1999 Solo Tour
Washington D.C. HFS-Mas Holiday Nutcracker
December 6, 1999

Updated December 20, 1999

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Tori played the HFS-Mas Holiday Nutcracker on Monday, December 6, 1999. It was promoted by radio station WHFS 99.1FM in Washington DC/Baltimore. The venue was the 9:30 Club and Tori played without a band. The Foo Fighters and Beck were also there. The performance was broadcast at WHFS and also on the net using RealVideo at the WFNX web site. (However, this was not announced at the site in advance, and so I and many people missed it.)

You can currently see photos from this performance on a special page at the WHFS web site.

You can find photos from the HFS-Mas Holiday Nutcracker (both from the meet & greet and the concert) at the Distilled web site.

Set List

Take To The Sky
I'm On Fire

Silent All these Years


From Allstar CDNOW Daily Music News

December 10, 1999 - The December 9, 1999 edition of the Allstar Daily Music News at CDNOW's web site contained an article in the miss truth section about this concert and the things Tori said to the audience:

As allstar contributor Marianne Meyer reports, Tori Amos was quite quotable during her set at WHFS "Nutcracker" holiday concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. on Monday (Dec. 6). Before singing a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire,"' Amos let this little gem fly: "If I were into hair pie, I think I would really sing this song to a lot of my woman friends." In another ode to the female genitalia, Amos summed up Christianity in the following manner: "There's a sign in our dressing room that says 'No Naughty Words' but I'd just like to say [as] my Christmas gift to the Washington area, I think that it's very important that all of us remember that Jesus wouldn't have been here without a pussy being around." Merry Christmas!

From Joe C.

December 10, 1999 - I was up against the barricade and I thought that all three acts were terrific. My favorites by Tori that night were Sugar and Lust. Lust is a great song! Actually, anything off of Venus sounds great live.

I like the Foo Fighters, they were a lot of fun. They were high-energy and there was some crowd surfing -- I think everyone had a good time with Foo. And Beck -- it was amazing to see that guy performing a few feet in front of me. His new songs are great and "Where it's At" was a big-time crowd pleaser! Everyone on the floor was loving it. Beck and his band are an hilarious act.

Back to Tori -- yeah, she looked great! I noticed her (shoes?) too. And Tori's Sunday school teacher was indeed a sweet person. I enjoyed her little sTories. She claims that Concertina is her favorite, if anyone's curious.

I wish Tori played Marianne as I never heard that one live before. It was on the setlist, but instead she played SATY. If anyone has a tape of the show (off the radio or otherwise), please contact me, I'd appreciate it.

I travelled from Michigan to see the show. Thanks for the ticket Valerie!

From SairaGrey [The first person to email me about the show!]

December 7, 1999 - Tori Setlist for the HFSMass Holiday Nutcracker

Take to the Sky
A little bit of talking about how if she liked hair pie she'd sing this to
all her girlfriends and then she goes into:
I'm On Fire
Story about how Jesus wouldn't have been here without a pussy.
Concertina (with nice piano intro)

Encore 1

From Andromeda Rising

December 7, 1999 - The originial set was to be all of the above except Marianne after Angie, and Cooling in Winter's place (and Winter where SATY actually was). The two girls next to me got the set list from Marcel after Tori left and I got to look at it, lucky me

There should be some great pics surfacing from this concert, as there was much flash photography.

The meet and greet started at about 5pm and lasted only 15 or so minutes. I got my Winter digipak signed! And she spoke at great length with the girl standing right up against the barricade in front of me. The girl didn't have tickets, but Tori knew her and was giving her advice about something she'd been writing to her about. Everyone gave them respect, it seemed, because no one was taking pics or shoving or anything. It was nice.

I was second row for the show, almost flat up agianst the barricade. Tori's Sunday school teacher was in front of me! She was talking to a bunch of people around her. She said that Tori's parents were in FL now and had asked her to come to the concert to look in on Tori. She said Tori is the most at peace she has ever been, and that she will likely not tour in Europe (or anywhere for that matter) in the spring.

She also told a cute story! When Tori was in her Sunday school classes, and they would act out the Good Samaritan story, Tori always wanted to be the thief. Tee hee!

She also told us that Tori gets death threats a lot. Or just mean letters and such, a lot of it from the Christian Right and other religious groups that are adamantly against her music.

More from me later, I'm sure. I was fucking knocked off my feet by this show. She is incredible.


Oooh! How could I forget?!?! The shoe report! Well, she was wearing red shoes, stiletto heals with two leeetle straps. They looked very dangerous.

And she was wearing leather/spandex/smtg stretchy pants under her leather skirt and a light blue shawl with silver sparkling threads in it.

Before "I'm On Fire" she says that if she were the hair-pie type or a guy she'd sing this song to all her girlfriends.

She started to play "Lust" then stopped and said (big ol' paraphrase here): its funny how in the dressing rooms they have these signs posted that say No Bad Words, but you know, I just thought the whole Washington Metro Area should know that Jesus would not have been born if not for a pussy.

Something like that! Hopefully someone who taped the radio broadcast is busy transcripting right now...

From J

December 7, 1999 - Well, Tori was amazing tonight. It was so nice to see her solo again. She's cut her hair short and it was just above her shoulders. Before she played Lust she mentioned that she had gotten married, but that it was not all fuzzy slippers and baggy underwear, but there was another side, referencing the song. Pretty cool.

She did a nice "ooh" like in Hey Jupiter during I'm On Fire. She mentioned before that song that she's heard it played by the original artist (she didn't name Bruce) around here 20 years ago.

Sugar was especially good tonight, but then, it has been for a while now.


From Bliss

December 7, 1999 - Most everything has already been stated, but when she stopped playing lust, she directed the comment to Bob (waugh) about the dressing room sign saying don't use any bad language. Bob Waugh is a jockey for 99.1 and he's the one that did the wonderful interview "tea with the waitress" the highlights would have to be 'Sugar', it was exactly the same as the 98/99 version minus the band and 'I'm on Fire' She was totally on fire tonight and seemed in an incredible mood. Plus the fact that she was doing it solo made it all the more better( I do really love the band though) I didn't like foo-fighters at all. I like some of their stuff on the radio, but live I thought they just totally blew. Beck was really good though, it was my first time seeing him live and I'd go to one of his shows if he came in the area again. It was funny at the end of his set, all his band members decorated hime, draping shirts over him and putting three tambourines and maraccas everywhere. Sorry for all the spelling errors, i'm late tired and need sleep, adios.

From raisin girl

December 7, 1999 - did u see her shoes!!! they were boots,..but boots that looked like she was wearing heels,..but the heels were built into the boots,..they went up to her kneee,..with little stilletto loking heels made into the boots,...like she was wearing stockings and red highheels but the stockings were actually black boot,..oh man!~!~~~i love this woman!~~ after the show,..i went outside to wait and see tori,..and she came out!!!!! i met her,.said hi,.first for me~~ got great damn pics right in her face,...she said she wanted to take a shower cause some guy with bad cologne had hugged her and she smelt like a bad fuck like when she was 17,..something to that effect,.i laughed my ass off!!! god she looked great,..a girl was crying next to me,...and tori huggerd her,.told her it'd be ok,..to just keep breathing,..and that the world is crazy and we are all going through rough crap,..to just keep breathing,..said she'd see her in New York.....i guess thats where shes off to next,..and Jole *(spelling) was sooo nice,~~~ i tok his pic with another girl,...and he just smiled,..was awesome!!! he took the letter i wrot5e for tori,.a 6 page letter, and he gave it to her,..he was so nice,...god what a night!!! im in heaven,..on cloud 9....i never want to come down~~~~

From GlttrGrrl

December 10, 1999 - Andromeda Rising!! I know who you are! You were right in front of me at the meet and greet and behind me at the show. You said pretty much everything I wanted to say.

Tori seemed to be in great spirits and very happy at the meet and greet. I asked her what she was doing for new year's, cuz I had this little hope she would do a stellar show. But she looked up and said, "Oh Peace...peace." And I thought it was cute and said, oh cool, and peace on earth for the holidays (or something retarded like that), and she said, More like Peace on my couch, and then she said, Or a piece of my husband, and she got this totally cute mischievous look in her eye. Absolutely adorable.

When she was done, I asked Marcel to give the girl who had been there since 9am the set list, and then I got the other one to give to Joe, who came all the way from Michigan for this awesome show (tori had two set lists at her piano). I watched them pack up the piano, and on the side it said Baby Bosie how cute.

For those of you who care, I stayed up front for the Foo Fighters, and I thought they were just really fun. They kept pretending like they were going to do a cover (Led Zeppelin, Everclear), and then they would break into one of their own songs. They actually did do a Queen cover, but I don't remember which one. I got a set list for me and one for Joe and I got Taylor's drumstick. I made out like a bandit. They had fun on stage, even though Dave Grohl had his eyes closed half the time...and his mom was there.

Beck was AWESOME, but man is his band UGLY...I mean how did he possibly find the world's ugliest band. They rocked. Some girl pulled my hair and almost pulled off one of my fingernails to grab the set list. I was like okay if you want it that bad, you can have it...geez...it would have been cool to have all three

After the show was totally over, Mark and Marcel were hanging around, and I thanked Marcel for giving us the set lists. He gave me a hug. He was so cool. And I talked to Mark about what Tori said at the M&G, and told him that they seem so happy and to have a great holiday. He was really cool too. I was just babbling.

I still can't believe that I got in. It was incredible.

From thoughtsritenow

December 10, 1999 - k, well yeah everything has pretty much been said. but it was really amazing. i got my father to tape the show for us off the radio and my favs are definitely concertina, sugar and angie. concertina was just beautiful (much better solo live IMHO), sugar was SO powerful and tori was wayy getting into it (drool was pouring of course) and angie...woah. talk about some vocal soaring. she stopped playing just to make the longest most beautiful vocalization i have ever heard! i was blown a w a y.
the meet and greet was wonderful as well even if it was short. i was lucky to get my PGY digipack signed shes the nicest person in the world. its that simple. pluss, one of the girls i was talking to while waiting was apparently very close to mark. she went off talking to him for about a half hour, and it seems as though she even has their phone #. lucky lucky.
and thank goodness for GA. it was great to be so close to her..when she left she came over and let us all grab her hands and everything oh it was just wonderful

ok, sorry if i repeated a lot but i just had to get that out!

From swirl siren

December 10, 1999 - it was one of the best shows i ever went to. raisin girl, that was my pic you took with joel! hee hee. oh man i loved this show. hfs people are so nice! me and my little posse were standing outside with no tickets and every few minutes someone would come out and give one of us one ticket until finally one of the security guards came out and handed my remaining friends tickets saying that tori's tour manager (i'm assuming he was talking about john witherspoon since i know he was there). i got in in the middle of the third song (leather) and started crying cause i was so relieved. that concert was just sooooo cathartic for me. i can't even explain how much it meant for me to get to see her again. and when she played winter i sobbed. that was my first tori song and i had never heard it live and thanks to some troubles in my life right now i just needed it without knowing. god it was so good! and beck was amazing too! i had never seen him before so it was quite a thrill oh man even though it was such a short set i think it was the best one i'd been to, cooling or no cooling. angie even touched me and i don't usually like that cover too much. okay enough from me. raisin girl, thanks again for taking my pic with joel!

okay, from what i remember of beck's list here it is not in order except for the first song and last song:

mixed bizness
peaches and cream
where it's at
strange invitation
dead weight
devil's haircut

that's all i remember and that may actually have been it. god his new cd is awesome! okay, now that's really it from me


From blckdove

December 10, 1999 - Melissa, Valerie, Joe-- HEY, it's Elizabeth/Lizzie. What's up guys? It was so cool to meet people at this concert (although I didn't really meet this particular Melissa even though she was about 4 feet from me, I met another Melissa but she's probably not reading this.) Gawd, this was such an awesome concert experience for me. I just found the time to write my piece now cuz i've been catching up on all my work. My friend drove from NJ to pick me up in Philly and then we drove all the way down to DC to make the m&g at 3. Valerie was nice enough to pass up my tvab cover and said, "This is for Elizabeth, she's really short, like four feet tall" (i'm 4'11'' thankyouverymuch ) and tori said, "Oh, hi Elizabeth!". Definitely made my day, although the pouring rain was a highlight! And by the way, I haven't gotten the pictures back yet but we'll see if they come out (i was stupid enough to forget my camera and then bought one w/o a flash and the m&g started at 5 or so). After the m&g, we were lucky enough to get towards the front of the line. She was so incredibly beautiful and thanx to Joe, I was able to secure my place up front--thank you!!! I definitely got a kick out of the shoe deal... were they really boots as someone said? i am pretty sure that i saw the buckles on the sandles.... does anyone else agree? I want to know where she got them! I was so mad to find out that Cooling *and* Marianne were on the original setlist and then she took them off. Cooling is the one song I wanted to ask her to play if I was close enough to talk with her and Marianne was the one song that my friend wanted. Oh well. It was one of the most beautiful concerts I've ever seen/heard. I loved Angie at the end when she was singing so high on "saaaaaaayyyy [we never tried]". I only wish I could have seen her hands at the piano but it was awesome to see her grab her crotch and grind the piano bench. It was such a magical experience being up front because she just looked right in your eyes at times and it was so....wow... Anyway, enough babbling. It was wonderful, 'nuff said!!

Tori luv and apple green ice cream,

From GlttrGrrl

December 10, 1999 - I remembered that I wanted to post about her Soundcheck. You could hear it through the front door until they closed them (jerks) and then I went to the back door area to listen. She played Lust, Bliss, Concertina, then Lust again, Take To The Sky, I'm on Fire (which I totally did not recognize until I heard it during the actual set), something else that I couldn't hear, and then Sugar. It was the first time I'd listened to one of her soundchecks, so it was cool.

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