off her bench...I did not realize she fell off...I though she was doing some dramatic motion and getting down on her knees...A stage hand ran out and slid the bench under her securly...she did not miss a note or beat...looked really pissed though...funny thing is at this same venue on the Pele tour when she did blood roses on the harpiscord her headset went out and she threw it off saying FUCK THIS THING!!!

I think this is why I left the show with such mixed feelings...I really hate what she's done to this song!!! Why were the harpsicords chucked out of the room? Does anyone know? I LOVED them and though they added SO much to certain songs...This girl has becomed a drag queen...WAY too over produced...tone her down Tori...she works much more effective naked...

Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo)
Pleasant surprise...crowd liked it...it was fun to hear the delayed crowd reaction as they figured out she was doing a Nirvana cover...

Cooling (solo)
Thank you Tori...needed to hear her tonight.

Yes Anastasia (solo)
WOW! I haven't heard this in SO long...took me a little while to figure it out...crowd loved it.

Spring Haze
This got a big scream of approval when she began...I do like this Venusian girl...

Riot Poof
This was okay...I haven't warmed up to her yet...

This song gets better and better each tour...Lighting ROCKED on this...

I sat down for this one...general admission show and NO seats!!! I was getting a bit tired by this point...got up for the end-I love when she throws up her hand to stop the band!

First Encore:

Precious Things
I was tired when this started...though it was IIIEEE at first for some stupid reason-even though I rad the Dent daily and knew this is 1st encore always for now...

Professional Widow
I finally get to hear this and she uses the damn piano...Come on Tori...dust off the cord!!!!

Second Encore:

Pretty Good Year
Crowd went APESHIT!!! And I witness something I personally have never seen at a Tori show...Lighters...yes Lighters held up...ugh!!! Beautiful cello on this by the bass player.

1000 Oceans
Crowd went for this too...being played a lot locally on the radio...I do like this and my friend Sam who was kind enough to sell me a ticket for the show really likes this so I was happy for him...

Landslide (solo)
Crowd absolutely silent...just stunning.

All in All a techinically wonderful show...I personally prayed for Concertina but no show...suprised at lack of LE material...just recently heard the new Crucify and do like her new dress...crowd seemed pleased with things over all...not bad Mrs. T. I did see her hubby Mark as I was sitting by the sound board...very pretty eyes...thanks for reading.

From Krist:

Hey everyone!
Wow, this was a killer show and my last one for this tour! What a great way to end!

A few notes:

*The Soundcheck* went like this:
-Riot Poof
-Spring Haze
-Pretty Good Year
-1000 Oceans
-Yes, Anastasia

A few notes from the show:
-Tori did the new version of Father Lucifer with the "Lucy's gone" version/opening.

-During Juarez, Tori kept one leg on the piano bench and the other on the ground while playing the piano!

-During Blood Roses, Tori's stool fell over and she fell on the floor but still tried to keep on playing! One of the crew came on and sat it back up for her!

-I requested Spring Haze and she played it! Yippee!

As far a the meet and greet, it was a disaster. I got there at 9am for no reason! And some people got there at 7am and earlier and didn't even get to see her at the meet and greet. But I got to chat with her. I don't know how many of you read my Houston reviews (for both the Woodlands show and the private performance), but Tori did lots of special things on my birthday (which was that day...Sept 30) and she played Cloud On My Tongue for me. She immediately recognized me today and asked me how my birthday went and I told you she made it the best possible birthday in the world. And I thanked her for playing Cloud On My Tongue, and she said "your welcome!" and was just really nice to me. So then I said, "are you going to play Spring Haze tonite" and she said "oh here, let me put that on my hand" and she did! And she played it! It was SO beautiful!!!

I sat in the VIP section to avoid the crowd and i just sat and watched the show. It was excellent. I figured i'd already been 5 feet away from Tori already, so I'd let some other people try and get close! The VIP section was excellent.

This was the first time I didn't boot a show I went to, so I just sat back and relaxed and truly enjoyed the show!

Tori was just very energetic tonite.

She said that she loved Austin, she loved the Backyard, that it was one of her favorite venues anywhere. She didn't tell a story of anything during secrettime. She didn't even say "this is the time when the band goes away" or anything like that, she just went right into it. She also said that Caton, Matt, and John played 6th street or something! and something about eating 213 lemon drops and her being proud of the crew for accomplishing that fete! hehe.

I went down to the soundbooth right before Landslide to watch the show, and Mark was so cute! He at first just fooled with the sound, but then near the end, he left the soundbooth and just stood there and watched his wife! Ahhh...I can't tell you how sweet it was. Then I asked him at the end if I could please have a setlist and he said "sure!" and he is just really a nice guy!

This was a great experience! Oh! And I got to meet Danica! hehe! And I saw Duessa (oh how I love her! hehe! she's so sweet!) and I saw Dor again! Oh! And Paul from England! I met a lot of people today! OH YEAH! Jenifa and Joyia! Hehe! I had fun! Alright, I'm tired! Goodnite!

In Juarez, she did *not* do the improv she did in Dallas. So it was just that: an improv. no new version.

But she did say many times "No Angel Came For My Little Girl"...it was a very emotional moment.

Sugar of course had the pussy part.

Tori did an improv on the piano before Cornflake Girl that I thought was going to be the Waitress. Then I thought it was going to be Riot Poof. Then it was cornflake girl, and I was like...what..?? She sure has been doing tricky things before cornflake girl. with this and then the come in houston part at the houston show before cornflake girl! hehe.

Hotel was so good! i'm so glad I got to hear this one. Pretty Good Year was brilliant. Landslide was the perfect ending.

The meet and greet was at around 4pm today. or 3:30 or somewhere around that time.

Soundcheck was at 5pm.


On the crew's schedule, it said Jude was supposed to play from 8:00 - 8:50pm, but he only played from 8:00 - 8:35pm. Tori came on at 9:10, she was scheduled to come on at 9:05. She ended around 10:50 I believe. Maybe a little later. To tell you the truth, I didn't check. She was scheduled to end at 10:50.

There are *NO AFTER SHOW MEET AND GREETS* this tour!


From Dink:

God sometimes you just don't come through - for those with short legs, that is...haha. The show was really great, but THE BACKYARD was very crowded and people tended to get bitchy - not that I blame them. Jude played for about 30/40 minutes. Just him, the guitar, and 500 flirting girls.

Then it was time for TORI! The crew brought out water and margaritas for the band. For all those interested - she was wearing a white sheer top with sleeves, with a white slip type thingie underneath along with bluejeans. Sorry I can't report about the shoes!

God - surprise! she did a little grind at the beginning of the song in front of the piano.

Black-Dove (January) - beautiful, crowd went nuts on the I HAVE TO GET TO TEXAS PART.

Tori talked for a little bit: She loves the backyard, its one of her favorite places. The band played on sixth street the day before, and they had about 300 "lemondrops."

Cornflake Girl - yay! the crowd went wild.

Father Lucifer - amazing performance tonight! Tori did a little baby/devil dance during this. Song blew me away! (GOD! I HOPE SOMEONE VIDEO TAPED THE SHOW!)

Sugar - she did the "you're just a pussy" part tonight. Also, she beat the daylights out of the piano on "..he used one on me."

Juarez - Tori decided to sing the song sitting/standing on the bench - short people really appreciated the elevation, believe me. She really went off on the "time to keep it up...cowboy...indians..."

Blood Roses - best version of this song I've ever heard. Tori did this incredible improv-ish thing, at one point falling off the bench! But she even made that look graceful, never stopped playing.

Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo) - beautiful! really loud "hey" and a improv that went something about "I feel you sometimes, I know you are out there" right before the "A Denial" part.

Cooling (solo) - gorgeous.

Yes Anastasia (solo) - WOW! I didn't see this one coming. The song really is great when it is played live...

Spring Haze - Krist got his wish!

Riot Poof - Brandon got his wish! This song is really snazzy live. They do a whole little bridge (that's not on the cd) that got everyone dancing.

Hotel - lights got me dizzy. haha.

Waitress - The last part ("I believe in something...") went on forever! I thought she was gonna fall off the stool again. The song just kept building...

Precious Things - yay! Good GRRRRRLLLL tonight.

Professional Widow - everyone sang along on this one...

Pretty Good Year - great performance! I thought that was going to be it...but then they played:

1000 Oceans - thought that was going to be the end, but then the band left and Tori played:

Landslide (solo) - absolutely my favorite Tori cover song! I was praying she would play this one! perfect topping on this show.

Overall, this was a fantastic show! Great setlist...however, I wish that they had not removed the chairs for this performance. Having to wiggle your head in abnormal positions and cramped backs and legs do not enhance the enjoyment for dink. One very sweet *mystery girl* (who is friends with JOYIA) kept making sure I could see. We bonded...hee hee hee.

Hope to see her and the band soon again!

From MoonDust:

I just wanted to say a couple of things about my expirience last night. When Tori mentioned that her crew had like 300 "lemon drops" the night before, i do believe she was refering to the Vodka kind, Vodka shots, sugar, and lemon, not the candy

I forget which song it was, but she was dancing with her back to us, and there was a cricket on her back! it was funny because we all seemed to know except for Tori!

I got there around 330pm, and waited, and waited and waited in line to get in the venue, i guess it's just something you need to do when you are young!
I spotted a *very* cool QWF shirt on the guy behind me, it turned out to be Flawed Perfection! HI nice to meet you,Angel, and Jamie. Norman, Candy that you met is my ex, i was sad because she came with her boyfrind the one i was dumped for UTP came out during our "happy days", so i hope she remembered our good memories since we were blessed with so much pink! Yes, Anastasia( NEVER did i think we'd hear her!), Pretty good Year, God, Cornflake girl, waitress.

It was quite a *dusty* expirence! but all very worth it. The Backyard was a lovely little venue,i just would have prefered traditional seating.

I am now entering into post-Tori depression as i write this! All of the waiting, standing, and inhaling everyone's 2nd hand smoke was worth seeing the priceless facials and gestures! i finally got to see a decent view of the crotch grab! There is really nothing like listening to the Goddess on a cool,starry,october night, i miss her already

From laura r.:

this was a great show! the setlist was great, and very long. the show had to be good to make up for the hellish meet and greet expirience. there were _tons_ of people there for meet and greet, and lots of them were getting bitchy. we formed a line several times to be told that we couldnt by security. and by the time that her bus came (around 4 pm) they just had us clump instead of line up. the people that had been waiting all day had no advantage over those who had just arrived, which was very unfair in my opinion. they need to go back to the number system. allthough I had been there since 11 am, I couln't even _see_ tori at m&g, much less talk to her, while some people who had just arrived got things signed. after m&g we waited around a while longer untill they let us into the venue at about 6:50 (the show started at 8). I got into the first row! yay! Jude (the opening act) was pretty good and very friendly, he joked around with the audience. But of course everyone was waiting for tori. You can read specific comments on the songs cause that's what everyone else wrote, so I'll just saw that that she and the band were in top form, and there was great energy from the crowd. I was also happy that she played my request (cooling) and my friend's (blood roses).

From GimpyPoop:

Well the concert was damn crowdy, this girl near me almost passed out. But yanno, Tori fans are just so sweet. This stranger guy pulled out his makeshift fan and tried to fan her, but she had to go away and cool down.
Eh, it was an okay concert. Me not like concerts due to the rowdiness. But Tori was really cute, she had on this see-through white shirt and blue jeans. Nice arse Tori She did like a baby like sign thing and that got me riled.
It was really dusty and potty. Ahhh, thanks goodness for the shower. I was on 6th street that Friday. Durnit, I didn't spot the band. Oh, my friend introduced me to the famous Danica and so others. But my memory fails me.
That is all. ta-ta!
Me, the Flea

From Shyrrl:

just had to post on the shoes! I know someone else already said they were strap-platforms... but they were gold! with little jewels on them.. completely adorable! reminded me of being young and playing dressup As for the lemon-drop comment, I do believe it was of the drinking kind because of the sarcastic tone in her voice and the look on her face..kinda half rolling her eyes (cute!) when she said she was proud of them

From Worship Your Toaster:

I'm really curious to know what the baby thing (she made horns, then a motion with her arms like a big belly, then pretended to rock a baby and giggled) during Lucifer meant. When she did it, I gasped and went "WHAT??"...and I got some odd looks. Oops. The Backyard was the dustiest place I've ever been. But we did have fun writing in the dust on my car.

Ooh, and I got a setlist from Mark...I would have liked to hear Beulah, but I'm glad it was Teen Spirit...She said something like "I feel you sometimes...my friend"...

I think everything's been covered...

From MartianLogic:

Oh My God, Oh My... That Was Of Course The First Song - Tori Wishes Do Come True, I Wished For Black Dove (January) It Was The Second Song Of The Evening !!! From There On I Knew It Would Be A Magical Evening. (Tori Did Not Play Black Dove In Dallas.) Tori's Voice And Piano Were Strong And Excellent. I Swear Spring Haze Made The Ground Shake !

On A Scale Of 1 - 10 This Preformance Is 10. Dynamite, Expressive, Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!
No Wonder Tori Loves The Backyard - Excellent Acoustics, A Small Size Venue, Intimate (A Little Crowed Because Of SRO).

And What A Way To End Up - Landslide - Solo. Turn The Set Lists Inside Out.

From The Middle Of The Pack SRO Only I Could See And Hear Every Thing. This Being My 6th Tori Concert Starting In Dallas Last Year, To Dallas And Back, Rocks. What A Way To End My Short Journey With Tori In Austin. Last But Best Show For Me.

From Bildo:

Well I thought the Austin show was fabulous, but I have to say, I enjoyed the Houston one much better. But I am VERY glad that she played 1000 Oceans. I had wanted to hear that live sooo bad. The cricket on her back was so funny. There were times it was on her back, then her hair, and then it looked like it was going to go on her face. Speaking of her face, I was standing right on the left side of the stage. I forgot what song it was, but did anyone notice that she was purposely making herself cross-eyed when she was singing and playing on her keyboard? I thought it was too cute. Please tell me that someone else noticed. I, too, wonder what the horns and baby rocking ment. Oh well. Enough for now. I love the Backyard, but I enjoyed the show much more last time when there were seats.


From imzadi22:

I saw Tori exactly one year ago at the Austin Music Hall - worse venue - the Backyard Rocked! (I didn't like the $2.50 8oz waters though...) Random comment - I was at the last concert with my love and this concert with my love, only this time he's called an ex. the one song that would bring us to tears when we heard it was Landslide - it was our "impending doom - quick get the umbrella and let's pretend it's ok a little while longer" song.

And Tori played it - and I cried - and we had a moment of complete understanding and closure we've been working towards for a long time. It was perfect...

I'm curious to know where the band went on 6th Street, seeing as how most of 6th Street is a horrid place to be these days....anyone know?

From Laura:

the mercury and i think 370 lemon drops might be an understatement

From raisin36:

did anyone else catch this: "yes, Anastasia" when she sang "and my feet are slipping" it looked like she was lauging or about to laugh b/c of the fall earlier. i was a little ways back, and i caught it. i loved when she danced with her back to us. 36 years old, and she looks good! and Tori is the only girl i would say this about (with the exception of Gillian Anderson.)
and i got a good shot of the "Giiiirrrrrllll" part.
awesome set list. i had only seen her one other time in New Orleans last Oct., and this concert was better, i think. Blood Roses was awesome! i hardly even recognized her (the song)! Ramona---if you see this, "HI!" this is Alison. me and my friend Suzanne stood behind you in the line to go in. if you see this, email me: raisin36@chickmail.com


From Jupiter_7782:

The concert was absolutly wonderful, it was the first concert I had ever been to, period. I picked a really great one to be my first, eh? I almost cried when she finally came out on stage, the suspense had been building ever since I first bought the ticket. She was beautiful, and the music was wonderful, and I had a perfect view. I almost died when she did Yes, Anastasia, she is one of my favorites. Before Father Lucifer, she did that baby cradle thing...for a split second I thought she was saying she was pregnant, but I guess I was just being silly. And she fell off the bench during Blood Roses, I don't know what happened, I looked down for a second and then when I looked back up she was on the floor. It looked like she was still trying to play, too, I didn't know if it was an accident or not, but I'm pretty sure it was. Anywho, wonderful show, I'm totally addicted now, I will be going to others.

From merry:

The amount of energy that went in to this show was incredible!!! And I was very happy with the fact that Meet'n'Greet was more organized than it was in Dallas. Also, the security guards I talked to were really cool. As far as anyone's complaints about showing up in the wee hours of the morning, you all know we're not supposed to get there until 2 and that the numbering system was abolished for good reasons--like, so that people who haven't met her EVER or had anything signed might have a better chance of meeting her. I FINALLY got something signed. The show was incredible, of course. I was very pleased with Blood Roses and Yes, Anastasia...and the lighting on Hotel just rocks!!! Does anyone happen to see any similarity between Riot Poof and She's Your Cocaine? I really, really like that song live with the added key change at the end. It rocks! I personally enjoyed the selection in Dallas a little more, but the volume on the speakers hear was better (I don't think I lost anymore hearing...the Starplex has notoriously bad acoustics, so they have to turn it up so that the people in back can hear, but my ears were buzzing as I left) and the venue is much more organic and authentic.

I have learned two very important things from this show 1. if you have letters, give them to Steve before Meet'N'Greet (he said he'd put ours in her dressing room) 2. I don't think Standing Room Only is a good thing. Short people can't see, but worse, they can't breathe, because they're at that level where they're about even with everybody else's mouths and noses---meaning that alot of carbon dioxide comes your way and not much else. I think that's why so many of the girls overheat and nearly pass out--there were a few times I had to get Avery to lift me off the ground for a few minutes so that I could get some oxygen. I'm never buying pit tickets and if I do the SRO thing again, I'm taking alot of aspirin and wearing 5 inch heels! It's either that or petition for venues to organize SRO so that people line up in order of increasing height...It's not simply about being able to see, it's about not having an asthma attack or passing out!!! (tee hee, see how well that'd go over!)

From iciclegirl:

Hi all. Just my 2 cents on the Austin show. The most memorable and moving moment of the evening was Yes, Anastasia. I had asked Tori to play it in Dallas and she asked if I would be at the other Texas shows...I said yes and was hoping to hear it in Dallas or Houston. I had a note passed up to her at the M&G in Austin asking her to play it again and about died when I heard the beginning notes played. I bawled like a baby the whole time, it was so beautiful. I do believe that the "baby-rocking" motion was her way of telling the fans that we are her "babies". It just seemed that way to me because she was being so silly.

As far as the slip off the bench, we were in the first row right in front of Tori and I think that it was a complete accident. She was leaning forward on the bench and just slid right off...I think that she was embarrassed and a little shocked (it looked like she landed pretty hard on her knees and that she almost hit her chin on the paino).

I was lucky enough to get a setlist and was disappointed to see that she didn't play Beulah Land...but Teen Spirit was absolutely beautiful. The improv in the middle made the song have so much more weight, "I know you're out there...my little friend". Extremely touching.

Besides Anastasia, Pretty Good Year was also another highlight of the night. This song sounds so incredible with the band. It had me in tears and I didn't want the show to end until the sun came up.

I went to all Texas shows and was most impressed with Dallas. But Austin had special meaning to me because she played Anastasia. Tori is so amazing!

From Jill:

Short comment about the shoes.. THEY WERE RED! They were those red ones that the heal gets really skinny in the back.. she likes them alot, they're the same shoes she was wearing in Dallas, and I'll prove it to you when I get my dallas pictures.. (the concert ones anyway..) -JiLL

From aenima6699:

Simply beautiful. That's all I really have time to say for now. Apparently I live in my engineering books this year. Darren

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