5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Holmdel, NJ
August 28, 1999

Updated February 29, 2000

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Tori performed in Holmdel, NJ on August 28, 1999 at the PNC Bank Arts Center (formerly called the Garden State Arts Center) during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl

Silent All These Years (solo)
1,000 Oceans (solo)

Professional Widow
Father Lucifer

Precious Things


From A Holdel, NJ Newspaper

Added February 29, 2000 - Lily Matini sent me this newspaper review, which appeared after this concert took place. I am not sure at this time what newspaper it appeared in.

From Getting Even to Getting Sentimental


HOLMDEL, N.J., Aug. 28 - With Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos as headliners, what could be called the Banshee Tour came to the PNC Bank Art Center here tonight. both women have sold millions of albums by unleashing big, headstrong voices, going all the way from decorous sweetness to growls and wails.

Their music also stakes out extremes, from delicacy to din; they know how to make a crescendo sound like an avalanche. And both have written songs that are blunt about sexual strife, that struggle against Christian backgrounds and that summon the fury of a woman scorned. Where the Lilith Fair's songwriters tended to offer a soothing sisterly hug, Ms. Morissette and Ms. Amos also give their fans a taste of vicarious revenge and a chance to have the last word.

Onstage they rally female solidarity. At tonight's concert, each one drew waves of squeals for specific lines of songs: Ms. Morissette when she sang about weight problems in "That I Would Be Good" and about "unabashedly bawling your eyes out" in "Thank U;" M.s Amos when she deflated a lover's ego in "Precious Things."

Yet while both women offer advice and vindications, their approaches to songwriting are utterly dissimilar. While Ms. Morissette thrives on rock's directness and concision, Ms. Amos writes more enigmatic, more protean songs, some turning into miniepics.

Ms. Morissette's tunes look back to the Beatles and Bob Dylan, and even when she wants to let loose a flurry of words, she grounds them in a succinct vamp.

Her lyrics are as clear as she can make them: "Are you still mad I shared our problems with everybody?" she sang with demure coyness. "Of course you are."

Her songs often recall bad times after she has made peace with them, and onstage she beamed through most of her set. But the sharp yodel or yelp that flickers at the edge of nearly every phrase send a different message, one of remembered pain and of anger that could still erupt.

Her band, at its best, makes her songs roil aruond her voice, as it did in "Sympatheic Character," about her fear of a man's brutality and her realization that "I have as much rage as you have," and in a re-vamped, brooding arrangement of her career-making hit "You Oughta Know." When she danced, spinning with her long hair whirling around her, she seemed to be putting herself at the mercy of emotions that weren't yet figured out.

Ms. Amos's songs combine meticulous musicianship with willfull abandon. Some repeatedly shift mood and tempo, as her voice metamorphoses from croon to embittered rasp to near-operatic declamation. Her classical piano training shows in strenuous keyboard parts that can be as brawny as Elton John's two-fisted chords or as dainty as Baroque conterpoint. And her lyrics dive into unexplained memories and allusions, emergin now and then with a line that rings true to her listensers: "I hear my voice and it's been here silent all these years."

Lately Ms. Amos has been working to treat her band more like a partner than as an accompaniment, using guitar and drum textrues to make her songs even more dynamic. Although subtleties were smothered by the arts center's dismal acoustics, the band expanded older songs like "The Waitress" with eerie drones and explosive chorusues, and she harnessed a rock beat in two songs from her next album, "To Venus and Back" (Atlantic), scheduled for release on Sept. 21. Another new song, "1,000 Oceans," may be her most straightforward ballad yet: "I've cried 1,000 oceans," she tenderly sang. "I will cry 1,000 more if that's what it takes to sail you home."

An all-male band, Chlorophyll, played for early arrivals. With strummed acoustic guitar, brushes on drums and a singer who pined (in falsetto) about loneliness, it was the timid sensitive-male response to the volatile passions of Ms. Amos and Ms. Morissette. It's a shame that the two headliners didn't perform together; they could have teamed up for a heartfelt "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You." The tour is due at Jones Beach Theater on Wednesday.

From Richard Handal

September 3, 1999 - Richard called me on the phone after the show and said Tori did a lot of ad-libbing and spontaneous incantations this show, all on the fly. Tori got on venue security during Juarez telling them to leave the kids alone. Tori was on from 7:58PM until 9:15. The Waitress did have a weird intro/incantation to it.

Alanis did a cover of the Beatles "Norwegian Wood" tonight!

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From CruCify_NiN:

well i just got back heres the set-

3.? dont know new sond
4.cornflake girl
7.silent all these years
8.1,000 oceans
9.suede??? maybe im not sure
10.professional widow
11.the waitress
12.precious things.

here is my review.
first off,the people were very nice,of course most alanis fans stared and made comments to me,but oh well. when tori came on a just burst into tears and i couldnt stop till the end of sugar.

GOD-she sung the first couple lines from back stage like usual. sounds amazing.

SUGAR-this was one i really wanted to hear,i thought it sounded great.

THE SONG I DONT KNOW-well first while the band was playing she stood up w/ her back faceing the piano and arched her back . which was when everyone went insane. and the people were VERY loud tonight,i loved it. but i thought the song was alright.

CORNFLAKE GIRl-this was one of my fav.s in the "peel out the watchword" part she improvised and was like "and that and this and here we go again and that-this is not really happenening" and she did that a couple of times,which sent people off. and it got VERY noisy.

BLISS-this i thought sounded good,but its odd cause no one knew any of her new songs.i think like 4 people in the whole place cheered when she started this one. but like tori is was just amazing.

CRUCIFY-i didnt even know what song she was playing till the chorus.i really didnt like this one.

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS-this was by far one of the highlights of the night. every one definitely woke up during this one. and i think people were the loudest during this one.

1,000 OCEANS-very beautiful,but no one reconized it. i loved it. i cant wait till venus comes out.

MAYBE SUEDE,i dunno..i dont remember this one.

PROFESSIONAL WIDOW-another highlight. i really liked the "running in the family" part.

FATHER LUCIFER-i liked this one,it was my friends fav. song so he was lovin it.

THE WAITRESS-this could possibly one of my fav. songs she played. it was so fuckin memorizing. and just powerful

PRECIOUS THINGS- thats all i have to say. about the people-the crowd was VERY tori oriented. i saw lots a people leave(including me) after tori's set. or people leaving a couple songs into alanis's set. and im not gonna say this cause i hate alanis,but she sounded truley horrible. maybe one of the worst live performers i have ever heard. but i couldnt really c what tori was wearing but it looked dark red. amazing night

From bobby, the bee collector:

My God. Tonight was absolutely amazing. I am shaking. I can't choose between Camden and Holmdel, both were so different and so incredible. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love her so much. My seats were shit, but I could see Tori (she was just very tiny) and she looked adorable. She was wearing a red dress I think, I can't be sure.


SUGAR I love this song so much. I was glad to hear it.

JUAREZ was amazing again. It's a great great song. I could understand her lyrics more this time. During the song, however, the security guiards were trying to make people sit down and Tori said "guys, stop, leave th kids alone--this is cool. If there's a problem, I'll suck them off later." (At least I think that's what she said, I could be wrong).



CRUCIFY is so different on this tour. It's very electronic sounding and Tori plays the keyboard for a lot of it. The beat is completely different except for the chorus. I really liked it.

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS got a huge applause from Alanis and Tori fans alike. It was superb; it truly was like hearing it for the first time.

1,000 OCEANS!!!!! Tori said she was going to sing a new song that she needed to get out. I screamed "Oh my fucking God" very loud and it drew some laughter from the crowd. Heh, but I didn't care. I was shaking with excitement and was on the verge of tears throughout. It was beautiful. Hearing the debut of 1,000 Oceans truly was a dream come true.

SUEDE was another dream come true! I wanted to hear it so badly and I did. It was fantastic. This is an amazing song live. It's very slow and the beat is great. This is a favorite of mine.

"Now it's time to return to the classics." That is what the electronic voice said before the song started. It was even better tonight.

FATHER LUCIFER is awesome on this tour! It sounds like it does on the Jackie's Strength single, but the bridge is the "Steve McQueen" one from the Plugged tour. I was totally surprised. It was very very good.

THE WAITRESS Some security guard made me sit down during the last minute of the song. My sister told him to go screw himself, but he liked pushed me down.

Disgruntled Toriphiles behind me asked everyone to stand during PRECIOUS THINGS and we did.

The security guard was angry, but oh, well, it was the last song and my seats weren't that great anyway and I wasn't about to block my view any further. The ending of Precious Things was probably the best I've ever heard it.

Tori was extremely playful and happy tonight. The show was fantastic; a bit more commercial than Camden, but amazing nevertheless.

Seeing Tori two nights in a row was more fufilling than I could have ever imagined. The 5 1/2 Weeks Tour shows are wonderful, IMO, and my only complaint is that it goes way too fast. But then again, Newark was ten minutes shy of two hours and she did 19 songs and it still felt like the first commercial break of an NBC sitcom....

From DirtyFishyDishCloth:

ok tori was wearing a long reddish marronish dress, it was two parts. the under part was dark marroon, and the top part was see through maroonish whitish with these random gold lines going through areas, she had black shoes on, but i really can't describe them that well they were only on the tv screen for a while and then i noticed them when it was just going off. her hair didn't have any extensions or anything in it, it was pulled back but loosely and it was frizzy and curly all in one. the show was just amazing i heard people talking about the acoustics but i really didn't notice i thought the sound was awesome, and the bass and drums sounded awesome. and who ever does tori's lighting should be paid more than they make, the lights were FANTASTIC! every song i heard made me giddy!! i heard the intro to god and was grinning ear to ear. and tori talked about being really happy that her best friends were there and then she introduced the band, and also mentioned that early in the day she and alanis were talking about how best friends can turn so easliy and then she went in to cornflake girl. and then she was talking and she barked at i guess a group of audience members it was hilarious, and i loved the little audio clip right before she went into prof. widow. and she did play suede and it was even better than the mp3 that i heard of it.

and on a side note you should stop by that little computer booth u can send these cute little emails to your friends, i loved the show, even if i didn't even stay for a song during alanis' set.

the merchandise that they have there are great. i wanted all the shirts they had there but i only got two, the dark purple and the white berry one. and i just love the

From Hellacious Acres:

Who's the guy she called SUEDE ?!?!
Wow what a night, she was very sexually charged. Sugar/Widow/3 from venus...wow.

One point she was flirting with this guy in the front row. He was making some funny kissing gesture and studly pose to her and she made a muscle with her arm
(prolly cause he was F-I-N-E !!! )
Later on she called him 'suede'

Set list is posted, so i'll go sleepy now. Email me Suede !

From EmptyCageGrrl:

I believe you are correct, chastain06, about 'Gary's Girl.' I wasn't planning on posting a review, and I'm not. I am just going to list my three highlights of the evening.

Someone mentioned this already, but I have to do say it again because it was so cute. Before Tori played "1000 Oceans," she started talking. "I've never ...[insert loud noise from audience]... This is something... [insert more loud noise from audience]... Hold on! ::gruff::" That doggy bark was the cutest thing in the world! By the gods!!

My second favorite thing was when Alanis tripped over the microphone cord during "All I Really Want." I got into a semi-argument over whether she meant to do it or not with my sister-in-law. I want to believe it was an accident.

My last favorite thing was as I was leaving in this guy asked the security guard if people come out this way (as he pointed to a gate.) And the security guard said, "If they want to." It was really that funny, but I couldn't stop laughing. The concert made me extra giddy.

From RoXy:

the holmdel show was sooooooo excelent!!!!!!!!!! she was soooooo beautiful and wore this great burgundy dress with a kind of chifon material shaw "thing" over it...she talked before 1,000 Oceans and did a little "Bark" and everyone cried and screamed and tori was so wonderful...it was just such an awsome show. she did a lot of lingering in her voice, it was great!!!! very melodic! here's the set list :

Concertina(or whatever that new one's called it's too late for me to drag my eyes to check)
Cornflake Girl
Crucify (GREAT new version!!!)
Silent All These Years
1,000 Oceans (excellent!)
Professional Widow (totally unexpected!!! breathtakingly original!) Father Lucifer ( again unexpected by me...it was so beautiful) Waitress
Precious Things (PERFECT Close out!!!!!)

this was the setlist...it was my 1st concert ever and i'm so happy it was to see tori, it was a very emotional experience for me and i hope you all who went enjoyed it just as much...

Jenn (a.k.a. RoXy)

From Fiery Girl:

Hi everyone,
Just got back from the Holmdel show. I booted it. Here's the setlist:

Cornflake Girl
Silent All These Years
Professional Widow
Father Lucifer
Precious Things (encore)

Ok, I will trade this show on tape for other 1999 shows ONLY. I will open it up to other trades later. The quality is about a B+ . The security was very tight and walking up and down the sides of the aisles and watching people, so I had a hard time concealing everything sometimes, so the sound is muffled at times.

For those of you wondering, it will take a little while to get this on CDR, but I will let you know when its ready. I won't be selling it though, just trading it.

The crowd was rough (in my opinion). I didn't really get a chance to enjoy Tori to be hinest with you. I was so peranoid about security (I was the last seat in my aisle, close to the stage too), and there was a lot of unnecessary screaming.

Anyway, that's it for now. I hope the Mansfield show is a little better.

From xiola:

It was a really good show tonight. 1000 oceans is so beautiful. It was the first time I heard seude and she hasn't touched me the same way the other tvab girls have....I'll have to wait and see if she grows on me. I was happy to here Professional Widow again--I just love that song live! I had these really noisy people behind me, they talked all the way through 1000 oceans. I think they were toriphiles since they didn't stay for Alanis. They were really rude.

I was lucky enought to meet some great people from here briefly...Darrell, and rkoppinger (did I spell that right?). It's nice to have a face to put with the names on the posts. I am very shy and I usually just go to as many shows as I can and I keep to myself. It was nice to meet some of you.

It was the first time I stayed for Alanis. I was with my sister and she likes her. I really thought she'd be worse than she was. She wasn't too bad. I like dthe lighting used during her performance...the black lacey background thing was cool. I have to admit I'm not much of a fan of her music but she's alright.

From gina_b.:

--OK,probably no one knows me 'round these parts anymore but I thought I'd add my .02 anyway about this show. Well, I didn't know all the new songs, but I really loved the one that everyone is referring to as "suede".
--Yeah, I was thinking that her set went by too quickly, but I think it lasted about an hour and a half? Tori did look great. I was unhappy that the main overhead screen wasn't working though, 'cos I was in the 3rd tier in back. Security people were trying to make everyone sit down because of this - the people in the 4th tier were complaining they couldn't see. Otherwise I don't think the security people really care if people stand and dance. Anyway, I hadn't seen Tori since last November (Newark - which was a GREAT show too) so I was surprised at how many of the old songs were still being reworked to sound different - except for Silent All These Yrs, which sounded like the old-style Tori with her occasional drawn-out pauses throughout the song. --I also did stay for some of Alanis' set. I like a few of her songs but I'm not a big fan, so decided to leave a little early to beat the crowd. --In all, it was a very nice summer evening outside for a super Tori show!

From Magicms1:

Well first off I just got back a few minutes ago, so i'm pooped and kinda out of it, so excuse the bad typing and spelling. The concert was amazing, she was in a great mood and very playful. My favorite part of the whole concert was right in the middle of one of the first 2 songs, where she she said something to the security guards ...like "Just leave them along, there not hurting anyone" or something like that,.. I'm not really sure, but the security guards left the wiggling girls alone after Tori let them have it.. hehe ~ Anoother cute part was when she called out "Mr. Fix it" and did her famous horns on the top of her head. It was a cute breif moment but any EWF would recognize it..

Set List:
1. God- Wonderful, it was a great opening although I miss the intensity with precious things as an opener, it was still incredible. 2. Sugar
3. Juarez- First tme hearing this song, all I an say is that we have a lot to look forward to in Venus
4. Cornflake- Very well done, you could hear the hard work and practice put in to this one....as in all of them, but this was great. 5. Bliss
6.It had a whole new drum arrangment (or at least i think the drums) this was very well done, and in the beggining i had no idea what I was hearing untill someone next to me (who saw her in Camden) said it was Cornflake girl.. Great change.
(Private time)
6. Silent all These years- This was beautiful. At PNC everything has a tendency to sound very muffled but when it was just "the girl and her piano" it was very clear and very clean sounding. You could hear everyword and every note on piano...
7. 1,000 Oceans- Before she played this she said this was something new that she haden't done before.. Was this the debut of 1,000 oceans on this tour? I don't know but it was beautiful....quite the tear jerker... ~
8. Suede- What can I say about this except.......Look Forward to the Next Recored because from what i heard tonight it is going to be amazing.
9. Pro Widow- What a SUPRISE!!! This song was great, I couldn't believe she played it. I was really getting worried that we would never hear it live again, and Boom Sha Lak a lak Boom ...here it was....... It was wonderful, very intense and of course Tori's whole performance of it was very passinate.. Or I thought so anyway.. 10. Father Lucifer- Another great one, it sounded a lot like her performance at Sessions at west 54th... but even better (or maybe i just think that because i was there)
11. Waitress- I was praying she would play this and Va Va VOOOM she did..... Everytime she plays it i feel like I'm going into a trance. The lighting was fabulous in this song. Very incredible live, there are no words to describe this song ...you have to be there. (Encore)
12. Precious things- She belted this out with a great intensity (as always) I could hear this song 1,000 times and i don't think i would ever get sick of it. After this she waved, shook hands with a few people in the front, and ran off stage like she was chasing someone and trying to get a hold of there hand.. i don't know, but it was cute.

From agirlinbethlehem:

Well, I was at Camden last night, and let me just say, I enjoyed that show much more than this one. It wasn't anything to do with Tori -- she was absolutly incredable, as always. It was the fans. I stood up when she started to play "God" and was starting to sing along when some bitch 7 rows back pegged me in the head with some quaters (consecutivly) and told me to "sit your ass down" because it was a concert to sit and enjoy, not to do that with! Arg!
"I believe in peace, bitch" I think aptly applies here.

Also, these people next to me (Alanis fans, maybe, but not necessarily) were talking LOUDLY through half the set, until I shot them this horribly cold look when they started talking VERY loudly about how stupid the fans of Tori were acting during SATY. That just pissed me off, so I "accidently" hit the guy with my elbow and when he went to say something, I just shot him this look.


Camden was so awesome. I mean, I was up on my feet the entire time, dancing like crazy or swaying quietly while whispering the lyrics. This concert just was so blah.

However, it's cool that I got to hear 1,000 Oceans live! I have the MP3 of it, and I listen to it daily!

Well, that's about it! Bye!

--A Girl in Bethlehem

From Motley 99:

For someone whose 1st concert was Mitch Ryder in 1965,this was a real treat.Not too many folks remember seeing Janis Joplin,but Tori's the first one since her to hit every kind of note,delivery,&pacing with such feeling.

She really hit her stride w/Juarez,& the audience came alive as well.

My jurys out on Bliss

the new version of crucify rocked,the band is versatile,always changing-capable of pure jazz should they choose to do it-even 20 years from now!

SATY was absolutely classic

.1000 O's -will Sarah cover it someday?(she has this water thing)

I think it was Suede where Caton truly made himself heard (you can hardly hear him most of the time.)

P-widow-this live version is an unbelievably crafted song!

Waitress blew the house down(PT.too)

The wisdom of Tori playing 2 sets of keyboards&alternating between facing different sides of the audience never struck me 'til tonite. - Regarding Alanis-10 years younger& truly a kid-but she's maturing.One hell of a vocal range.Nick Lashley-& her keyboard guy-& are true masters.It was nice to hear Norwegian Wood-Alanis could do worse than cover great old Beatles stuff (within you without you--maybe for the India feel?)Is she gliding away from the metal moments she had w/ JLP?-I think so.Unbelievable amount of lyrics jammed into those songs.Uninvited was a triumph;Ironic too wistful for a closer.Also hope she will cut down on her (not great)harmonica playing. So it was a great show.But way tame for a crowd!(hardly danced)For next time-indoor venue & a MOTLEY crew. (audiencewise)

From PrinceAdam:

Ho hum.. it was so &^@$%$!@# amazing!!! I totally got my money's worth. Although she didn't do Dutchman :{ I will live... You got the set lists like 145847589 times so I will just add what I thought. Crucify.. I hate this song: plugged unplugged.. ick. SUGAR!!! OHMYFINGGODS this was THE best... err maybe Pro Widow was I dunno but it rocked. All of it.

Oh yeah Alanis.. um if Tori ever reads the Dent: DON'T EVER TOUR WITH THAT FREAKY CHICK AGAIN PLEASE. I mean she was okay... lots and lots of energy. But I no like her fans. I went in with a whatever it's Tori I don't care if Alanis fans run around naked but, this one guy behind me was like "okay Alanis is coming on SHE knows how to put on a REAL show unlike that Tori chick". Oh I lost it. I was all like "Um Tori can kick Alanis' ass twice a day and five times on Sunday so like shut up". He did.. it felt good. Anyway.. it rocked.. Tori was wonderful as always. Ican'tbelieveshedidSuede!! I

Oh I don't know if anyone talked about this but it was oh soTorirockoutcool:

In the middle of Juarez I guess some Tori fans were rocking out or trying to get something up on stage for her, and the moron security was like "no" and I guess it was visible to Tori she was like "Guys STOP! Guys STOP! Leave the kids alone it's cool" Then she said something like "Stop or I will". I was like ROCK OUT TORI! Okay I have rambled enough. Toodles.

From sapphoula:

hi all for tori,
i'm a bit late, so i just have a little to add to the conversation. didnt tori mention that she had a lot of friends with her tonite or something???

speaking of not sure what she said. it was my sister's vigin tori experience & she had a difficult time thoughout the first half of the set really understanding what tori was singing. and although she is more familiar with tori's work, she understood alanis a lot more. it was also my first outdoor tori affair, & i too think the accoustic werent the most flattering. not horrendous, but not the best...

i wasnt expecting much from alanis. so i enjoyed her show. but i did notice that a lot of her fancy set distracted ones eye away from the performers themselves. tori's shows have never done that. and tori's boys all had silver sheet things behind them which brought more light on them; tori could have used one behind her too to give her contrast from the stage background... i could see her somewhat but i was in 302 and her dark mauvish dress thing blended in somewhat...

my sister was very sad that no choirgirl songs stopped by. me too, but a lot of the songs that did show up were " choirgirlified" i told her, revamped old songs from the choirgirl tour. such as precious, sugar and waitress.

*i looove this new crucify!!! i want her to release it!!! and professional widow & father lucifer!!!!! wow what a father lucifer... and i believe ESPECIALLY during widow, that the boys were showing more of their stuff since the last time i saw them back in november. am i wrong???

i really wanted to hear juarez and it made me teary eyed when i realized what it was. and i was very happy to hear 1000 oceans, so was a guy a few seats away from me he made me smile suede too! i am very pumped up for the new album.

silent gave me tori chills. i think that the time constraints and the venue with their consession stands and the stench of fast food wasnt the best light for a tori experience but i am still happy i got another hearful of her last nite. until next time

oh one more thing, they had on merchandise stand before who went in and so many crowded there. but at least at holmdel there was another after you went into the seating area. it was not a good system...plus they waited a while to let people in. at least 7-ish. i dont like the PNC so much now. last i was there it was still garden state arts center. lots of new militant rules, and annoying security people...

thanks for letting me share, everyone. i hope everyone gets to enjoy tori.

mucha agape,

From Pixiecell:

HEY. i made it to the meet and greet..and she handed out water bottles (i got one!) and said "these are to SHARE you guys..unless you have herpes of the mouth..then..just keep it.." yeah...before cornflake girl..tori said something to the effect of "i have some of my girlfriends here and..blahdeblahdeblah..something about how she and alanis were talking about how girls stab eachother in the back..and how she hoped her girlfriends wouldnt.." then she launched into cornflake girl..

actually, this was my boyfriend's virgin tori experience as well and i have..for lack of a better word..converted him. hehehe

okay..heres my review..even though MANY peopel have posted there reviews..

1.GOD-- she sang the beginning "do you need a woman to look after you" backstage and then bounded onstage. i was crying when she came on just because..i havent seen her since last summer and i..always get really emotional RIGHt before the concert..so..the song was great but there were lots of people talking in my section and some people still finding their seats which made me angry

2.SUGAR-- this was a CRAZY version of sugar..very much guitar and bass..a pounding version of it..it was beautiful..really really sexy..and i was blowing out the eardrums of the people in front of me..sugar is one of my favorite songs..

3. JUAREZ-- this is the first time ive heard this song. lots of "doo doo doo's" which were wonderful..though not very much piano, which was sad..

4. CORNFLAKE GIRL--wonderful version..it was before this that she said her girlfriends were there..and the version was wonderful..full of life..BEAUTIFUL piano solos..they took my breath away..and in the "peel out the watchword" part her mic started buzzing..so she improvised while she fixed it with "daa daa this and that and lets do it again..peel out the watchword..just peel out the watchword" and made a little motion with her hand to matt to keep it going..SO cute..

5. BLISS--i love this song more and more. i love hearing what little piano there is..and when she hits the high note..dear lord..im even coming to like "father..i killed my monkey"

6.CRUCIFY-- i didnt expect her to play this so i went crazy when she did...a dark sounding version of it..the intro was really nice..all i wanted to do was dance..it was beautiful..

7.SILENT ALL THESE YEARS-- oh jesus. i couldnt contain myself. i started bawling..and i was crying and singing at the same time..the poor people in front of me had to listen to that..it was so beautiful....she did the little pauses which just intensified it more..

8.1,000 OCEANS--before she started she said she wanted to try something shed never done before..she had to get it out of her..so she played 1,000 oceans. i couldnt breathe. i couldnt even cry..when she said "floating" i was somewhere else..what a sprawling, beautiful song..and she had her eyes closed most of the time..for any of you who were in section 404 like me, if you look back you could see the stars..so i was looking at them..

9. SUEDE--ive never heard this before..beautiful..especially the "little sister" part..SO beautiful, the switch from electric piano to piano..she sang it all low..and the way she said suede it sounded like she was saying "sweet"..god..

10. PROFESSIONAL WIDOW--this is one of the best songs ever written..and such a wonderful version of it, my god. the electronic voice said "now its time to return to the classics" and she played a wonderful version of it, with a slight beat change..i was all over the place, i dont konw if i was dancing or singing or flailing about..it was painfully beautiful

11. FATHER LUCIFER-- oh my. oh my. oh my. oh my. this was one of the best versions ive ever heard..so powerful..and the "lucy loo" part in the beginning was so cute..and it just escalated and escalated..

12.THE WAITRESS-- well what can you say. the intro was the most beautiful ive ever heard for this song..the "Hang Ten" part was INCREDIBLE..it just brought me to another world and she said "i believe in that girl..i believe in her goodness..but i believe that shes a devil bitch" which, of course, i love..and the breathing at the end was the PERFECT way to end the concert..

13. (encore) PRECIOUS THINGS-- wonderful version, as always

i have to say, this was an incredible concert. less talking than i wanted, though. i thought she should have had MUCH more time..and that she couldve told more stories..but it was wonderful...im seeing her again at jones beach..WAHOO!

From Felix:

This was an amazing show for me on many levels...mostly because it was the first time I've seen Her without knowing every word to every song. I was an absolute joy(!) to hear brand new music straight out of the big Bosie & into my thoughts.

I purposely avoided any chance to hear the new stuff before the concert, because I wanted to be surprised, & it was wonderful!

On a side note, I ran into some guys at the concert who were wearing "Dent" t-shirts! Way to go, guys!

The only (minor) complaint I'll make is that Tori played first & then I had to sit & suffer through the Alanis show..it's not that she's bad or I don't like her...it was just very anti-climactic after hearing Tori play.

From iRoNiCgiRL:

i was at last nights show, it was great!
we got there at like 6 for an 8:00 show..it was packed! it was a 50/50 thing with fans, a lot went to see tori and a lot went to see alanis...some were fans of both!..
tori got a good welcome, i only got 2 of her albums and she sang things i didnt even know,
4.cornflake girl
7.silent all these years
8.1,000 oceans
10.professional widow
11.the waitress
12.precious things

but it was good... the crowd loved her..she was on for about an hour and 15 min.
then alanis came on and everyone got loud! she sang 14 songs and it was great! she was on a little longer then tori and she rocked!she fell 2 times dancing lol..it was cute, she got back up and smiled and sang. i loved it..
she sang:

Hand In My Pocket
All I Really Want
Joining You
Are You Still Mad
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
Norwegian Wood (cover song)
You Learn
So Pure
You Oughta Know
Thank U

everyone sang and danced..it was amazing. they loved her.. tori and alanis were great, i cant wait until wednesday!

From NJ Wyld Karrde:

OK Tori-philes, I know its nearing a full day since the show, but I needed to sleep (like THAT was gonna happen) & had some other stuff to do. & I apologize in advance, this could get Looong. But 1st, a bit of an intro.
I've noticed here (& at the show) that most fans are female, so this fella might have some different perspective. I've also not been a life-long Tori fanatic, alas I've only been enlightened in the past year; so I'm still learning the power of her music. Again, because of my newness (is that a word??) I didn't know many of the songs she played (but know them now thru the setlist)... Now that I've bored ya to tears, I'll give my thoughts on this my very first LIVE Tori show.

My seats were in Sect 104 last row & I had no probs w/ people talking or not being allowed to stand & dance (or being pelted w/ quarters!!)

God: This one I DID know & I absolutely love it. You could tell instantly that she loves her fans, truly & deeply. Sugar: while checking out previous setlists, I had to cram for knowing this one.
Juarez: I knew this was coming, but have not had a listen to it before last night, I'm really gonna love this disc!! CF Girl: I really have no idea why, but this is one of my favorite Tori songs, so I really got into this one Even got my friends to stand & groove to it (who were having their 1st ever listen to her... they were there for Alanis)
Bliss: Another new one on me...
Crucify: Early on in this thread, I read that people couldn't stand this song. I absolutely LOVED it. Going into the night it was my 2nd favorite Tori songs, second only to...
Silent: Right about now I'm soaring high above cloud nine!! Yeah, its the song that people hear from the radio, but so what. 1000 oceans: The whole night it was difficult to pick out lyrics if you didn't know what to listen for & this was no exception. BUT, as I said before there has been a changing of the guard on the top of my fav songs list. The music of this song really did bring a tear to my eye (ever see a grown man cry?? How could a song that I still have no idea what wa being sung be a favorite?? I dunno, but it is ;> The music just moved me so much & the blue lighting... F'n A!!!
Suede: After Oceans, I had to come back down & think about what I'd just heard, & so Suede was backrind music to my own thoughts. P-Widow: Got back on track when this came on Father Lucifer: This was one of the 1st songs I'd heard from her that I really remember since the 1st listen & it still resides in my soul daily.
Waitress: I'd read nothing but great things about this song, so I had to cram for this one... I like it, but not as much as the others before it. Precious Things: This one I didn't know I knew until my younger sis explained to me that its the song she's always putting on repeat, the eerie minor chords at the beginning just send chills up my spine then the rest of the song just grabs ya & does not let ya go.

GAWD I loved this show... I may just see if there are tix left for the Jones Beach show or was that tonight??

Earlier in this thread I read about a show in Newark... when was this??!! where was it!! The PAC?? Thats like 5 mins from my home!! Does anyone have a boot from that show??

Well, for those of you who are left; thanx for letting me visit here (maybe soon I'll register & get to know some of you).

--Sect 104, Row Y all the way on the left

From Gidefab:

hello hello!
i am still on the post-tori high!!
i made it to my first meet & greet - later than i wanted to (didn't get a number) after they lined everyone up and told us to wait for an hour, i was talking to some cool people - i think the one girl's name is raisingrrl (i was the one with the biscotti!) she informed us that there was a 99% chance we wouldn't see/meet/anything because of the people with early #'s (and some rude people) - but - i was along the left side, and tori did com to the side so i could get great photos! (as i ran out of film.... took some with someone else's camera & hopes she keeps her word and send me copies! i'll send copies of mine - are you reading this susan????) just before tori went to leave, my friend (now my bestest friend ever) screams "sign this for my friend!!" (since sign this for me did not work....) and she signed my book!!! yeah!!! overall - a little pushy - people were great for the most part. i took photos for other people since i was along the rail - i was just really psyched to experience this!

the show -
AWESOME!! we had third row seats, all the way left, but were tipped off about the rushing of the stage, so we beat them to it. it wasn't much of a problem - my friend was asked to go back to the seat, but then came right back. great veiw - i hope no one thinks i was a bitch for doing this, i was just lucky. we even tried moving and letting this one girl, who had a hard time seeing, to get up front but she said she was fine. i guess the big ruckus was on the other side.

for alanis' set, they doubled the security and got meaner - we stayed in our seats and left halfway through (i love her music, just did not do anything for me live)i must agree that as a stereotype, alanis fans are ruder than tori!!! right in front of me, two alanis fans were standing in seats that were not theirs. when the tix-holders got back (two really nice girls) they told the security guard to let them stay and they all crowded in the row.

i was crying during the solo songs - loved the new ones (hadn't heard any of them!!) who CAN'T love 1,000 oceans??!?!??!?

if you were there - i had pigtails, brown hair, grey tank top (then tori shirt)(and i'm tall - 5'10")
thanks for listening to me rattle - thanks to the great fans who shared their stories & info - and people, can't we all get along?!? that's what tori wants....

From RoXy:

i happen to have had a very great experience at this tori show!!! it was my very 1st concert ever i'm 15 and have listened to tori since i was 12. i think i was the luckiest person in the world saturday night. it was the best night of my life and it was the most emotional. i was sitting in my $50 300 section end seats when the guy i sold my other ticket to online had this other guy (who he met at the meet and greet i couldnt attend ) came up to him and said "did u ask her" he was talking about me!! i was so in shock so i said "ask me what" and the guy went " well my friend came to see alanis and not tori and he is sittin on the lawn for the tori set and i'd hate to see an EWF who hasn't been to a show not get her best experience so would u like to come sit in the SECOND ROW with me?" i got to see tori right in the front!!! i was right there!!! my 1st show ever!!! i'm sooooooo grateful!!! thank you everyone who was there i think i like, have this new faith in god now because i'd never think any dream of that sort to happen to me. when i got to the front tori was going to be on in about 10 minutes and i was sooooo excited i wouldnt shut up and everyone was really happy for me and REALLY REALLY nice to me!!! when the lights dimmed all these people just rushed to the front and tori said from back stage "god sometimes u just dont come through" and thats when i really started getting soooo emotional from then on it was just the BEST thing in my life until cornflake girl came on...THAT DAMN SECURITY they where physically pushing people and cursing at us i'm SURE Tori could hear them! i actually got pushed back over to the second row by one which could have been a good thing coz i thought i was going to break some ribs crushed up there but i didnt mind!!! but anyway all of a sudden the security laid off of us and the people where i was were just so nice (cept the short bald guy). this one guy i just asked him if he could move his head a little bit cause he was so much taller than me and he did!!! he was like "sure hun!" and i got up to where i was again. my experience at this show was like heaven itself and i'll cherish it. a lot of you people from the dent should really appreciate what u get a little more instead of complaing even though the alanis fans were VERY rude. ok i'm almost done...but i want to say 2 more things. 1) it was hilarious all the "chunks" of seats cleared once tori was done and
2) ANYONE who was near me i was the girl in the lavender tanktop with the REALLY curly hair, i know there were people in the front at this show who wrote here on the dent.if you could PLEASE e-mail me so i could just thank you for making my experience so much better thanks... i'll write again maybe as if i didnt have enough to say already!!!! ok i'm done!!!

From cloud_on_my_tongue10:

Well, I have just read 56 different messages about the same show and I can't believe how wild some of those messages are! There are many valid points that were made, so I just thought I would pitch in my humble opinion to add to this chaos...
I went to both NJ shows and felt that the second one in Holmdel was better, only because I enjoyed the second show set list more. I really enjoy her new songs, and loved 1,000 Oceans and Bliss alot. Juarez was great, especially for the gyrating on the piano thing she did in the beginning! I was kind of disappointed that she didn't play any choirgirl songs but what are you gonna do? I truly appreciate the chance to see Tori again so soon, especially considering this album wasn't necessarily planned in the first place. I also love the fact that Tori came on promptly, played a pretty big set, and was shown a lot of respect by the (in my mind) pro-Alanis crowd. I can't tell you how many concerts I've been to where the earlier acts are disrespected by the crowd. I was happy that wasn't the case during these two shows.

Anyway, what does concern me is the argument from above standing or sitting during the concert. It bothers me too that some people disrespect the people behind them by standing for the majority of the show. The people who charge the stage, sit in the wrong seats on purpose, and cut lines are wrong in my opinion. If I had paid big money for very close seats and had dozens of people pushing ahead of me I'd be upset too. At the last Arts Center show on the Pele tour, I had front row seats and not one person pushed ahead of me, not until the end. There are appropriate times for standing and going to the stage, just not all of the time.

With the growth in popularity in Tori, these things will happen. It is no longer just "hardcore" EWF, there are others who are newer and just as welcome as the others. But as the arenas grow in size and the tours change as well, (and the number of people who go grow in number) there are gonna be bad experiences for certain people. Take this as the exception and not the norm. Me? I'll just wait for the next leg of small club touring in order to relive the older shows at the State Theater and Rutgers University....hehe

Cloud asnow316@yahoo.com

From rkoppinger:

This is long, so I thought I'd use a new thread. Okay? What a great yet bizarre show this was. I think I will come to rank this as one of my favorites. I was there with my friend Tonya again, and another friend Alex, who made it just in time for Toris set.

I was wearing my laminate again, and this time it paid off. It was wonderful meeting some fellow ResiDents. I spoke to Darrell and Franko Kowalski for some time. Darrell says he would like to post a picture of himself, but does not have a scanner or a picture hes particularly fond of. So I will tell you that he looks like a younger and taller version of Andy Partridge of XTC. They had T-shirts with The Dent logo on them, which was a great idea.

The three of us talked for a while and then I got in line to get inside. There was a sea of people, like we were getting ready to leave Egypt with Moses. I stood at the end of the shortest line, and soon a girl came running up to me waving and frantically pointing at her laminate and mine. It was the Dents lovely and wonderful RasinGirrl. It took a while before she finally spoke. I looked into her beautiful, big green eyes wondering if she was a mute. She wasnt, which thankfully facilitated conversation.

I spent some time hanging with the RasinGirrl (and looking at the great pictures she has) her boyfriend Sean (RasinBoy), Kitten, Rustfork (who really understood when I talked about nearly passing out from excitement at a Yes concert years ago). I also spoke to another fellow who posts under the name Spacedog.

Tori went on at shortly before 8pm, almost a half-hour earlier than at Camden, and started with God. I thought the lighting and the sound were better here than at Camden. However, the PNC Bank Arts Center has a giant projection screen above the stage, and I wish that could have been used, since we had a lot of people looking for their seats in front of u s over and over again.

Then came a song with a very heavy bass beat, which turned out to be the beloved Sugar. I love the new arrangement. Its very powerful.

Tori then went into Juarez; hot as the sun and spicy as a fresh chili pepper. Tori got a little hot at the security guards during the song, yelling out Guys, guys, guys, leave the kids alone. Theyre okay. This is a good groove theyre in. If theres any trouble, Ill suck it up la ter.

She introduced the band, calling Matt the human loop and Jon the boogie man. Then she said, Im very happy, because I have some of my girlfriends here tonight. Me and Alanis were talking yesterday about how some girlfriends can turn on you. I was expecting Cornflake Girl, which we got, but the beginning was quite different than even the previous night. Looks like that old girl got a new pair of shoes. There was a surge of low-level feedback during the peel out the watchword line. Tori continued singing about the feedback Can we do something about this? When it was fixed, she continued singing, Okay, okay, Im gonna do it again. Peel out the watchword / just peel out the watchword, which was met with much congratulatory applause for how entertaining she made a minor technical difficulty.

Tori then played Bliss, which was met with an enthusiastic response from the audience. Then came a song I had a hard time recognizing, which was no surprise. In the program, Tori wrote It became clear that certain songs from other albums wanted to be tarted up along with the new girls. What a shock to find that this newly tarted up song was the venerable Crucify. I am in love with Toris musical sense of adventure more and more as time passes. Its one of the reasons I find her work so exciting, and why I keep showing up at her concerts.

Secret time arrived to the gentle tinkling of Silent All These Years, which was met with explosive applause. The place went nuclear. After Tori sang the line yeah, I can hear them, a girl who had timed the pause perfectly screamed out I LOVE YOU!!! While I hate screaming during Toris songs, I have to admit I found this instance pretty funny.

Then Tori said, Im going to do a new song now. Ive never done this before. Some people up front were excited and yelling. Tori admonished them with a simple Hang on and humorously barked as if she was trying to keep a hyper Yorkshire Terrier from humping her leg. She continued, My lighting guy is going to look at me funny, but she laughed and played 1000 Oceans, which was stunning and gorgeous. I thought I was going to start getting teary-eyed. I have yet to encounter a musician and songwriter with as much depth as Tori; someone who can rock me, thrill me, touch me, and sometimes scare me.

The third new song of the night was Suede. If ever a song could be gooey, this is it. Then, the lights were subdued to red as a recording of what sounded to be a 1950s radio announcer said, And now, Id like to return to the classics. The most famous classic in the world of music. With that kitschy intro, Professional Widow made her grand entrance. After which, came a song that definitely had some boogie. We got to listen to that boogie for some time, since Toris microphone needed a quick adjustment by the onstage tech. Tori playfully smiled and slightly mussed his hair, then played the song which turned out to be Father Lucifer. I hope every EWF gets to hear this live. Talk about tarted up. This girl has gotten quite a make-over. I smiled widely as I thought to myself: This is why I love Tori.

There was an acappella prelude that I could not understand which went into The Waitress. In a calm before the storm moment, this song seems to be even more thunderous than ever before. Matt Chamberlain seemed possessed by the spirits of Keith Moon and John Bonham at once. The single encore of Precious Things was met with deafening approval, rivaled only by Toris Plugged show at Madison Square Garden 13 months ago.

After Toris set, I was happy to meet fellow ResiDents Kathryn_prg, Xiola, and Kit. Many people left immediately after Toris set, mostly to get a start on the long drive to Saratoga Springs, NY.

As for Alanis, she put on another delightful show. She stumbled and fell down on stage during All I Really Want, but shes in good company. I saw Carlos Santana almost fall down on that very same stage several years ago.

Her set list was almost identical to the previous night in Camden, with a couple of differences. I was happy with the inclusion of Joining You, which is one of my favorite songs on Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. It has a good riff and good melody as well. And Alanis did a very nice cover of The Beatles song Norwegian Wood, which perked me right up.

I remember being on the email Tori list called Really Deep Thoughts, also known as the Online RDT. I was on it from late 1995 to mid-early 1997. There were a lot of derogatory comments about Alanis back then, and she wasnt the only one to be the target of derisiveness. If anybody said back then that Tori would happily do a tour with the artist formerly known as Alanis More-Upset, I think they would have been flamed so hard their motherboard would have turned to soup.

This was the last of the 2 shows Ill be seeing on this tour, and Im glad I had the opportunity to see Alanis, which I never would have done otherwise. I thought she was wonderful. And Im very happy and grateful that Tori decided to do this. Im a little sad that these wonderful 2 days are over, but Im thankful I got to experience this. Im even more thankful that I have The Dent and all of you wonderful Ears With Feet to share these experiences with. Its been great meeting some of you. I only wish I could have met more of you.

--Rich K

From Starfuhkr:

I must say, I have a tough act to follow after Rich's review... But I don't really have much to say. I'll just break it down. God and Sugar were PHENOMENAL! I'm not really sure how I feel about Juarez yet, although it IS Tori. I liked it better tonite than I did in Camden the previous nite. Perhaps that's just because I had a better seat tonite... I was right up front when Tori reprimanded the security guards. That was very amusing =)~ Bliss was wonderful, as were all the other new girls. I only wish she had played Concertina again tonite. The new version was of Crucify was inexplicable... It took me quite a while to figure out just what it was. Is it just me, or did she improv the lyrics a bit at the end?? Maybe I just haven't noticed this before, but she sang-"Will you ever learn? It's just an empty cage girl, if you kill the babies..." Did no one else notice that?? Or am I just a freak for not hearing that prior to tonight? Well, when I heard that tears just began to pour. She then followed that with SATY and 1,000 Oceans. I didn't get a chance to catch my breath until SUEDE! Which was great to finally hear! Father Lucifer was another one I could not recognize at first, but is definitely one I will remember. Anyone got a boot of the show??? If so, contact me PLEASE!!!

PS: As for Alanis, had I not had such good seats I probably would not have stayed. But I walked away almost liking her. She put on a great show and I loved the cover of Norwegian Wood. What was with that flute though?? I'm not sure how I feel about that one... All I can say is, "Once at band camp..."

From Gidefab:

Hi! i posted on thread 1, but forgot to mention something - i noticed people interested in what she wore - she had on jeans, tank top, red sheer dress with black applique designs on it, the shoes i'm pretty sure they are lucite wedge heels in red (the heel part is like plastic - see-thru, in red)
at the meet & greet she had on red and white flip flops (the cheap plastic kind) a green skirt and shirt over a tank top - something like that (hey i had my eye in the viewfinder.....)

bye again!!!

From autumrythm:

I drove from New York to Holmdel last night. The security was so tight. However I managed to sneak in two cameras. I was also one of the mp3.com winners and to tell you the truth the seats were not even that good, i was a little high up, but they were free what do i want The alanis fans were so obnoxious talking the whole time REALLy Loud, there was this one guy next me who walked in and out of the aisle 5 TIMES for beer. However i tried to drain the noise out and watch tori, which worked sucessfully. i liked the new version of CRUCIFY.(extra bass) Silent all the years was amazing. The rest of show was pretty good. Tori was really cute smiling alot and flirting with some guy and making kisses with her face. However I just don't think this tori and alanis thing worked at all. There was too much going on in the audience and some of what I missed about the old shows got me depressed.( I have been a tori fan for 6 years) I did not stay for alanis. When the annoying alanis fan who walked in and out in front of me asked me where I was going i told him "i was leaving" and he was like "ALANIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW." I then turned around and walked out along with half of the other audience. [This message has been edited by autumrythm (edited August 29, 1999).]

From RoXy:

i happen to have had a very great experience at this tori show!!! it was my very 1st concert ever i'm 15 and have listened to tori since i was 12. i think i was the luckiest person in the world saturday night. it was the best night of my life and it was the most emotional. i was sitting in my $50 300 section end seats when the guy i sold my other ticket to online had this other guy (who he met at the meet and greet i couldnt attend ) came up to him and said "did u ask her" he was talking about me!! i was so in shock so i said "ask me what" and the guy went " well my friend came to see alanis and not tori and he is sittin on the lawn for the tori set and i'd hate to see an EWF who hasn't been to a show not get her best experience so would u like to come sit in the SECOND ROW with me?" i got to see tori right in the front!!! i was right there!!! my 1st show ever!!! i'm sooooooo grateful!!! thank you everyone who was there i think i like, have this new faith in god now because i'd never think any dream of that sort to happen to me. when i got to the front tori was going to be on in about 10 minutes and i was sooooo excited i wouldnt shut up and everyone was really happy for me and REALLY REALLY nice to me!!! when the lights dimmed all these people just rushed to the front and tori said from back stage "god sometimes u just dont come through" and thats when i really started getting soooo emotional from then on it was just the BEST thing in my life until cornflake girl came on...THAT DAMN SECURITY they where physically pu shing people and cursing at us i'm SURE Tori could hear them! i actually got pushed back over to the second row by one which could have been a good thing coz i thought i was going to break some ribs crushed up there but i didnt mind!!! but anyway all of a sudden the security laid off of us and the people where i was were just so nice (cept the short bald guy). this one guy i just asked him if he could move his head a little bit cause he was so much taller than me and he did!!! he was like "sure hun!" and i got up to where i was again. my experience at this show was like heaven itself and i'll cherish it. a lot of you people from the dent should really appreciate what u get a little more instead of complaing even though the alanis fans were VERY rude. ok i'm almost done...but i want to say 2 more things.
1) it was hilarious all the "chunks" of seats cleared once tori was done and
2) ANYONE who was near me i was the girl in the lavender tanktop with the REALLY curly hair, i know there were people in the front at this show who wrote here on the dent.if you could PLEASE e-mail me so i could just thank you for making my experience so much better thanks... i'll write again maybe as if i didnt have enough to say already!!!! ok i'm done!!!

From witchzburnin:

I was one of those kids that Tori was yelling to the security about...we, grant it, were blocking the aisle, but hell....we just wanted to groove! Then we got harrassed all the way till "Silent" The security down there was really, REALLY tight, and we even saw Sanchez combing the area...what the heck was up with that? Nothing like disrupting my energy during what I had hoped would be a precious show....My sugarplum and I got kicked outta the aisles right in the middle of "Silent", which I had desperately wanted to hear with her so much because of all the "Shite" we have been through...that song means so much to us in our relationship...especially since it was Tori herself who brought us together on December 3rd last year(literally, Tori brought us together at the Post show M&G, I was a sobbing wreck after I read her Tarot cards, and to top it off, my camera failed, so she cried out to anyone who had a camera to take the picture of us...enter sugarplum....I was such a wreck she told my sugarplum that we had to be each other's support...And on that very day, so began The Sugarplum Adventures!)

Bad "Chi"....Then those damn security guards had to tug on us and rip our tickets and threaten to kick us out of the venue if he caught us again....This was the worst "chi" I have ever had at a Tori concert...for Tori to even feel it and stop during Sugar/Juarez ment...well....I can't express what it did to me.....except that it left this gaping hole deep inside me....especially since it was "Silent".....My sugarplum and I found some seats together...kinda far away and just sobbed in each other's arms, for everything that had happened at that moment, and for everything that had brought us closer what is now almost a year.....

See ya in Indy...in Chicago....and in Detroit! and who knows where else.....


From petals:

every tori show gets better along the way... she was so beautiful. and it was so great when she said "groove with me baby" during one of the new songs i think it was. i just had to dance.

professionial widow was my favourite tori performance yet. i just grooved and grooved and grooved some more. bliss was made to be played live. and i totaly loved the new version of crucify.

i had a really great time. we were pretty far back, and no one was standing up grooving, so we went to the lawn so we could stand up and groove without being in people's way, and this very rude man yelled at me, in a not so polite way, which, i could understand if he didn't want me to be in his wy and i would have moved with pleasure, but he was so mean about it... so we went to go back to our seats and this very nice security guard was so sweet to us...we told her everyone was yelling at us and we were just trying to be polite and she said we could just stand up and groove next to our seats since we were right by the aisle. so she really made my day. we got to have fun and groove, and stayed out of everyone's way during the process!

now about alanis...i am an alanis fan so don't think i'm saying this without giving her a chance...but i'm sorry, she was terrible. all i really want was great, but it just went downhill from there. i spent most of my time looking at how beautiful the moon was, rather than the show. her set was beautiful though. but she just couldn't pull it off, especially after going on after tori. a major disappointment. one of the worst performances i've seen. she really could make a dog's ears bleed...

the meet and greet was fantastic and it was my first meet and greet ever. i was pleasantly suprised with how considerate everyone was for me. i have read other bad stories about how people at the meet and greet were selfish, but they weren't. people moved back for me so i could get closer, and i even got as close as having tori grab from me my poem book and rollingstone cover. (WE HAD A CONNECTION!!!:P) she was so cute and i was amazed with how short she was. it was so cute. she was wearing a blue tank top with a green hoodie over it and had cute sunglasses on her forehead and whenever someon requested a song she wrote it on her hand. she showed up at about 3:45. there weren't as many people there as i expected, which wasn't a bad thing for me! :P the first thing i remember someone asking was a girl asking what her ring size was, which i thought was cute. i don't even know if tori answered or not...but i remembered her asking people how they were and her signing a girl's cast. i just got the pictures back yesterday and they came out so great!!!

so it was really a great song. i was suprised that she didn't do anything from choirgirl...i was really hoping she would do iieee or raspberry swirl, but professional widow and crucify made up for it.

that's all for now.

From Happy Phaggot:

I cannot believe that I never knew this place existed....wow am I out of touch...
Anyway, I went to the concert in Holmdel saturday....my seats sucked!!...I had better seats at the MSG last year...but I still had a great time...Silent All These Years made me cry....and 1,000 Oceans....I was bawling!

thankfully during Precious Things I was able to sneak by the security and get down to the floor and get closer...I was very surprised that she closed with that....last 2 times I saw it was the opener....MSG and NJPAC....the night of the killer fire curtain!!!

But as always.. she was amazing.....I'm sorry but I couldnt sit and listen to Alanis cackle at the moon....not after Tori

From PurpleJupiter:

I'd never seen Tori before, but I'd wanted to since I was 15. I just never had the money or a ride or anything. The tickets for this tour went on sale online May 21, which happened to be my 19th birthday. Right after the tickets went on sale, my very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend went online at the school computer lab and got me a pair of tickets: section 101 row J. I almost died. The day finally came after a VERY long summer of waiting... We were moving into the dorm that day too, so it was crazy. We're up here in Connecticut so we had to drive 3 hours to get to the show with traffic and stuff. (it was SO worth it, though.) The setlist has already been posted a gazillion times, so I won't put it here, but I will say that seeing Tori was one of the best experiences I've ever had. She was so cute and so beautiful, but so powerful too. I was moved to tears when she played "Silent All These Years." "1000 Oceans" was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I can't wait for the new album. "Precious THings" always gave me goosebumps, but the effect was magnified by 100 when I heard her play it. I've never been so moved by music before and I guess that's why I love TOri so much. I stayed for ALanis too, and I enjoyed her set, but it wasn't really anything special to me. Alanis's music just doesn't touch me the way TOri's does. But I must say that I will never ever forget this birthday present (A HUGE thank you to my Mike)and hopefully someday I'll get to see her again. If anyone made a good recording of this show and is willing to sell me a copy, I would be glad to hear from you. ~Jayne
email: CalamityJayne@hotmail.com

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