5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Nashville, TN
August 22, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Nashville/Antioch, TN on August 22, 1999 at the First American Music Center (Starwood Amphitheater) during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses

Happy Phantom (solo)
Landslide (solo)

Father Lucifer

Precious Things


From Mikewhy

September 3, 1999 - Tori celebrated her 36th birthday on this day and I was really happy to be at her show that night. Sadly, my health was pretty bad and I was quite tired. I did make the meet & greet around lunch time and talked to people. They took us to the barricades around 3:00PM or so but I was in the back since I got there so late. I really just wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Tori with everyone! But right before Tori arrived I had to leave for health reasons for about a half hour. When I got back I was told that Tori actually stayed and talked with almost everyone at the meet & greet. So I missed an opportunity to speak with her :( But I was really excited about the show despite less than ideal health.

So far, the First American Center gets my vote for the venue with the rudest security. Southern hospitality does not extend to this place! It seemed like everywhere I turned I was talked to like a wild animal. For example, at the meet & greet we were told by some people to go wait at a patch of grass near the road. Well, we got there and were waiting for some of our friends who were still at the meet & greet. Then, another security guy comes up and tells us to leave that spot, despite the fact that the previous guy TOLD us to go there. We explained politely that we were waiting peacefully for out friends and would leave soon. But the guy just got nasty and insisted we leave immediately. I tried to tell him how hard it would be to find all our friends if we left the grounds, but he did not care. Another example took place when we were parking. I was on the passenger side in the front and I immediately hopped out and lowered the seat so one of out friends could get out of the back seat. The person directing cars to park then said to me in a gruff voice, "Could you shut the door." She was trying to direct a car to park next to mind. I turned around, feeling angry, and shouted, "As soon as my friend gets out I will." I guess that she wanted me to slam the door on my friend's leg. I understand the need for security and I respect the job tremendously. I also know it is necessary to get rough with people sometimes. But many of the security staff at this place went out of their way to make you feel badly. It was discouraging.

When I got to my seat and Tori hit the stage, I noticed that the piano blocked Tori's face completely and I could not see her! So I decided to stroll out unto the lawn and sulk. But once I got there, I noticed the big screens and the fact that there were people near the stage with cameras taping the show for the people on the lawn to see on the big screens. And they did a great job! Lots of good close ups of Tori and the camera guy was smart enough to pull back when Tori was doing an interesting little move or dance. Basically, while I would not always want to be on the lawn, I really enjoyed myself because of those big TV screens. Let me tell you , they did some extreme close-ups on Tori and you should see her close up during the Waitress. That is scary!

Bascically I had a great time despite the hardships and my health. Tori was in a great mood with it being her birthday and was beaming and all smiles. Right after secret time her crew brought out a cake to her and a bunch of people went on stage to congratulate her. One of the people on stage was Alanis who gave Tori a really big hug! I will also never forget the look on Tori's face when they first came out. It was so cute. I think Caton played Happy Birthday for Tori with his guitar and Matt did a drum roll.

Here are some random observations:

Father Lucifer was the best live version I ever heard. Tori did all kinds of cool hand and arm gestures and kept singing about "Lucy Girl" which was an interesting way to refer to Lucifer! There seemed to be a lot of vocal vamping and improvs here and it was great fun. This song was right after Tori was presented with her birthday cake, and she started singing something like, "I'm thinking about that cake... I'm thinking about that cake....it's going to go right here (touching thighs)....right here....uh-huh"

Tori did something really funny during the start of Sugar. She stood up facing Jon Evans. While he was playing bass, he seemed to be treating his guitar as an extension of his "member" (at least that is how one person put it. I only saw Tori on the big screen and did not see Jon myself.) Tori then turned to the crowd and made an obsence gesture, as if she were a man "jacking off." It made the crowd laugh!

Landslide during secret time was so touching and pensive. When she sang the line "We're getting older too," she gave this look that just killed me...

Tori's little talk before Happy Phantom really touched me. She said something like, "You know I talk to dead people. They just come and hang out. I have lost some friends over the years and...this is for all of them." It made me think of my friend Stacey Russell who passed away last year and was unable to take part in this tour. Her last show was in Nashville in August 1998. It was a poignant moment and made made me tear up quite a bit. I also noticed that she did a little improv during this song where she sang something like, "time to find my brother and all the things I have lost..." There seemed to be a lot of improvs going on and unusual turns during the concert. Tori's improvs are one of the highlights for me!

Tori messed up several times tonight and it was always fun to see how she reacted to it. During Happy Phantom she made a mistake and then started singing "la la la la la la, I forgot my words, but that's okay because it's my birthday. la la la la I should take my geritol now..." These are the little moments that really make these concerts fun!

It was so good to hear Horses again! This was the new version that she started doing during the Plugged '98 tour and I just think it is so haunting. I know many people don't like that version, but it is my favorite version of Horses. I would love for her to close the concert with this one like she did for many shows last year. She started the song with an improv I never heard before. For a while I could not even tell what song she was going to do. The improv was really good and haunting. She sang somethng about "betraying your friend" and "Judas." It gave me chills!

During Precious Things, Tori stopped in the middle of the song to give her bottle of water to a girl in the front who apparently passed out. The band kept playing during this, and she picked up quite nicely when she returned to her seat.

Alanis was really good tonight as well, but I don't have a set list. If someone has it please let me know. When she was twirling around tonight her hair almost caused the microphone stand to fall!

Seeing Tori on her birthday was a lot of fun. And musically this was a spectacular night as well. It seems the shows keep getting better and better!

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From poochie:

ok nashville! Tori was wearing black slacks and a satin shaw kinda thing that was very retro...
set list (in no order)

Father Lucifer
Blood Roses
Happy phantom (solo)
landslide (solo)
precious things
the waitress
cornflake girl

From gina c:

(sigh) incredible. perhaps my favorite show ever, despite its brevity. security was tight, with metal detectors and frisking. i'm certain the second part of the show was louder than the first because my tinnitus was killing me (tori's not the only one claiming to need Geritol). all songs were breathtaking, but here were some notables: Father Lucifer--different intro, a bit middle eastern flair added, but otherwise similar arrangement as the Plugged version.

Happy Phantom--she tried to trick us into thinking she was about to play Marianne or another slow song by playing melancholy notes and saying, "you know i talk to dead people. they just come and hang out. here's what i play." then BAM. somewhere in the song she sang, "la la la la, i forgot the words. i need geritol..." and on.

Landslide--my second time hearing it live. still unbelievable. very appropriate for her birthday. after this song, the band came out to play, then the crew came out with the cake. i believe Alanis was with them. Tori gave her a long hug. caton played Happy Birthday on the guitar a la Hendrix's National Anthem.

Cruel--she sang "dance with the sufis" too soon, caught herself, did her usual hand movements, then continued.

Horses--new intro. eery. "you don't betray a friend...did it start with Judas, or was it Judy?"

Precious Things--i believe it was during this song that she stopped playing by saying "yo" then handing out her water bottle to the front crowd. Jon & Matt continued while tori did this.


From PelesAngel:

This is Kate of Kate and Michele of Nashville. I have neve posted before but this concert was so utterly amazing, I can't resist. First, I'll give a set list in order (although I'm sure someone will probably post one while I'm writing)
Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses
Happy Phantom (!)
Landslide (!!)
Father Lucifer
Precious Things

I went to the show yesterday in Atlanta and there was quite a difference. Tori seemed much more into it. Blood Roses left me so faint and Father Lucifer nearly finished me off altogether. I was in a mainly Alanis secton so everyone around me was sitting and I had a very clear view (i think I was about 15 th row center). Anyway, Tori messed up a few times, forgetting the second verse to Happy Phantom but she filled up the space with lively and amusing improv. Anyway, I'm sure some of the pro posters will go into detail, so I'll stop there. Hi to everyone I met or saw again- I hope you guys enjoyed the concert as much as I did. Also, I'm sure anyone who taped it will be swamped, but I would love love love a copy of the show. Please email me at PelesAngel@aol.com.


From adam alexis:

the show was so great. it was my third time, and all i can say it wow! cruel (one of my favs, especially live) was fucking great. i was very happy to hear Father Lucifer and the cover of Landslide, since i had never heard that before. that song made me wanna cry cos it sums up a big part of my life right now. the new song bliss was great too. it was all just awesome. also, i will admit that even though iam not a big alanis fan, she put on a really good show. well, buh bye. like a sad hallucination,

adam alexis

From StuartJ:

Setlist for 8/22/99, Nashville, TN
Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses
Happy Phantom
Happy Birthday Jam
Father Lucifer
Horses with Judas intro
Precious Things

From silverviolet:

Well, I just got back from the show. It was one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life and I'm sad it's over. Not only did Tori put on a wonderful show, but I met so many other awesome ears with feet. I LOVE meeting people at Tori shows because you see all different kinds, of all ages. Anyway, on to the review:
I didn't go to the meet & greet as I had been hoping to because of transportation problems, so I can't tell you what that was like. Anyway, we got to the venue aroundŠ.5:30 or 6:00 pm. (I can't remember the exact time.) The gates weren't open yet. We were first in line and we heard the last part of the soundcheck. A lot of Father Lucifer. During this time we talked with a lot of other Toriphiles and sat around under the hot sun. Finally they started letting us in. Security was tighter than past Tori shows I've been toŠthey searched bags and went over people w/ metal detectors. A girl I met (hi Robin!) managed to sneak her camera in by putting it in a cup that was on the side of the fence inside the venue. Once we got inside, she discreetly went to the fence and took the camera out of the cup. The first thing I did once inside the venue was buy tour merchandise. I got the necklace, tour book, and a shirt. All big rip-offs. Oh well. BTW, just in case some of you don't know the prices yet: regular T-shirts are $27, the baby tee is $32 (!!!), tour book is $15, keychain is $10, necklace is $10. Well, the prices may vary sometimes, but that's probably what you'll have to pay. As people have said in past reviews, BUY YOUR MERCHANDISE EARLY if you want to get it. Especially if you want a T-shirt in a particular size, or the tour book. I bought my stuff fast and after Tori finished, I decided I wanted another shirt and went to buy it, but the size I wanted was gone. The tour books were sold out too. I'm glad I got it early. Even though it's a whopping 15 bucks, it's got a nice intro by Neil, a short little one by Tori, nice pictures from the plugged tour, and some lyrics from the new album.
I don't remember when Greta Gaines came on. I didn't watch her. I didn't like what I heard, so I just stayed on the picnic tables and chatted with people. After she went off, we went to our seats (2nd row!!!) and waited. It wasn't really very long a wait. I'm used to waiting unbearable lengths of time between Tori and her opening acts, but this one was relatively short. Tori came on around 8:05-8:15, singing God a capella from offstage before coming on, as usual. She looked lovely in black pants and a top I can't really describe. It was black, with a black sheer thing over it, and big red flowers. Kind of oriental looking. I can't explain. Her hair was pulled back. I couldn't see her shoes from where I was. Even though I had good seats, I had to stand up because everyone rushed the stage, and I'm short. I could still see her well, though. I managed to get up to the stage. On to the SETLIST!!!!!!!!!!
*Cornflake Girl
*Blood Roses ---what everyone has been saying is true. You will NOT recognize this one at first! It was great, though. *Crucify---yet another new version.
*Sugar ---AWESOME!!! I went crazy when I heard the first few piano notes.
*Happy Phantom ---I was not expecting this! It was great! On the verse that's supposed to go "or will I see you dear and wish I could come back" she sang "la la la la la la la I forgot my words" etc. Hehe. *Landslide!!! It was amazing!!! I REALLY was not expecting this one! It was beautiful. Tear-inducing. I'm so happy she played it. When secret time ended, the band came back on the stage, Matt did a drum roll, and the crew and Alanis came on stage with a birthday cake with candles. The band played happy birthday and some of us audience members (myself included) sang along. Tori hugged and kissed everybody. Yay. The whole audience was screaming.
*Father Lucifer---pretty much the same as the Plugged 98 version, with the beautiful improv in the middle.
*Cruel ---WOW!!! It was AWESOME!!! Everyone was dancing and having a great time. Jon was going crazy, of course, pounding his bass and basically acting like he was possessed by a demon. There was a lot of interaction between him and Tori during this song. She and the whole band were having a great time.
*Horses---I thought it would be The Waitress at first during the little improv she sang at the beginning about betraying friends. The actual version was the same as the 98 version. Beautiful. *The Waitress--- What can I say? Awesome as always. During the "hang ten honey" part, you could see Jon mouthing the words along with her, "hang ten, hang ten honey, I'm gonna go where she goes". She kept eye contact with me for about 5 seconds during part of the hang ten section. I was in heaven.
*Precious Things---Right in the middle of this one, she got up, walked to where we were, and handed her bottle of water to a girl near me who seemed to be sick. It was so sweet, I started crying. (I don't know why, I just had this flood of emotions-I was worried about the girl, I felt sorry for her, and Tori was so nice and attuned to her audience.) The girl had been sitting down for a few songs and was leaning on the railing like she was about to faint. Some security people were really concerned and kept trying to help her out. I was really touched when Tori just got up in the middle Precious Things and handed the girl her water.

My only complaint is that it was too short, of course. Everyone was having such a wonderful time---Tori, the band, and the audience. I wanted it to last much longer. It was an amazing show---I wanted MORE. It was still worth the $54 I paid for my ticket. I was up by the stage, though, and I could see Tori clearly, up close. I can see why people who had bad seats would be upset. And the band did seem REALLY loud compared to Tori, but I think that's just the acoustics of those types of venues. I could still hear her clearly. All in all, a wonderful, fun show that left me wanting more.

Between Tori and Alanis, I walked around the place and met more Toriphiles. I signed an EWF tour/meet & greet scrapbook for Tori and didn't learn the names of the girls in charge. :P Oops. Hello whoever you are.

I only saw a tiny part of Alanis-just about 30 seconds. I wanted to give her a chance but I was on my Tori high and didn't want to ruin it. I just couldn't take her voice any more. No offense to Alanis or her fans. I completely respect her as a person and as a musician, but I just couldn't stay any more. It was getting on my nerves. What I did see, though, was a really good show-if you're a fan of her. I'm just not a fan, so I had to leave. I felt bad, because I wanted to be fair and polite, but I had to go get my ride home anyway.

I had a wonderful time tonight, and even though the set is shorter, you are in for a treat. I was in heaven the whole time Tori played. I just let the music swirl around me, danced a little, swayed to the beat, watched Tori and the band, and made eye contact with Tori several times. She gave me a sweet smile and that was the highlight of the evening, because I still have never been able to meet her. I gave my letter to Steve, the guy in charge of all the security. I really hope somebody recorded this show.

Have fun! Those of you that get to go to more shows are lucky. I'm also jealous of those of you who get her with a longer set list, no Alanis. But I heard that she's probably coming back to Nashville again during the solo part of her tour. I hope this is true. Tori concerts are not only amazing and fun musical/emotional experiences, but also a great time to meet people. I'm looking forward to the next one. Sorry if this review was badly written, repetitious, and full of spelling errors. It's late and I can barely think or see the screen very well. Bedtime.

From evanhurst:

ok.....i'm new here, so before i say anything i'm evan from memphis ("HI EVAN FROM MEMPHIS!!!")
ok here's my tori experience tonight
it started off HORRIBLE.....
i had 4 tickets and 2 of the tickets were supposed to go to these friends of mine that waited until like 3 days ago to tell me that they couldn't go.....
so we left memphis at 4 or so and at 5 i got paged by these 2 other people i had called about the trip....so i was like, ok the tickets are yours, just leave NOW and haul ass....thinking surely they could get there....it's only about a 2.5 hour trip.... so we were supposed to meet them at the Bucksnort exit (yes, i swear there is a place called Bucksnort, TN)
got there at 6:30 and waited....
and waited
and waited
finally lost all patience and hauled ass out of there at 7:30......WELL needless to say we were late to Tori, the main reason i was going in the first place.....

we drove into the park and i could hear her singing "Sugar, he brings me Sugar"
and by the time we got to our seats she was done with Landslide (i just wish i could've been sitting watching that one) but of course Tori was incredible

don't think anyone has posted this, but in the beginning of Cruel, she got up and turned around, and leaned against the piano and just kind of grooved along....at one point, she looked out of the audience and made this little jerking off motion (i think that's what it was).....it was quite funny
waitress rocked of course and so did Precious Things in between i got to meet a girl from here....sweet, cool girl.... Nicki is her name (sp?)
her name on here is Jethro something...can't remember...my friend Susan knew her....

and alanis puts on a hell of a show
ok, i'm done rambling
all in all turned out to be a pretty good night now, at 4 am it's time for bed

From hali:

last night i was too tired to write much more, but i did want to say that in addition to the show being just GREAT, i thought the audience was pretty cool too. from where i was, tori and alanis fans alike all played nice and were generally o k to deal with. also, i really dug gretta gaines. i know she has more of a country vibe than most of you would probably like, but there is a thread of sincerety in her music that just isn't present in mainstream country. it was very reminiscent of emmylou harris or mary chapin carpenter. i did get to meet her and she was very sweet. i'm sad to say that i couldn't stay for the alanis show, i was just too tired to make it! i would have like to have seen her, kind of as a personal study, but after the high i got off of the tori show, and the weekend in general, it was all i could do to get home. when i came in to work this morning, i found out that my boss had gotten free tickets and was there - another one bites the dust! she had never really listened to tori before and fell madly in love, of course

From Etienne_x20x:

Here's my take on last night's Nashville show. Tori was wonderful as always, but the system and the employees at the venue proceed to treat my friend and I like shit. Let me emphasize this: SHIT SHIT SHIT. We drove to Nashville from Louisville, planning the whole day there. No problem. We decide around 3:30, that we are going to check out the meet and greet. The ASSHOLE at the main gate told us very rudely that we could not park on the property. We had to go across the street and come back. As we parked, two very nice Toriphiles whose name we didn't catch drove us to the gate. Upon getting out of the car, the same ASSHOLE told us that the M&G was over, though we could still see Tori. Once again we had to leave. He told us to be back at five, and THEN we could park.

Wes and I proceed to get Taco Bell, and come back. We are the first in line at the main gate. The girl who was now at the gate was very nice, but told us that Alanis didn't want anyone on the grounds until 6:15. SHe let us park where we were and we got out and waited. Then we stood in line forever to get in. Fortunatly we had seats, so it didn't rreally matter when we got there.

The show was wonderful, though i was a bit disappointed that I saw no one else with a laminate. Even Alanis was suprisingly good, although You Ought To Know severely disappointed me.

That was my night. So did anyone else have the problems with employees like we did??


From Christabel:

Hey everyone...
I had to put in my two cents worth here. I arrived at the school across from First Amercian Music Center around noon yesterday for M&G. (If you saw a girl in purple satin overalls and frankenstein boots that was me.) I had friends already there that had been to the first three shows on the 51\2 weeks tour but Nashville was my first. I live here BTW. I have been to a few M&G's in the past and I think the numbering system works fairly well although I do have to say I think it's gotten out of hand. I mean by 5:30 in the morning they were already up to number 30 something. Take into consideration though that yesterday was Tori's b-day. I did and I knew before I got there that there would be way more people than usual at this one. I had a great time and got to meet a lot of people both there and the concert that made the long hours in the sun well worth it. I even had my picture taken with the infamous "Danfreaka". To all of you fab peeps camping out with the original freak herself Danica, I love you all and it was a blast to finally meet you. I hope to see ya again before the tour is over.
Kudos to Brian from New Hampshire? who ran the numbering system and managed to successfully get all of us across Mufreesboro Rd. without any injuries and fatalities. Hey Nashville drivers, no survivors... trust me I drive here on a daily basis.

The concert was so amazing I can't put into words. I have waited for 9 years to hear Tori do Landslide live and just about fainted when she played the first few notes. The crowd was having a good time, Tori and the boys were having a good time and overall it was one of the best outdoor shows I've attended. Alanis also did a great job although You ought to know seemed way too mellow to me. Overall I had a great experience... what more can I say?


P.S. Mike I hope you got some sleep! You guys be safe on the NC trip!

From PrincesseAdora:

I didn't see anyone address this issue, so I would like to mention that not only should you get there early for the MnG, but also for the concert. My friends and I kind of carelessly assumed that getting there half an hour early would be plenty of time, but the frisking and security caused such a huge line that we completely missed Greta and had trouble finding the merchandise we wanted. A security guard outside said that it was because Alanis wouldn't let people come in early like they usually do and so there was a huge backup. We got in okay, but if I would have missed even a minute of Tori I would have been pissed. My opinion about the numbering system, after some consideration, is that it is pretty much necessary for good will and civility, even if it doesn't really work in the end. Having numbers meant that people could hang out together peacefully across the street at the little elementary school rather than be plotting how to get past everyone and maybe camping out on the side of the highway. It meant that me and my friends could leave and grab something to eat without worrying that we would lose our place (which wasn't that good at 63, but hey). It was like we were all working together, like in figuring out how to cross the hazardous highway, rather than trying to beat each other out for a place. The number system basically kept it civil until the last few minutes when they crowded us into the barricade. I didn't see everything that happened when Tori came, but it seemed clear that your number didn't really matter since they didn't know where Tori was going to come out. Even so, I think the number system was invaluable just for the fact that it kept peace for the long, hot morning.

The show was so great, but most has already been told about. Since we got there late, we didn't know Greta had already played, so we were waiting for her to come out, when all of a sudden the lights dimmed and we heard the God acapella. We were like, what's going on, and then we rushed the stage with everyone else. I could never have imagined that I would be right over the railing from Tori. It's probably terrible, I will be spoiled for every other concert I go to.

I thought it was a great show, she seemed really happy. It wasn't that short, even though I of course wished it could go on forever. Secret Time was the best. I was so happy when she played Happy Phantom, it's one of my favorite songs, and she was so cute when she messed up. Then she played Landslide, and I had never heard it before, but it was so beautiful. All I could think about how I'm about to leave everything for college across the country, and it just seemed to fit perfectly with how I am feeling. I loved Cruel and I loved Blood Roses, and basically everything she played all night, so why go on.

Alanis was alright, I enjoyed most of her songs. I was especially happy that she played Joining You because I had heard it on the radio and really liked it. I thought it was really cool, when Alanis was introducing her band, and everyone cheered for each one, and then she said something about thanking Tori Amos for playing, and the cheer was earth-shattering. I did kind of question her flute-playing, since I'm a flute player. She sounded alright, but I just thought it was kind of unnecessary to bust out with a flute at her rock concert.

Anyway, Tori was so awesome and I cannot wait to see her again!

From Darren (from Huntsville):

I thoroughly enjoyed this concert. This was my second M&G, but I didn't go there to meet Tori - I went to watch other people meet Tori. I wasn't disappointed. At my first m&g, fans were lined up behind two sections of baracades. This one, I think she supprised everyone by walking down to the very last (6? 8? 10? did anyone count them?) baracade (bicycle rack) and starting with the people who probably thought they were last and had no chance at all. I've never seen anyone this popular spend this much time with her fans - I didn't time it, but it seemed like about 20 minutes. As I said, I didn't go to meet her, but to watch her interaction with fellow ewf's. It was beautiful. Although First American Music center was a nice venue, I was very disappointed that dispite getting there at 6:00, I *still* missed Greta Gaines. I've heard good things about her. They tried to blame this on Alanis, saying that she said they couldn't let anyone in 'til 6:15, but if they had only gotten rid of those ridiculous metal detectors and body searches it wouldn't have been a problem. So basically, they charged me money and gave me nothing in return. Yeah, I was pissed.

I bought her CD so I could hear what I missed. She's very hard to categorize (which is good), but if I had to describe her music, I'd say it's a cross between something my brother calls "alternative country" and Jewel and Tori. I've only listened to it once so far, so I might change that opinion. It's very easy on the ears.

Tori was great. I've been wanting to hear Happy Phantom for a long time. And then to have it followed by Landslide. And then her birthday... Does it get any better??? I'm not normally a big fan of Blood Roses (no hitting, please), but this version was *really* captivating. My only complaint is that her piano should've been louder, or the band quieter. I couldn't always hear Tori's piano playing as I wanted to. As the lead instrument, I think it should've been more prominent.

Alanis is great to see one time, but she's not nearly as exciting the second time. I saw her by herself a few months ago in Birmingham and thought that was one of the best, most energetic live shows I had ever seen. This time, she was just as energetic, but I wasn't into it that much. It's too bad, because I like her music, and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I suppose Tori's a hard act to follow.

On the other hand, this is the fourth time I've seen Tori in the past year, and they've only gotten better. To the people who keep asking for Alanis's set list: I don't think she changes it - so if you find one, you've found them all.

Overall, everything was so great that I can't imagine how good it would've been if the few things I griped about taken care of.

From DaisyPetals:

Hello all!! This is only my second post, so once again, please bare with me I just got home from the Nashville show last night, and it was in a word: PHENOMINAL. I mean, it was great. I was at the Atlanta show, and even though the set list was fairly similar, the Nashville show was just so so alive.... Tori was in the cutest, happiest mood, and the band was just on fire.... Wow... I got there about 6:15 (I wanted to try to get there way early for the M+G, but I have never done that because I have never known what time to go... I'll try that next time ) Anyhow! I'll dive into a few things that I remember about the set - it was a very memorable set. Tori did do many cute things. Anyhoo- ~God~ This was like the one in Atlanta, and I'm sure much like the other shows, as well. Started off a capella, etc... very cool. ~Bliss~ Wow, I just love this song, so of course I enjoyed this The band seems to really dig this, as well. I was watching Jon and he was SO into it - singing along with all the words, even during "Tori only" parts heehee Really cool.
~Cornflake Girl~ Very similar to others, but always fun and cool. Everyone loves it.
~Blood Roses~ The same awesome new intro - She was so into this song. During the whole middle part of the song she did this cool dance/groove thing - I can't really describe it. She like, faced the audienced and wasn't playing - and just had her arms and hands doing cool Tori-like motions and body movements. She was totally feeling the band... awesome. ~Crucify~ this was like Atlanta's... hard to recognize at first with her new intro - very cool.
~Sugar~ this really grooved... love this song. She did that hammer motion with her left hand on her right bicep - she pounded it really slowly during the "and hammers, he used one on me" line. VERY intense look on her face, too - wow. Very cool. I also love the line she's been singing that says something like "now, boys, watch, watch what they do" or something. Really really awesome
Secret Time!
~Happy Phantom~ this was really really special - first, she started out talking about how she talks to her dead loved ones sometimes.... (that sounded creepy the way I wrote it, but she said it to sweetly and tenderly, I promise!) and she was playing this beautiful soft piano music while she talking about this. It was so lovely - I was expecting Marianne or Garveyard - and then she said "So this is for all of them...." and they she just jumped into Happy Phantom. It completely took everyone by surprise, it was SO cute! She was SO happy - had the cutest expressions on her face. Then when she got to the end of the chorus, the "Will I(we) pay for who I've(we've) been?...." she would slow down and look out over everyone and look really thoughtful and serious... Then of course, everyone's heard about how she forgot the lines!!! LOL That was great!! She was SO cute - instead of the "and will I see you dear and wish I could come back" part she just played for a sec and sang "a la la la la I forgot my words, **something**, so that is ok, etc etc" I couldn't catch all of it, but she was improvising so well. She was so cute!!! GREAT highlight of the night. ~Landslide~ Wow... thats really all I can say. It was so amazing, so heartfelt, so beautiful.... I cried... it was coming straight from her heart, no doubt about it. When she would sing the "well, I've been afraid of changing cause I've built my life around you....so on... I'm getting older too", she would look out over everyone, and she looked almost sad... but so sincere... the first time she sang that part she put her hand out towards the audience... oh it was beautiful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~Happy Birthday song!~ The band and Alanis and the crew all came out and sang her happy birthday. Very fun. She gave Alanis a huge long hug. It was a special little addition
~Father Lucifer~ VERY cool - I had not heard this before with the band live. VERY cool - I love the middle part. I had heard her playing this awhile from outside before the gates were open around 6:00, 6:15, so I was expecting it, but I really dug it. At the end she was singing what sounded like "Lucy Girl, Lucy Girl" over and over - that might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Lucifer. It was really pronounced. Anyhow - let me know if you think it was different ~Cruel~ Very cool, very much like the Plugged our and Atlanta's. But I really dig this song, and Tori obviously loves it - she was totally into it. She was standing, leaning on the piano for the longest time looking at Jon - they were really connecting during the whole song, with faces at each other and laughing. It was really cool ~Horses~ This had a really long intro and she was singing really seriously "You shouldn't betray your friends" over and over. I wasn't sure what it was going to be - but it was really cool. It was pretty much like the Plugged version, but its great. ~Waitress~ What can I say - this song rocked. I mean, absolutely and completely ROCKED. I have heard this song live many times before, but this one seemed on fire. Tori was into it much more tonight than I have seen in the past - I kept thinking that Matt was going to drop dead he was playing so intensely and so long on this song Wow - I mean, I HAVE TO HAVE A RECORDING!! PLEASE SOMEONE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ONE! ~~~~~~~~~
~Precious Things~ Encore. This is always incredible. Everyone loves it, Tori loves, it very very cool. Great finish. Oh - and in the middle of this, I mean, right in the middle of a part that is Tori breaking it open on the piano and the band isn't even really playing, she looked out to the audience and then without hesitation she jumped up, grabbed her water bottle, and ran to the side of the stage and handed it to someone. I found out from Silvergirl's post that it was a sick girl ***aw!!!! Tori is SO thoughtful!!*** and I am glad that the girl was ok. I was on the 5th row, center, but I couldn't see the girl. I'm glad she's ok, and Tori looked so concerned. No wonder she looked so serious and "on a mission" when she did that.
Well.... I guess thats about it... I hope this wasn't too repetative! I loved this show - it was INCREDIBLE. Have fun at all the rest - I know you will!!! They are great. I wish she could play longer, but I totally respect her desicion to tour with Alanis, so its all good Have fun everyone!!!

From razberiswrl:

WOW WOW WOW...the best Tori show i've *ever* seen. that's really all i can say. She smiled a *lot* said she was "getting to be an old lady"...and her *voice* omg...she's never sounded better. about the m&g...we arrived somewhere around 10:30am...and were 57ish in line. It was crazy hot...but kudos to security for bringing water and to all those helping in the distribution of it.

Ppl were relatively well-behaved, i guess. even though there were ppl i hadn't seen *all day* in front of me...so i just kinda gave up and moved to the side after she came out and saw her talking to and hugging others...and at that point...i lost all the irritibility from the heat, the rudeness and my genetic disposition of being short. I got a long look at Tori, and heard her talking to some of my fellow EWF...and the expressions on their faces were priceless...(though i wish it could've been my speechless face).

So i didn't get to meet Tori or shake her hand or anything...but i did meet Kip and Danfreaka and Mikewhy and PatrickB and his friend from Texas. I recognized a few more of you, but had my shy shoes on and didn't approach anyone.

To the marker nazis (lol)...i thank you for doing what you could to keep things in order. Unfortunately there are always going to be those showing up late and expecting the best, and taking it if they have to. (not pointed towards you, coffeefreak) So anyway...one of these days i will get to meet Tori and i refuse to be rude in the process.

Personally...i think the numbers should be doled out in heighth...shortest in front...
hehehe. I had a great time...despite the sunburn...=)

Raz (Leann)

From 5th row delight:

The show was awesome! Tori was upbeat and seemed to enjoy the birthday cake that those who were behind the scenes made for her. They presented it to her, candles and all, on stage and Tori went around and hugged everyone including Alanis. She performed God, Bliss, Landslide, Sugar, Horses, Cornflake Girl, Happy Phantom, Precious Things, Waitress, Crucify, Cruel,Father Lucifer, Blood Roses, and I believe that is all? She forgot the lines to Happy Phantom and started singing about how it was ok to forget because it was her birthday. Then started singing conscious stream about finding her brother and other things that were lost. Before the song though she talked about how her dead friends would come to visit and that was why she wrote the Happy Phantom. At one point during Precious Things she told the band to wait and she crawled to the edge of the stage with her water bottle in hand to give it to a girl who was suffering from heat. The show rocked.

From suzan:

beautiful show. ALMOST as good as the plugged 98 knoxville show. almost. landslide was amazing.
but about the people rushing the stage. you guys have to understand that tori makes it possible through security for them to do it. she needs their energy. a lot of the kids that are regulars have spent ridiculous amounts of money to become regulars, and you have to respect that. they are really dedicated fans. if you've never met tori, tell them and trust me, they will do whatever possible to get you up there if you've been waiting. i know, because they did it for me last year in knoxville.

i'm curious as to what mike and richard thought of this show... i loved it. so different from knoxville, even though it was similar to the plugged tour. secret time was great. so joyful with happy phantom, and landslide was so pensive... but as i usual think that's a sad song, she made it bittersweet. absolutely lovely.

From starrlablue:

ive never posted here before or anything.. but i thought id post anyways, even though every one of you are probably way more dedicated to tori than i am. i LOVE her so much.. but i dont have the money to buy every tori thing in site. ah well.. it just seems like sometimes fans judge newer fans in harsh ways just becuase they dont know as much or dont have all of her stuff. so i get kind of weary doing things like posting here because i start to feel rather dumb because i didnt know the names of all the new songs or anything.. oh well. CHRISTABEL- i think i saw you.. i remember some satin overalls, heh, did you have dark hair?? i met this REALLY cool blondheaded chick after tori's set.. she had these 2 hardcovered books in her lap and i asked what they were- she had two books full of the lyrics to every song with artwork with them and around them and it was just SO cool.. a while back or something she gave it to tori and she looked over it and wrote to her in it and her manager sent it back to her.. i found that very cool..

im not a NEW fan, i just only been really torified for like, the past year or two or so. but her love of her piano just inspires me so much.. like, i lust for my piano and i can see she does also.. its my instrument.. i love it.. i love her work on it along with a few others'..

but anyways.. here's my story if anyone cares to here.::: i drove from birmingham, AL and my friend codi drove from owensboro, KY and we planned to meet up at the concert.. she's one of my best friends yet i had never met her til last nite. heh.. she's great though, i met her over the net of course. we had SO much fun but thats beside the point.. the whole strict security thing REALLY sucked.. i mean, it was horrible. i brought my bookbag up, not knowing we couldnt bring them in and i got up there and they were about to make us go put it back in the car and go through the line again.. it was just bullshit.. one girl had already been through the line and they made her go again because she went to put a bag up at the tent. it was just horribly strict.. too many metal detectors and i got frisked.. BUT.. i put my camera in my sock, under my jeans, and i think she felt it but didnt say anything about it.. i SHOULDVE taken pictures, but i couldnt figure out how to turn my flash off and it was pitch black. i pushed this one button, and pointed my camera to the ground and wow, that was stupid- because i pushed it and the flash went off and it was the brightest thing in the whole world.. but i was too freaked out to try anything else because the security was SO strict. the shirts were too expensive for me, so i couldnt afford anything.. its too bad because i REALLY REALLY liked the lavender babytee.. its so cute. oh well. since everyone's already posted the setlist i wont do that again, but i, like everyone else has alreayd s aid, was SO thrilled to here her play 'landslide'!!!! i didnt know she did that, so i was surprised. thats one of my favorite songs and she in my opinion did it better than fleetwood mac or the smashing pumpkins.. but anywayz, the whole concert was jsut AMAZING- probably the best concert ive ever been too.. it was my first tori concert and a very good one at that. the thing is, today was my first day of school and birmingham was 4 hours away.. so i only got about 2 hours of sleep last nite. all worth it though!!! my hair still has that smokey drugged-up concert smell as usual, its really gross but i swear ive been too exhausted to wash it today.. gross, i know..

alanis.. well, i was going to give her a chance. i LOVED her background and the setup and everything and her band was great and the first few songs were pretty good but she kept fucking pacing back and forth and back and forth across the stage and one song was all 'hey look at my hair'.. argh.. and she just REALLY gets on my nerves.. it was alright til after 'hand in my pocket' when codi and i just couldnt take her whiney voice anymore.. ugh. so we left.

overall it was just GREAT.
i was the chick was short brown hair and a blue/teal Worldwinds rayon-type tank (you know the type) and jeans.. nothing that stood out much (like satin purple overalls..heh), but if any of you saw me itd be cool to hear.

glad everyone enjoyed it as much as i!
starrlablue@gurlmail.com if anyone has a recording or if anyone finds anyone with a recording of the show- im DYING for a copy!!!!!!

From nicANDjethro:

Hello to all you yummy people I met for the first time Sunday!!! And, of course, I was in awe to see all you goofy folks *again* that I haven't seen since Plugged.
Um, Kip (if you catch this) - Danfreaka and I took off for a little shimmy while you were on a coke/pee run!!! *hee* And, if anyone else reads this - tell her!!!

I can't say how *WONDERFUL* this show was...all of Tori's improvs, all of the cute faces, the birthday cake...everything!!! EVERYTHING!!!

About the meet and greet...things were quite out of the norm with this one...you guys have to understand that it WAS her birthday, and it WAS different from the others...

FIRST OF ALL...more than 130 people showed up at the meet and greet. And, if it weren't for the numbering system, then there would've been people who'd been there for over 15 hours who may not have met Tori. I'm sorry, but waiting fifteen hours I THINK earns you the opportunity to have a cozy spot in line. It's not fair for people (whoever they are) to wait in 100 degree weather for hours and hours and hours and not have the better seat. If I could've slept until noon and had a front row seat at the m&g, BELIEVE ME I WOULD...Instead, I was up at very early...got there pretty early, too (because of it being Tori's birthday, and all).

Okay, also...Tori stayed outside for around half an hour, and walked the entire length of the barricade (VERY OUT OF THE ORDINARY!!) Too cool. Thanks to Paul and his buddy!!!

When Tori's bus drove up, Mr. Puppethead was hanging out of the window waving to everyone!! (God, I love that woman!!!)

When she came out, we all started singing Happy Birthday, and she got all teary eyed and looked so fabulous. She was wearing a black top, gray pants, and cuuuuuute shoes!!!

I was able to meet Tori again...and, to my surprise, she recognized Chris (my bf) and I...and hugged me, and you know...like old friends *hee, hee*

Anyway, she stayed out for a reeeeeeally long time, and everyone (I think) was quite pleased with this particular m&g.

I don't think that they rest will be as competitive or start as early, though...her birthday means alot to her fans, and it was a "primo" thing for many of them...

Anyway, the show was wonderful...one of the best...I love the Tshirts...

I got a necklace, and some shirts....BUT THE DAMN VENUE RAN OUT OF TOUR BOOKS BEFORE WE COULD GET ONE!!!!! BEFORE SHE EVER EVEN STARTED HER SET!!!! Damn, damn, damn!!!!

Anyway, I'll try in Columbus...

Poochie - I didn't get to meet you? Damn, again!!! I didn't know you were gonna be there!!!

KnoxToriFan...Um, Jennifer - thanks for the polaroid!!! Too sweet!!!

The fella with the black curly hair - he was sweet...and I wish him luck with the EWF documentary.

Brian - what can I say? I loved this guy!!! If you catch this - YOU ROCK!!! I watched the beatnik Danfreaka skit today...It's legendary material!!! Cheetos? Burritos? Lesbian Sun???

Mike, Danica, Lisa, Paul, Lana, Chris (and the other fella...whose name I still never wrote down), the rest of you who went to Steak and Shake after the show, Phyllis, Keith, Kip, Maria, Brent, Lauren, Ellen, Sara, Micah, Jenelle, Johanna, Katie, Kerri, Heidi...everyone else I met (and those I didn't mention - you know that I already love you)...You made my Sunday afternoon unforgettable!!!

See some of you in Columbus!!!

I have pics!!!! Goo gobs of pics that I'll be scanning soon!!! (Rich...they're coming!)

Love you guys!!!! Anyone else reading this review - meet as many people as you can if you go to a show - they're irreplaceable!!!!


PS. If there's anyone who is interested in posting some of my pics to the forum...please email me - we got some fabulous shots, and I'd love to share them, but can't upload them. I can email them to you.

From VenisEnvy:

Just got back from the Nashville show (finaly, nothing like a 14 hour car ride). My nephew and I drove from Oklahoma City to Nashville to see the show since it was the closest of this tour (at least until the Dallas show). I want to thank all of the people who worked to make the M&G as smooth as possible with the number of people there. Including the ones who stopped traffic so we didn't become road kill crossing the road, and the ones who got water and passed it out to everyone. I made a few observations at this meet and greet. 1. Few if any other artist would take the time to spend with their fans that Tori does.
2. Few people in the world evoke as much emotion as Tori (hardly a dry eye as she moved through the area I was in). 3. Never try to go to a meet and greet on a hot day when you're on crutches
The show was (as everyone has already posted) vantastic. One thing about the Alanis set that I haven't seen yet is the fact that Alanis knocked the mic. stand over once while spinning (and spinning, and spinning, and...oh well you get the picture). She stoped for a sec then went back to spinning some more (guess it didn't hurt much).

Well, that's it. It was great meeting some of you there, and hope to see you again at a future show.

From Jogo:

Ok, so it's a little delayed, but here is my review. My friend Amy and I left St. Louis around 9:30am, b/c everyone told us it would take around 6-7 hours to get to Nashville. Yeah right. It took us 5. So we got into town a little before 3, and decided to try and go to the Meet and Greet. I was very excited, since I'd never been to one before. We were driving down Hwy. 24, and saw the Murfreesboro Rd. exit, but the directions we had told us to go a different way. I said, "oh maybe we should get off there, that's the road the venue is on." We decided against it, and just as we passed it, I saw a big tour bus on the other side of the highway. I start freaking out, b/c I'm thinking, "what if that was Tori?" So we go to the venue, and after pulling into all of the entrances to find locked gates, we come upon the last gate. I see a huge crowd and 3 or 4 tour buses already parked and I started freaking out. The nice security guy told us Tori was there, but it hadn't started yet, and not to worry, we had plenty of time to park our car across the street and come back. So I booked it over there, parked on the grass, and we hauled ass across the highway. (I'd just like to mention here that people in Nashville need to learn how to drive. Hasn't anyone heard of a BLINKER?! We almost wrecked twice getting there! And I thought st. louis was bad!) So we walk down to the barricades, and everyone is standing around. Everyone was crowded at the end closest to the buses, so Amy and i hung out at the other end where there were only a few people. I saw Mikewhy, but he was chatting away, so I didn't bother him. We started talking to these really cool people from Louisiana (I didn't catch your names, but hi!!!) and some guys who were also from Missouri. 2 more buses pull in, and we wait some more. Then, another bus pulls up, and out pops Mr. Puppethead! He was so cute! We lined up along the barricade, and rather than starting out where all the people were, Tori comes down to our end (thank you, Tori!). She walked by me, and I was like, oh my god, Tori just walked past me. It was like a dream. I didn't feel like I was really there, like I was minutes away from meeting Tori Amos. I was so nervous I started shaking. The guy next to me had something for her to sign, and Joel came over and told us that she wouldn't have time to do autographs or take pictures. (I overheard her saying she was going to go see Mark.) I was a bit bummed, but I didn't care, b/c I was at least going to get to meet her. She finally gets to us, and she greets Amy, and shakes her hand, and then she says hi to the guy behind me, and he asked her to play a special show for us that night. She grinned and goes, "oh, sure!", and sniffs her armpit! Ha ha! You gotta love her! Then she looks me right in the eye, and I say Hi Tori! I gave her a hug, and she says, "Hi! And you are?" and I said, "Jo.", and she smiled at me and said "Hi Jo!". My mind went numb, and I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just go, "happy birthday!", and she said, "Thank you!" and moved on the the next person. I looked at Amy, and said, "that did not just happen." And even now, almost a week later, I still don't feel like it happened. I was there, I have the pictures to prove it. But I still feel like it was a dream. I was so happy, though. But I also felt kinda bad. I mean, I heard about people that had waited all day for the m&g (and it was HOT), and I walked up 20 minutes before she gets there and I get to meet her right away. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time...

So we left and went to our hotel and checked in. Then we ate at Applebee's (where was everyone??!) and went to the hotel, changed, and left for the concert. There was a huge line to get into the gates, and we waited for at least a half an hour. I was bummed that they were already sold out of Tori programs before we even got to the gate. Oh well. I had hid a camera in my bra (a different one from the one I had taken to the m&g--I didn't want to risk losing that one!), and I freaked out when I saw the metal detectors. But then I remembered my bra had an underwire, so I was cool. (I just want to add here that this was the first--and last--time I had ever taken a camera into a concert. I don't do it on a regular basis!) Well, he didn't even wave the metal detector by my chest, so it was all good. We walked in and bought Tshirts, necklaces, and keychains, and then sat down. I saw Mikewhy about 4 rows behind me, and wanted to say hi, but he was talking to someone so I figured I'd wait til later. Our seats were close, but we were off to the right, and when she did come out, the lid of the piano covered her left cheek. So I only got to see half of her face, but I didnt care. We had missed Greta Gaines, which disappointed me b/c everyone was raving about her, but at least that meant Tori was coming on sooner.

A little after 8, the lights went off, and Tori began singing God. Then the band came out. Oh, it was incredible...

God-groovy as always.
Bliss-I really love this song!
Cornflake Girl-it sounds a little different, but it's still great! Blood Roses-OH MY GOD. This song is simply incredible. It sounds completely different, and I didn't recognize it until she started singing it.
Sugar-Who doesn't love this song?
Happy Phantom (solo)-she said something about how we all talk to dead people, and I figured it would be Hey Jupiter, but boy was I wrong. It was so great. She forgot the words at the end, and started making stuff up. Something about "time to find my brothers and all the things I have lost..." or something like that. It was great. Landslide (solo)-I had never heard her cover this song, and it was so beautiful, I almost started to cry. (I didn't though) ***
CAKE!!! Everyone came out with a cake, and Caton played Happy Birthday, and Tori hugged everyone. The audience around me cheered when Alanis came out and hugged her. It was cool.
Father Lucifer-awesome.
Cruel-she stood up and was leaning against the piano facing Jon at the beginning, and made some funny hand gesture. Horses-I thought this was the Waitress b/c of the new intro about betraying your friends. Then she sang something about Judas... The song itself was the same as the 98 version. When she held out that last note, Caton switched guitars quickly and they went straight into... The Waitress-HOW FUCKING AWESOME CAN THIS SONG GET?! It gets better everytime I hear it! At the end they were all rocking out, and it just blows my mind. WOW.
They all stood up and hugged at the front of the stage, and I was just snapping away, not paying attention to where security was, all the sudden I had a flashlight in my face. I just handed him the camera and went back to watching the band leave.
Precious Things-always a great song! It rocked. Right before the the "in my peach party dress part", Tori held up her hands and said "Yo" and got up and gave her water bottle to someone in the front row. The band continued playing, and when she turned to walk back to the piano, she stopped and kinda shook her ass, and then sat back down. It was too cute!!!

After she was done, I walked up to the security guard who had taken my camera, and apologized. Then I kinda fibbed and said, "I got the chance to meet Tori earlier today, and those pictures are also on there, and it would mean a lot to me if I could have that back. I'll leave right now if you want me to. And besides, you and I both know half of those aren't going to turn out anyway." He laughed and said, "you don't have to leave, just promise me one thing. You'll put it away and won't take anymore pictures." I said, "Got it. Hey, i don't even like Alanis!" He laughed and pulled the camera out of his pocket, and snuck it back to me and I quickly hid it. I gave him a huge hug and thanked him again, and he laughed and said no problem. There *are* good people in this world. And my pics did turn out, but they're far away, so they're not that great. Plus, you know, half of her face is blocked by the lid... But that's ok. I had the greatest time, and I finally got to meet Tori. What more could I ask for?

We walked around before Alanis came on, and debated on staying. We figured we'd try it, since we paid for it, you know? I saw Mikewhy again, but he was, of course, talking to someone. I wanted to say hi, but never got the chance. Alanis came on, and we made it through the first song and had to leave. I'm sorry, I tried, I did, but I couldn't take it. I used to like Alanis, I even saw her on the Jagged tour, which I thought was a great show. But I can't get into her new stuff. I just can't. Oh well...

You know, I think I saw one laminate during the whole day, and that was at the m&g. I didn't even see Mikewhy with one. I mean, I didn't have one either, but I thought a lot of people would be wearing theirs... Oh well.

Can't wait for Chicago!

From Jenn C.:

The show was great.
Sort of.
It was great.
But I didn't really like it.
I think it's happening.
I'm Tori-ed out.
More than I'm Toried-out,
I've been Tori-ed out of being Tori-ed out. These posts are beautiful
and so very depressing.
It's good people can express themselves.
It's bad that everything becomes Star Wars. And Tori has become the melodic JarJar Binks.


I've waited almost a month to post my thoughts on my Nashville experience. What can I say--my whole trip was unbelievable, without a doubt the best experience of my whole entire life. If I live to be 100 I doubt I will experience anything like this again. I got to meet Tori and give her the birthday present that my friends and I brought for her. It was a painting of this beautiful lady with red hair and fairies all around her. It reminded us so much of Tori that we had to get it. Tori really liked it. She said, "this is just beautiful, thank you so much sweety." HOLY SHIT!! I could not believe that she was talking about our present to her. I still feel like I am going to have heart failure when I'm thinking about it(which I do quite often by the way). It was my
second time meeting her. The first being the day before in Atlanta--talk about an emotional trip. I was shaking so much that I thought I was going to pass out. I thought that all the people I met were terrific. We all had one common characteristic--Our love for Tori, her music, and what she does for our life-- By the way, for any of you out there that still have doubts--the numbering system IS fair and it DOES work if everyone would cooperate with one another. How can we be so greedy when Tori is so kind and generous? I did not have a problem with either of my M & G's. I thought everyone was great. The fact that Tori takes time out to meet her fans before every show just blows my mind. GOD BLESS THAT WOMAN!! I went to the show with two of my best friends, one of which finally got to meet Tori after many years of worshiping her. I was very happy for her. After all, she IS the person who introduced me to Tori. GOD BLESS HER AS WELL- Anyway--
The show was awesome. We were front row center baracade--unbelievable. Tori was very playful that night. Like many have said, she did a lot of improvs. I won't elaborate on the show. Besides the fact that it was fucking outstanding (Sorry, lost my head for a second). I know all of you know how wonderful it was.
That's all for now. I just wanted to throw my thoughts out to the dent. Thank you Mikewhy for having this site. You have been my Tori savior on many occasions.


From cttoriluvr:

I hardly post on these forums because I have a really hard time finding the words to express my feelings. Let's just say that Nashville was a very emmotional event for me.
Prior to arriving to Nashville i had to find myself a ride from Atlanta. Luckly I found a great person named Katie. She and I left right after Tori and drove straight to Nashville. We got there, and found ourselves to be the first ones there. When we arrived at the venue everything was open. We walked right into the venue and walked up to the stage. No one was around anywhere. Then we headed to the parking lot and waited untill a golf cart with three teenage "boys" rolled up to tell us we had to leave. The "boy" in charge was the venue owners son working the night shift, talk about great security.
So he tells us and a few other cars to park across the street at the middle school. So we parked up there and walked down to the venue where we proceeded to sleep/loiter on corner of the entrance to the venue. It was really really cold for some reason. But the security guard and the "boy" took us on the golf cart to the bathrooms in the venue. Oh by the way if a certain "Blue Creature" aka Maria sees this post, I have a picture of her and the "boy" security guard in the golf cart. So the trucks came and the "boys" dad shows up and asked us to go wait up by the school. So we left the grassy corner to go wait at the school for 11 hours or so till the meet and greet. Damn was it hot as hell! Katie luckly had gotten a cooler and lotts of water for everyone. Sorry if this is really detailed, I am trying to cut to the good stuff. Ok yeah,lotts of people trying to stay in the shade at the school. Loved hanging out and listening to the Bliss single(thanks Mikewhy). So the time came. Brian (the greatest number bitch I know) lined us all up, and after a long wait we filed into the barricade. There we all were, the 15 hours of waiting finally came to and end. There she was. She was wearing Kakis and a black tight shirt and these cute prada shoes, and this beautifull black beaded necklace. After saying hello to everyone else (she saw Paul all the way at the end) Tori made it to the front and when she got to me all I could say was, Tori I miss my dad as i cried on her shoulder. To just briefly inform all of you, I lost my wonderfull father in August, just two weeks before I went to the first 4 shows of the tour. I had seen Tori many times on the last tour and had asked her to play Landslide in Providence, RI (which she did) for my father. The song was always on the radio when i would drive to see him in the hospital day after day, and it would always bring tears to my eyes. It was our special song.
So anyway, after I wiped my tears i asked her if she remembered about Landslide and she said she did, she wrote it on her hand. I had talked to her in Ft Lauderdale and she knew about my fathers passing. She told me she was glad i was there and that it would take time to for me to grieve properly and to be strong. A big hug and a kiss on the cheak and she moved on. I was in shock
So the show starts, and I got dead center in the second row of people from the stage, and she begins to play it, Landslide. I wept and wept, and she caught my eye and waved. I waved back and thanked her. The song brought a sense of closure to the day. It also closed out my first four shows, as i left the next day for Connecticut. I am sorry for those of you who read this whole damn thing. I am also sorry for the people who were mad at the number system. I think it worked for the brief time it was around for this tour. Well I better stop typing, I bet I could go on forever. I just wanted to share a little bit of the magic of Tori.... -Maria

From sisterjanet:

My overall impression from the 8th row! TIME: It lasted aprox. 85 minutes

TORI WAS WEARING: A pair of navy blue pants, with a black tank. Over her tank she had on a brown sheer shirt with a pretty floral pattern (pale peach/orange/yellow). She was also wearing stiletto heels/sandals.

TORI was ALSO: In a very good/playful mood!

SETLIST: (it has been already mentioned)

IMPROVS/mistakes/special things: SEVERAL! At the beginning of SUGAR the band started and she stood up with her back facing the piano (right in front of the keyboard) and she had one foot up on the piano bench. While Jon was going crazy on guitar she was working her hips, facing Jon. Jon was treating his guitar as an extension of his "member" and then Tori turned to the crowd and made an obsence gesture (the "jacking off" one" and the crowd just roared!

At the beginning of her Solos, she was playing very softly on the piano telling us how she talks to people who are no longer here--and how THIS was dedicated to them--SURPRISE she then started HAPPY PHANTOM!

During "Happy Phantom" she forgot the second verse as already mentioned and she started singing: "la la la la la la, I forgot my words, but that's okay because it's my birthday. la la la la I should really start taking geritol now la la la" (that is all I could make out)

After LANDSLIDE (which seemed like her own special Birthday song to herself) everyone started coming out from behind stage and Tori had her face in her hands--several people wondered out loud if she was crying. She was overjoyed with the cake that was presented and she went around hugging everyone! (especially Alanis for a really long time)

After her birthday cake was presented to her she did a little improv about it at the beginning of "Father Lucifer": "mmmmmm I'm thinking about that cake...mmmm I'm thinking about that cake....it's going to go right here (touching thighs)....right here for my baaaaabbbby, uh-huh"

During CRUEL, She started singing too soon in the middle of it. I can not remember which verse--but she sang two words and then stopped.

She did a very haunting improv before, "HORSES." She sang about "betraying your friend, was it Judas or Judy..." I thought she was about to break into The Waitress but it turned out to be Horses instead.

AND I THINK: This was one of my best Tori shows! The mood was just amazing and the fans were great. Tori was beautiful. I found a new respect for Alanis--she said "thank you so much" after every song and I thought that was just SO cute!

From Laura*Derise:

The concert was -- in short -- wonderful. Tori was in such wonderful spirits, being her birthday and all, and I even watched Alanis' show, though I've never really been much into her. She was very energetic, and I loved her band. I really think this tour is doing well, despite the Evil Security and Large Expenses.
So! That babbling out of the way, on to concert-review type babble--

I got dropped off at the venue, and while waiting in line, I immediately was sucked into conversation with fellow EWFs who were around me. Everyone at the concert seemed fairly friendly, though some girls in front of me -- on the fifth row, I think -- were making fun of Tori and Tori fans during the Tori part of the concert, which annoyed me. Of course, they danced about in a similar manner when their musician was playing. How ironic.

But the Tori music is enough to make that go away, eh?

"God" -- what a way to start! The first few bars offstage... then /bam/. I love that song, and I've never heard it live, so-- I think it was a great start.

"Bliss" -- The new song. I'm starting to get little loops of the chorus stuck in my head. That song has strength. You don't ignore her.

"Blood Roses" -- A special treat.

"Crucify" -- I've always held this one as one of my anthems, and to hear it live is lovely. I love the band. They're talent. They make some songs sparkle with superpower sparkle.

"Sugar" -- Sounded great with the band.

***then comes secretime***

"Happy Phantom" -- It was just perfect, playful, and giggly. Halfway through, Tori flubbed lyrics and began to improvise with such snippets as "I forgot the lyrics, la la" and "I need Geritol" ... I'm thinking she's attributing it to the birthday, eh? The second she started improvising, the EWFs' cheers went up -- encouraging, excited -- and Tori played on for a bit before slipping back into the song. Smiles abounded.

"Landslide" -- Gorgeous enough to silence even the obnoxious, over-sugarfed teenies in front of me.

***the boys come back***

With a cake! All the people backstage and Alanis, too, came out to wish Tori a happy birthday, and she just looked so happy, so fresh. It's nice to see people -- even those famous ones who reach 'idol' status -- just being happy.

"Father Lucifer" -- Ooohhhh, but hearing this one was a surprise. She started in ad libbing about her cake and patting her thighs, singing about where the cake would go, feeding her sweet baby... Then a powerful rendition of the song. Perfect.

"Cruel" -- Sh-sh-sh-shock me Sane.

"Horses" -- Very nice. I've never heard it live. It flowed.

"The Waitress" -- The ending. With the band -- as always -- it was strong and striking and very there.


Only one song, but eventful.

"Precious Things" -- Started just like she started her Plugged98 tour, went along with the band, usual stuff, then she cuts out with a "yo". The band plays on, keepin a rhythm, while Tori scoots to the edge of the stage to hand off her water bottle to this waifish, blonde girl who was near to passing out. Tori just danced back up to her Bosey like nothing was too wrong, and pulled back into the song for a "grrrrrrrrrrl".

Then it was over. Too soon. I stuck around for Alanis, muched Starburst and created 11 Oragami miniatures from the wrappers. I later presented them to my darling friend when he picked my up from the concert. I think we left them in out hotel room.

While I was waiting to be picked up, Evil Security -- the same ones with wandering, frisking hands -- shoo'd me out of the park where I settled, all alone, onto a stretch of asphalt while electric golf carts zoomed around me. It was surreal. I saw a girl -- long, long hair -- who I saw at my last Tori concert. Hardcore chica, where do you get the money? I envy, but this singular trip ate my bank account with a voracious appetite. I spoke with a lovely EWF whose name escapes me, but she was hanging about with the 'in' pack of travelling, see-so-many-concerts, lucky people. From Florida, she said, so if you're her and you read this, hello! It was nice to have someone speak to me. Renews my faith in people. Also, hello, to the Lafayette couple with the spy-quality, supercostly minidisc setup. You, too, were lovely.

Overall, worth my trip. I was happy. Tori was lovely. I so hope Tori tours again when I can get some more money. Ah, the poverty-stricken life of an eternal-student.

From Patrick B:

I just have to say that at the M&G I had no intentions to meet or talk to Tori, I have done this before a few times last year, and I didn't need to, but When she went around to the longer barracades and me and my friend got an opportunity to get a little closer and stand behind some people and get some good pictures, We went ahead up there, I stood behind someone with my arms folded smiling, and Tori just reached out for my hand and said "Hey sweetie, how are you" I was like, "I'm good, long time no see" and she said "It's good to see you." Oh it was so wonderful cause it was unplannned!!!! hehe, I was happy.
talk latre,

From Ann-Meredith:

Oh, wow.
Only the second Tori show I've been to, but it was so fabulous. Everybody else has pretty much said it all...the cake, the screwups, the improvs, the coveted water bottle, etc. All I really have to add was I thought it was kinda sad when everyone was screaming "Happy Birthday, Tori!" after "God" and she said something along the lines of, "Oh, I'm getting so old..." She was so vibrant and the performance was so energetic, she's not showing any signs of her age and I wanted to scream that we love her and think she's great regardless of her age and she's not old and so on. I was trying to deal with alanis, hoping maybe Tori would come out and sing with her, but after 3 songs I just could't take anymore; she was singing "Are you still mad? Are you still mad?" and my friend and I were like, "Hell, yes, Tori isn't playing anymore!" Very annoyed by the obvious Alanis friends next to me, screaming while Tori's talking and playing. Tought about getting revenge by doing the same during Alanis' set, but decided to show them how awesome EWF are and not resort to their level. Snuck in a camera (almost got confiscated, smootches to the dreadhead security dude in section 205) and only one pic turned out! Overall, an amazing show and a good birthday performance.

From Not a Pretty Swirl Girl:

Oh my god, i just can't stop crying. It's been 6 days since the most amazing day of my life and i still can't stop... Okay, let's start from the begining, a very good place to start! i drove straight through from the Atlanta show and arrived at the venue at about 12:30 AM. After finding the other people who were already there (Lauren, Sarah, Janelle and Ellen~i love you and miss you!), i was numbered 11. Not bad. After arguing with security, we were told we weren't allowed on their property until the next day. So we parked at the skool and slept on the side of the highway (SCARY...i just kept thinking ROADKILL). After waking up, i went to some truckstop to pee and miracle of all miracles, i found a birthday card with a FAERIE on it. It was gorgeous, and i just had to buy it for my goddess. So i went back to the skool and found a little secluded area to write to Tori. To make a long stori a bit shorter, i wrote Tori a little stori about a boy who was very special to me. We met through a special bond.

Her name was Tori Amos. Our bond grew stronger, and we grew very attached to her cover of Landslide. We planned on seeing her for the first time together, and listened to Landslide all day when we drove from Ohio to Toronto to buy tickets. The very next day, like Marianne, he was just gone. To sum it up, i go to the cemetary and play our song for him just about every day.

So i played with my favorite PP until it was time to line up. We lined up, and i found a very nice spot at the right side of the barricades with just one person in front of me. She came out and we all sang happy birthday and she unexpectedly went right to the back of the barricades. She finally made her way to me and said, "hi sweetie, how are you doing today?"(i had talked to her the day before too). i said i was good, and gave her my card. i told her that it really wasn't that important, but i had written her a little stori that meant alot to me. She gave me a hug and assured me that it was important and she would read it before the show. i told her to have a happy birthday and that i'd see her in Charlotte. She smiled and squeezed my hand and signed my Raspberry Swirl 45 to Jen. Let me clarify:i didn't tell her my name. She had remembered from the day before...amazing. She went on to talk to my Phyllis and then got back on the golf cart WITHOUT PUTTING MY CARD IN THE BOX. She had taken it with her, which meant she would read it before the show. Once again, that woman is amazing.

The Show~

well, actually, the only part i really remember is private time. Everyone's already heard the stori before and that's when i started to lose it. When she was telling the stori i was crying and praying it was for MY song. Then she started Happy Phantom and i thought, well, this is pretty close and besides, i didn't actually expect her to play a song for ME, especially on her birthday. Wrong. She finished, looked at the audience, looked back at her piano and started playing LANDSLIDE. For ME. i melted into a puddle and watched as our goddess played OUR song for US, because after all, like Tori said, he was floating around there some place. Well, i missed the rest of the show because i was crying too hard, but i didn't care. TORI played a song for ME and i will never ask her for anything ever again. It was beautiful and precious and perfect and downright holy. That woman is simply amazing and i can't describe her in any other way at all. Actually, the next 2 shows, well, actually, the M&G's were almost as amazing.

In Charlotte i was number 42 or something like that, so i had no intentions of talking to her. i wrote her a thank~you letter and gave it to my #3 friend Zac. We get in the barricades and i was somehow only about 4 people back, so although i still didn't plan on talking to her, at least i could see her. Well, i didn't talk to her~SHE talked to ME! She got done talking to the girlies in front of me, looked up and said "Jen!" i smiled and asked if she got my note. She put her hand over her heart and pointed to me and then went on talking to other people. Amazement...

Merriweather~Number 25. Not bad, i fgured i'd at least get to say good~bye, since it was my last show till Buffalo. Again, just one person in front of me. She got done talking to that person and i said "Tori?" and she smiled at me. i just looked at her and said "Thanks for Landlslide" and started bawling. She squeezed my hand and closed her eyes and nodded. She said you're welcome, honey, then something else but i couldn't hear because of ALL THE RUDE TALKING PEOPLE! i hate people sometimes. She asked me if this was my last show and i said for about 2 weeks, i'll be back in Buffalo. She said "well, see you there" and squeezed my hand again.

Tori Amos is amazing and beautiful and more than anything i've ever thought anyone could ever be. i've seen her 14 times now and have 7 shows left on this tour. Anyone who wants to meet, e-mail me (notaprettyswirlgirl@gurlmail.com). Thanks for listening to me. And thank you, Tori.


From outsane:

Hello All,
I have a review (mixed in with a bit of other personal obvservations) on my website: http://www.outsane.com/rants.htm Please visit if you're interested. (There are also five pictures taken from the Meet and Greet.)

Cliff Lavergne

From underhere:

it was my birthday present to see tori and it was her birthday too blood roses brought more than i could have ever wished my best friend is the one who screamed "kill the bitch tori" right before horses-he thought it was the waitress she looked enchanting i couldn't quit rocking back and forth she was ripping out my insides and shoving back in what i was afraid to it was a spellbinding expirence

From miska:

I loved the Tori concert in Nashville. It was my second Tori Amos concert and it was just as magnificent as my first. I give it two thumbs up. Tori was beautiful.

From lisa:

Exceptional. I had good seats, but not as swell as my seats last year in Norman, Oklahoma where I was in the 6th row on the floor. I could see saliva fall from Tori's infamous lips and her delicate finger manipulating the ivories. In nashville, I didn't have such luck, but it wasn't bad luck either. I also thought 'Horses' was 'Waitress' so maybe she changed her mind whenever 'kill the bitch' was yelled out? Happy Phantom was funny!

From me0595:

The concert in Nashville was spectacular. I got to exchange a few words with Tori at the meet and greet in the afternoon because she came around to the side. Tori is such a sweetheart. During soundcheck, which was quite audible considering that it isn't really an enclosed venue, she played 1 new song that I was totally into. Alas, I shall probably never know what it was. The whole thing was a 4 hour show. The MP3 opening act was Greta Gaines (accompanied by Matt Chamberlain) who was very good. Emotionally, I was right with Greta's song "Best Of Me". After a relatively short set change, Tori came on and her music is such a gift of inspiration. It has truly changed my life. I was happiest to hear "Landslide" because that was playing on the radio when my grandmother died and it just had a little sentimentality attached to it and Tori just performed it so beautifully and intimately. "Blood Roses" and "Sugar" were also 2 songs that I really needed to hear after my out-of-control summer. Her entire set was complete bliss of another kind. Of course, there was the instrumental "Happy Birthday" and the time during "Happy Phantom" when she made up new words instead of the "or will I see you dear and wish I could come back" part. It was also very nice of her to run out and give her water to that sick girl on the front row during the last song. This concert made me happy. But wait, the concert wasn't over yet because after another relatively short set change, out comes another performer. I just want to say that I hope Tori and Alanis are not equally sharing the costs of the stage set, because that is officially what split up the Manson / Hole tour. Alanis is obviously in to tie die and narcissistic videos of herself running in slow motion. Her set was good. The best song was the one in which she plays the flute, ("would I still be good if I gained 10 pounds?" or something like that--I am not very familiar with her work). At times though, it was like watching a tennis match while she ran back and forth across the stage. She did do a lot of very free form dancing perhaps of African origin, but her 50 foot medusa hair was engulfing those of us in the first 5 rows. Ranking the 3 acts on musicianship and song-writing proficiency, I would have made Alanis the opening act and then Greta would be secondary and Tori would be the main headliner. I realized that Alanis's lyrics are not at all poetic and also very self-centered. Also, I won't say that Alanis is a cheap imitation Tori knock-off, but she did do a couple of sweeping vocals that made me realize how Tori has inspired her too. All of them were very good though, even so I would still prefer if Tori would just perform a show by herself--at the piano in my living room perhaps.

From Judy g:

Thank you everyone who helped us people who hadn't previously met OUR MOTHER You really were awesome and i felt like i had family there that i was finally getting to meet.
Tori was so in tune with us in Nashville, she definately felt the force of love from her diehards. The Nashville show was so touching it gave me an out-of-body experience. No Doubt. I felt such a loss when i had to leave, she became more a part of me than she was before. By Far. You guys are great, don't stop the search!!
!Love Love and more love.

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